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Scoop: Short-Term Rental Registration And Requirements To Airbnb

While it has yet be announced or officially publicized, we have the link to the requirements, application and procedure for registering a short-term rental unit in San Francisco in order to comply with the City’s so-called “Airbnb law” which goes into effect on February 1.  Start preparing now. The application will... Read More »

Legislation To Protect Clubs From Encroaching Condos

With noise complaints from residents in buildings that have recently risen or been converted in neighborhoods that were formerly commercial in character and have historically catered to clubs and other places of entertainment (POEs) on the rise, legislation to protect the POEs and require those buying or leasing residences... Read More »

A Plan To Tax ‘Hoarders Of Homes’ In San Francisco?

Arguing that “when wealthy people who don’t actually live here buy up San Francisco residential properties, housing prices skyrocket beyond the reach of residents,” San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar has begun working on potential legislation to discourage nonresidents from buying or owning property in the city, perhaps by... Read More »

Mayor Lee Signs San Francisco’s Airbnb Legislation Into Law

Mayor Ed Lee has signed San Francisco’s so-called “Airbnb ordinance” into law, officially legalizing but limiting short-term rentals in the city. As approved by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors by a vote of 7-4 earlier this month, the new law allows a permanent resident of the city to rent... Read More »

Supervisors Pass Law To Regulate Tenant Buyouts In San Francisco

The proposed law to regulate and restrict the buyouts of tenants from rent-controlled apartments in San Francisco has been passed by the Board of Supervisors in a vote of 7 to 4 with Supervisors Breed, Farrell, Tang and Wiener opposing. If you’re either a tenant or landlord in San... Read More »

Law To Regulate Tenant Buyouts In SF: Seven Key Things To Know

With tenants in rent controlled apartments reporting offers of up to $80,000 to vacate, and unreported offers of even more, a proposed law which would require the public disclosure and tracking of all tenant buyout agreements in San Francisco, and prohibit buildings which are emptied by way of a buyout... Read More »

SF’s Airbnb Law Approved, Short-Term Rentals Legalized

Supervisor Chiu’s proposed ordinance to legalize, but limit, short-term rentals in San Francisco, a so-called “Airbnb law,” has been approved by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors by a vote of 7-4 with Supervisors Avalos, Campos, Mar and Yee opposing. The new law will allow a permanent resident of San... Read More »

San Francisco’s Flawed Airbnb Law Ready For Board Vote

Supervisor Chiu’s proposed ordinance which would legalize, but theoretically limit, short-term rental activity in San Francisco could be adopted by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors this afternoon.  And neither the hosts who have been heretofore illegally renting their units, nor the housing advocates and neighbors who have been lobbying for... Read More »

Federal Judge Orders SF To Justify New Eviction Law Payments

A Federal judge has given The City of San Francisco until Friday to file a legal brief justifying The City’s newly adopted and accelerated law which requires landlords in San Francisco who invoke the Ellis Act to pay evicted tenants an upfront sum equal to the difference between their... Read More »

Framework To Legalize, But Limit, Airbnb-ing In SF Approved

Supervisor Chiu’s proposed framework to legalize, but limit, short-term rentals in San Francisco has been amended and approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission.  The framework will now head to San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors to review. While the proposed limit of allowing a unit to be rented for no... Read More »

Public Registry Of All Short-Term Rentals And Strict Limits Proposed

Supervisor David Chiu’s proposed law which would lift the existing outright ban on short-term rentals in San Francisco but establish a new set of rules and disclosures by which all hosts and “Hosting Platforms,” such as Airbnb, would have to adhere, or be subject to a penalty of up to $1,000 a day, will... Read More »

Proposal To Regulate Tenant Buyouts, Penalize Those Who Do

As expected, the language for an ordinance which would require the public disclosure of all tenant buyout agreements in San Francisco, and prohibit buildings which are emptied by way of a buyout from being condo converted, has been drafted and proposed. Sponsored by Supervisors Campos and Avalos, if adopted, the “Tenant... Read More »

Bond, Affordable Housing Bond: Beyond The Battle Of The Ballots

Officially lobbed by Supervisor Chiu, Mayor Ed Lee is slated to answer the following “housing crisis” question of the week in a prepared address to San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday: “Mr. Mayor, last month, Supervisor Jane Kim and three colleagues introduced a ballot measure that would limit... Read More »

Legislation To Block Pinterest Move Advances To Board

Legislation To Block Pinterest Move Advances To Board

Despite an offer by the owners of the San Francisco Design Center to cover up to $3 million in relocation costs for tenants which would be displaced by the conversion of the Center to general office use and leasing of much of the building to Pinterest, and Pinterest’s offer... Read More »

Ballot Initiative To Restrict Airbnb Activity Withdrawn

The backers of a ballot initiative to restrict Airbnb’s operations in San Francisco have withdrawn their proposed measure despite having claimed to have gathered over six thousand more signatures than necessary to qualify their measure for this November’s ballot. The proposal’s backers “will instead work through the legislative process,”... Read More »