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Ballot Measure Would Notify Neighbors Of Airbnb Activity

The proposed ballot measure which would limit the short-term rental of any residential unit in San Francisco to a maximum of 75 days a year would also prohibit any in-law unit from ever being offered as a short-term rental and would require the City to notify neighbors of all... Read More »

Legislation To Close Eviction ‘Loophole’ Drafted

The merger or absorption of a non-permitted apartment back into the square footage of an existing house, a tactic which has been employed to re-establish properties as single-family homes in order to circumvent rent control and effectively evict tenants by raising their rents to market rates (or more) in... Read More »

Housing Moratorium Showdown Slated For June 2

If San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors approve the motion this afternoon, the public hearing for the proposed legislative moratorium on any new residential construction, or the elimination/conversion of any existing Production, Distribution and Repair spaces, in the Mission, unless it’s specifically for the development of an affordable housing project,... Read More »

Two Competing ‘Airbnb’ Amendments And Their Impact Report

Two Competing ‘Airbnb’ Amendments And Their Impact Report

The analysis is thin, but the summary table of major differences between the two competing pieces of legislation to amend San Francisco’s new short-term rental law, as prepared by the City’s Office of Economic Analysis to examine the economic impact of each, provides a decent overview. The report’s ‘conclusions’... Read More »

Ballot Measure To Restrict Airbnb Activity In San Francisco Filed

With the battle over how to regulate short-term rentals and Airbnb activity in San Francisco heating up, the text for the threatened ballot measure to amend the law which legalized the practice in San Francisco has been filed with the City’s Department of Elections. The preamble for the measure:... Read More »

Analyst’s Airbnb Findings And Recommendations For San Francisco

Analyst’s Airbnb Findings And Recommendations For San Francisco

According to a new Legislative Analyst’s report, an estimated 25 to 50 percent of all Airbnb listings in San Francisco are for “commercially hosted” units, units which are continuously rented on a short-term basis and never occupied by their owners, “removing housing units that would otherwise be available for... Read More »

Early Warning System For Evictions Urged

While the details of how it would work or what it would accomplish have yet to be defined, San Francisco Supervisor Julie Christensen is urging the Mayor to create an “early warning system” for evictions in San Francisco. As proposed, a working group with participation from the Mayor’s Office... Read More »

The Warriors’ Big Play To Steal Their Arena Opponents’ Thunder

The Warriors’ Big Play To Steal Their Arena Opponents’ Thunder

While the Mission Bay Alliance prepares to mount a legal challenge of the Environmental Impact Report for the Golden State Warriors proposed Mission Bay Arena, the Warrior’s application to have the development certified as an “Environmental Leadership Project” by the Governor of California has taken a step forward.  The... Read More »

Monster Home Legislation Invoked In Appeal Of Modern Infill Project

Monster Home Legislation Invoked In Appeal Of Modern Infill Project

Plans for a modern 3,100-square-foot home designed by Dumican Mosey Architects to be squeezed into the narrow, down-sloping lot at 1055 Ashbury Street have been approved, plans which yield around 700 square feet of living space per floor (not including the garage). And while the project is quietly on... Read More »

Evicted Tenants In S.F. Could Get $50K To Buy A Condo Or House

An amendment which would require landlords to pay Ellis Act evicted tenants in San Francisco a relocation payment of up to $50,000, an amount which would be calculated as the difference between the tenants’ current rent and the market-rate rent for a similar unit over the course of two... Read More »

Ellis Act Legislation, And Rejection, Déjà Vu

For the third time, Senator Mark Leno’s proposed legislation to curb speculative Ellis Act evictions in San Francisco appears headed for defeat, as the Senate’s Housing Committee rejected Senate Bill 364 yesterday in a 6-5 first vote. As we wrote when SB364 was introduced earlier this year: Having fallen... Read More »

Shuttered Mission District Grocery Store Site Could Sprout Housing

Shuttered Mission District Grocery Store Site Could Sprout Housing

A formal proposal has yet to be made, but the Fortress Property Group has met with San Francisco’s Planning Department to explore the possibility of redeveloping the long-shuttered DeLano’s Market site at 1245 South Van Ness in the Mission with over a hundred units of housing. Shuttered since 2010,... Read More »

Should Roommates Benefit From A Master Tenant’s Buyout?

Mid five-figure offers for tenants to vacate rent-controlled apartments are not uncommon in San Francisco.  And even six-figure offers have been made (and accepted). A couple of questions from a reader with respect to said buyouts, questions which we’d be willing to bet are based on more than idle... Read More »

Legislation To Halt Development Of “Monster Homes” Passed

Supervisor Wiener’s proposed legislation to halt the development, or expansion, of homes exceeding 3,000 gross square feet in size within San Francisco’s Corona Heights neighborhood was passed by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors yesterday. The legislation could effectively put an 18-month hold on any such projects where a final... Read More »

Bill To Freeze Speculative Evictions In San Francisco, Take Three

Having fallen one vote short last year, and failed in 2007, Senator Mark Leno has once again introduced legislation to curb speculative Ellis Act evictions in San Francisco. Mirroring Leno’s previously proposed Senate Bill 1439, which was approved by the Senate but rejected by the Assembly Housing Committee, Senate... Read More »