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Challenge Of Waterfront Height Limit Measure Survives First Ruling

The State’s legal challenge of San Francisco’s Proposition B, the voter-approved “No Wall on the Waterfront” measure which maintains existing height limits for waterfront property under the control of the Port of San Francisco unless a project specific up-zoning is approved in a public vote, has survived the City’s... Read More »

Measure To Block Flower Mart Redevelopment Looms

Measure To Block Flower Mart Redevelopment Looms

While Kilroy Realty has reached an agreement with the operators of the San Francisco Flower Mart to build a new underground market for the mart’s wholesale business in exchange for their support of Kilroy’s redevelopment of the Central SoMa site, the backers of a threatened ballot measure which could kill... Read More »

Anti-Speculation Tax (Prop G) Failing, Pier 70 Redevelopment A Lock

With 100 percent of San Francisco’s precincts reporting but provisional and hand-delivered mail-in ballots yet to be counted, Proposition G, the so-called “anti-speculation tax,” would appear to have failed with 54% voting against the measure while the redevelopment plans and increased height limits for Pier 70 are a lock... Read More »

Inventory Slips In San Francisco, With One Notable Exception

With a little over 100 homes listed for sale in San Francisco last week, more or less matching the number of homes sold, the overall inventory of homes for sale in the city is relatively unchanged versus the week before but is currently running around 12 percent lower on... Read More »

All The Way From A to L: San Francisco’s Ballot Measure Rundown

Twelve local measures are set to appear on the November ballot in San Francisco, measures which have just been lettered from A to L.  The full rundown and summaries from the Department of Elections or past SocketSite coverage: A – $500 Million Transportation and Road Improvement Bond B –... Read More »

Affordable Housing Goals Replace Balance On November Ballot

Supervisor Jane Kim’s watered-down ballot measure “to affirm the City’s commitment” to a set of Affordable Housing Goals, a non-binding Declaration of Policy, has been approved by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors and submitted to San Francisco’s Department of Elections. The five Housing Goals which the policy would affirm,... Read More »

Kim Guts Housing Balance Initiative, Lee To Cancel Competing Plan

Supervisor Kim has gutted her “Housing Balance” ballot initiative, turning it into a non-binding vote on public policy versus a measure which would have created major hurdles for housing developers any time the percentage of affordable housing in San Francisco’s housing pipeline dropped below 30 percent. Assuming Kim’s proposed... Read More »

Golden Gate Park Turf Battle Headed To The Ballot Box

The proposed ordinance which would block the renovation of the Beach Chalet Athletic Fields in Golden Gate Park and has qualified for the November ballot and will go head-to-head with the mayor’s “Children’s Playgrounds, Walking Trails and Athletic Fields Act,” a counter measure which would allow the conversion of the Beach Chalet’s four... Read More »

Measure To Increase Heights For Pier 70 Project Qualifies For Ballot

Measure To Increase Heights For Pier 70 Project Qualifies For Ballot

The proposed ballot measure to increase Pier 70’s building height limits from 40 feet to 90 feet and help clear the way for Forest City’s development of up to 1,000 new units of housing, two million square feet of commercial space, and 400,000 square feet of retail, cultural and... Read More »

Ballot Initiative To Restrict Airbnb Activity Withdrawn

The backers of a ballot initiative to restrict Airbnb’s operations in San Francisco have withdrawn their proposed measure despite having claimed to have gathered over six thousand more signatures than necessary to qualify their measure for this November’s ballot. The proposal’s backers “will instead work through the legislative process,”... Read More »

Signatures For Three Ballot Measures Submitted For Verification

Signatures in support of three proposed ballot measures have been submitted to San Francisco’s Department of Elections for verification. Assuming at least 9,702 valid signatures per measure, the proposed ordinances which would block the renovation of the Beach Chalet Athletic Fields in Golden Gate Park and approve the up-zoning... Read More »

An Additional 16,732 Votes And The Outcome Remains The Same

An additional 16,732 vote-by-mail ballots which had not been counted by the end of Election Day have been added to the tally.  While the total voter turnout is now up to 26 percent, it’s still on track to set an all-time low.  And the results for Proposition B remain... Read More »

Proposition B To Limit Building Heights Passes: 59% Yes / 41% No

Proposition B To Limit Building Heights Passes: 59% Yes / 41% No

With 100 percent of precincts having reported, San Francisco Proposition B which will require voter approval for any increase in the existing height limits for property currently under control of the Port of San Francisco has passed with 59.4% of ballots marked YES versus 40.6% marked NO. Local Measure A which... Read More »

Preemptive Challenge Of Waterfront Height Limit Measure Falls Short

A preemptive legal challenge of Proposition B which had sought to keep the Waterfront Height Limit Right to Vote Act off the June ballot has fallen short. While rejecting the effort to remove the measure from the ballot, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Marla Miller did not rule on... Read More »

San Francisco’s Certified 2013 Election Results

With late vote-by-mail and provisional ballots having been added over the past week, the San Francisco election results from November 5, 2013 have just been certified and the final count for the number of ballots cast is 128,937 which represents 29.3 percent of registered voters, 66 percent of which... Read More »