February 25, 2014

Designs For Mission District Development At 15th And Shotwell

1450 15th Street

As we first reported early last year with respect to plans for development at the intersection of 15th Street and Shotwell in the Mission:

Permits to demolish the one-story warehouse on the northwest corner of 15th and Shotwell and construct a four story building with ten apartments on the site were disapproved in 2010, at which point the development plans for the parcel were cancelled.
Purchased for $1,450,000 [in October of 2012], a new plan has been quietly pitched to Planning with a proposal to demolish the building at 1450 15th Street and construct a 5-story, 50-foot tall building with 23 dwelling units and parking for 17 cars and 12 bikes.

Designs for the proposed development have since been drawn (click to enlarge), the project's environmental review is underway, and building permits have been requested.

Assuming the plans and permits are approved, the development at 1450 15th Street could break ground as soon as this spring.

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January 21, 2014

The Framework For Developing San Francisco's Publicly-Owned Sites

The framework for a new inter-agency strategy to coordinate the potential development of underutilized publicly-owned sites across San Francisco will be presented to them Planning Commission this week. The Commission will be responsible for providing direction on the program and approving any proposed rezoning, development entitlements and public benefits package for individual sites.

In the high-cost and dense urban environment of San Francisco, certain underutilized publicly-owned sites throughout the city could help contribute towards the City’s needs for housing, jobs, transportation and other services. These sites provide a valuable resource that could often be better utilized, repurposed or redeveloped to maximize opportunities.
In order to support land-owning agencies in their efforts for more productive use of their real estate assets, the City is launching an effort to holistically evaluate use of such underutilized sites. This effort parallels the work by the City’s Real Estate Division to address the findings of a recent report by the Civil Grand Jury on surplus and underutilized properties, which called for revisions to the Surplus City Property Ordinance.

The scope of the program will be refined over the next month with the priority sites set to be identified, and site-specific community meetings slated to be initiated, in March.

A Grand Jury's Call To Optimize San Francisco's City-Owned Real Estate [SocketSite]
Public Sites Framework Presentation []

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December 26, 2013

Rolling Out The Rolls To Move A Mansion By The End Of The Year


Positioned as "a glamorous and fun incentive" for agents to move the Herbst Manor over the next couple of weeks, a plugged-in tipster reports that a restored 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II valued at $50,000 will be included as part of the sale if you're in contract to buy the Pacific Heights mansion by December 31 and close escrow by January 15, 2014.

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December 23, 2013

Luxury Platinum Living In Noe Valley


Purchased as an 810-square-foot Noe Valley fixer for $850,000 in 2011, an expansion of 4365 26th Street's main floor by 540 square feet and the addition an all-new 1,300 square foot second floor were approved for the home in 2012, a project which survived a Discretionary Review.


Designed to be LEED Platinum certified, green features of the rebuilt home include 16 solar panels on the roof, a 1,000 gallon rainwater catchment system for irrigating the greens out back, and a reclaimed-wood floating staircase from a Warner Brother's warehouse inside.


With four bedrooms on the new upper level, the main level has been opened-up and opens up to an outdoor kitchen, patio and the terraced edible garden (click the floor plans to enlarge):


While not yet officially listed, the Noe home is now on the market for $3,995,000. And yes, the garage is wired for an electric vehicle charger should a new Tesla arrive tied with a bow.

∙ Listing: 4365 26th Street (4/3.5) - $3,995,000 | Floor Plan []

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December 13, 2013

A Sugar Free Holiday Tweet For Staying Plugged-In

If you’re looking for another way to stay plugged-in to a selection of our featured stories, highlights and breaking news, our twitter feed is now up and running @socketsite.

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November 15, 2013

Plans To Renovate And Restore SF's Alamo Square Park


A three-phased plan to renovate and restore San Francisco's 13-acre Alamo Square Park over the course of six months is undergoing an environmental and architectural review.

The proposed Alamo Square Park project includes the renovation of the existing restroom near the center of the park; the construction of a new single stall restroom near the park’s playground; and a makeover of the park's landscaping, including the incorporation of water conserving lawn alternatives with a goal of reducing water use in the park by over 2,500,000 gallons a year.

The historic portion of the park's existing restroom facility which was constructed in 1914/15 will be restored, its metal doors replaced with metal gates designed to reference metal grills of the period. Inside, both the Men's and Women's facilities will be expanded with an additional toilet for a total of three on each side.


The new unisex restroom to be constructed just north of the existing children’s play area will be a contemporary cylindrical design of poured concrete, "intended to play upon the curvilinear shape and concrete perimeter walls of the adjacent children’s play area, integrating it into the park landscape while at the same time articulating its modern era origin."


Plant beds at entrances and underutilized sloping areas along Fulton and Scott Streets of the park will receive new drought tolerant landscaping to reduce water demand and areas below dense tree canopies will receive new understory shrub plantings. And after the installation of a new irrigation system, the majority of the park's lawn will receive all new sod.

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November 4, 2013

More Affordable Housing On Geary Proposed, But Only A Bit


The Western Addition block bounded by Divisadero, Geary, Scott and O’Farrell was developed in the 1960s with six low-rise residential buildings around a central courtyard, the Midtown Park Apartment complex provides 140 affordable dwelling units managed by Mercy housing.

In need of a full renovation, the current plan is to renovate the four buildings with a total of 96 units which front Scott, O’Farrell and Divisadero and demolish the two buildings with a total of 44 units that currently front Geary Boulevard. Two new buildings containing up to 114 units would replace the two buildings proposed to be demolished, adding 70 units to the block.

The proposed new building for the corner of Geary and Divisadero above would occupy a similar footprint to the existing building but would reach a height of approximately 56 feet with a new active ground-floor use and 67 affordable units for seniors above.

The second proposed building with just under 40 affordable units for families along Geary Boulevard would also occupy a similar footprint as the building to be demolished but would be located ten to fifteen feet closer to the street, increasing the amount of interior open space on the lot.

Currently only zoned for medium density with a 50-foot height limit, should the project and necessary "up-zoning" by a few feet be approved as proposed, the full city block at the intersection of Divisadero and Geary upon which two major bus lines run will provide just over 200 units of housing with construction slated to start at the end of 2014.

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December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to all and safe travels if you’re traveling, perhaps one day departing from San Francisco's Transbay Transist Center which is slated to be unwrapped in six years.

Have a great weekend; we will see you on Tuesday to review the latest Case-Shiller home price report. And our thanks to steelblue for allowing us to share their holiday handiwork.


Transbay Center Plans: Revised, Refined, And Unveiled Today [SocketSite]
Transbay Transit Center Project Construction Schedule []

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January 17, 2011

A Day Of Silence In Honor Of Dr. Martin Luther King

We’re silent today in honor of the late great Dr. Martin Luther King. Plug in tomorrow for our regular bi-weekly inventory update and the local scoop as always.

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January 27, 2009

SocketSite’s Residential Real Estate Outlook For 2009

We currently see across the board weakness in San Francisco’s residential real estate market throughout 2009 as economic woes compound the impact of tighter credit markets and a shift in market psychology.

Downturns in residential real estate have traditionally been triggered by a downturn in either the local or national economy. The reality which we’ve foreshadowed for quite some time is that the majority of the current market weakness in San Francisco, the Bay Area, and beyond has been driven by a contraction in the credit markets (the deflation of a credit bubble) and a recent shift in market psychology (the deflation of a speculative bubble). The real impact of a weakening economy is yet to come.

With an economy that generally lags the financial markets by nine to twelve months, the full brunt of October’s melt-down won’t be felt for at least another six months. And we expect to see continued weakness in both consumer and corporate spending over at least the next couple of quarters which will further depress corporate earnings and likely lead to additional layoffs and stoke the real real estate killer, unemployment.

With no discernable recovery in sight, we expect the financial market’s destruction of wealth both real (investments) and potential (options) to continue to drag down the San Francisco residential market throughout 2009, and to weigh particularly heavy on the luxury market.

Historically low interest rates will continue to benefit those who buy, but we don’t see rates alone significantly driving demand in San Francisco, or at least not offsetting the decrease in demand due to stricter lending standards and the loss in wealth. And the supply and absorption of new inventory will continue to put downward pressure on housing throughout the city, and not just District 9 as a limited number of active buyers are drawn from other parts of the city by unemotional (well, for the most part...) developer price cuts.

We believe the real estate flight to quality we called two years ago, and up until recently provided support to the upper end of the market, is waning. And value (versus growth) is the new darling of the ball. Oh, and that rents in San Francisco will fall (further challenging values on a fundamental basis).

Our outlook has nothing to do with emotion (other than with respect to acknowledging the psychological shift in the market). And it’s not to suggest that we don’t see any opportunities, especially when it comes to adding real value. It’s simply perspective to help manage expectations and actions (be it in buying, selling, renting or staying put).

And yes, while we are currently bearish on the market in the near-term, we’ll be the first to point out the real bullish signs. As defined by analysts, not sales agents or the industry.

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January 15, 2009

Where’s The Bang?

We’ll be the first to admit that our new year has started with more of a whimper than a bang. Blame a couple of extended hangovers, a quiet market and the ironic bane of our existence, a couple of technology hiccups (both hardware and software this time).

And while it might continue to be slow going for the rest of the week, we promise to bring the bang this coming Tuesday when we publish our outlook for San Francisco real estate in 2009. If we don’t see you before, we at least hope to see you then. And as always, thank you for plugging in.

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January 1, 2009

Happy New Year. And As Always, Thank You For Plugging In.

It’s been an interesting 2008 in San Francisco real estate, and it’s going to be even more so in 2009. As always, we’ll keep you plugged-in. And we’ll kick off our new year coverage on Monday (1/5/09) with a bang.

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October 21, 2008

If You See This Post…Welcome To Our New Server (And Host)

In order to speed things up, provide a more stable site, and resolve a number of annoying server errors (think submitting comments) we flipped the switch on a new server and host this past weekend. And if you’re reading this post, you’re where you're supposed to be (on a number of different levels).

And while the change will make for a much better experience in the long run, and finally allow us to add a few new features, it might also make for a bit of a bumpy ride over the next couple of days. Our apologies in advance (or to some in arrears).

Thank you for your patience and understanding. And as always, thank you for plugging in.

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September 22, 2008

Let’s Just Pretend It Was A Three (And Possibly Four) Day Weekend…

The good news, more people than ever are plugged-in. The bad news, our hosting company isn't too happy about the additional load and unexpectedly bumped us to an “auxiliary” server this morning (we’re guessing it's a VIC-20, possibly a Commodore 64).

Thank you for your patience (think server errors) and understanding (think fewer pieces) as we migrate to another server on the fly.

And as always, thank you for plugging in.

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August 27, 2008

Summertime, And The Living Is Easy (At Least At SocketSite HQ)

The market has slowed (even more) and people are traveling, so it's once again time for SocketSite “summer hours” (or rather “end of summer” hours). Don’t be surprised by sparse coverage and a slower response time (to tips and inquiries) over the next week.

And for those of you who can't survive without a bigger fix, consider this an opportunity to search and explore the archives. You might be surprised at what you find. And as always, learn.

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March 10, 2008

A New (Hopefully Less Sucky) Custom Search Engine For SocketSite

We recently received the following email: “I love SocketSite, but the search sucks.” To which we respond: Thanks, and yes it does (or rather has). And as such, we’re trying out a new Google search engine.

Perhaps you’ll be so kind as to poke around SocketSite this morning to see what you can find. And to let us know what you think of the new search. Better? Worse? Suggestions?

And yes, we’re still working on eliminating all of those annoying “Internal Server Error” messages that occur all too often when leaving a comment, so thank you for your patience. And as always, thank you for plugging in.

UPDATE: A question we should have anticipated: "Are you doing this for the 'extra adsense?'" And the answer: No. If people prefer the Google engine we'll actually kill the AdWords (which plugged-in people might recognize as an indicator for 'the indicator').

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July 17, 2007

The Reason Our Servers Were A Bit Slow (And Thanks For Plugging In)

SocketSite Founder Adam Koval (Image Source: San Francisco Chronicle)

Our apologies to anyone who had difficulty “plugging in” yesterday (which actually included ourselves). In terms of the reason why? Well, let’s just say it’s the kind of problem you like to have.

Getting Down And Dirty On Housing [SFGate]

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June 27, 2007

Summertime And The Living Is Easy (At Least At SocketSite)

Just a reminder that for the next two weeks we’re going to be operating under “summer hours.” And while we’re not completely closing up shop, please don’t be surprised by a relatively light volume of posts and a slightly slower response time (to tips and inquiries). And for those who simply need a bigger fix, we might suggest searching the archives (you might be surprised at what you learn) or heading on over to the SocketSite forums.

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June 25, 2007

The Average SocketSite Reader (Is Anything But)

Some are going to be surprised, others (including us) not at all. But based on almost 500 responses (okay, so 469) to our most recent reader survey, the average SocketSite reader is anything but (and you’re in good company).

In fact, the average household income of a SocketSite reader - 74% of whom live in San Francisco (92% in the Bay Area) - is over $200,000 (or almost three times the San Francisco average). The readership is highly educated with 95% having earned a college degree, and almost half (46%) holding a postgraduate degree.

The average reader is 37 (we’re not sure if that makes us feel young or old), and almost three quarters (72%) of you “plug in” to SocketSite on a daily basis (thank you). And while well over half (58%) already own property (with an average value of $1,165,000), 76% of the readers consider themselves “currently in the market” (with an average budget of well over $750,000).

Hopefully that provides some insight into who you are (and who you’re addressing when you leave a comment). And in terms of “what you think?” Well, you’re going to have to give us another couple of weeks to crunch the numbers on that one. (What can we say, it is summertime.)

Once again, our sincere thanks to everyone that participated in the survey. And as always, thank you for plugging in.

Twenty Easy Questions: Who Are You And What Do You Think? [SocketSite]

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June 18, 2007

SocketSite Silicon Valley Coverage Coming Soon (

SocketSite Silicon Valley Tag

As you might have guessed, last week in San Jose we announced a dedicated Silicon Valley site ( that’s still under construction (but coming soon).

A Silicon Valley Gathering Of Plugged-In People (June 14, 2007) [SocketSite]

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June 4, 2007

Twenty Easy Questions: Who Are You And What Do You Think?

It has been almost two years since our last reader survey (in which the majority of respondents predicted an increase in housing prices through the end of 2007). During that time we've gone from attracting 10,000 unique visitors a month to well over 10,000 a day. And while we think we know who you are (and write accordingly), it’s past time we find out for sure. As such, we’re asking for your help with a quick (and painless) reader survey: SocketSite's Reader Survey: June 2007.

Please help us understand who you are (and what you think). We promise not to share your information (except in the aggregate), that it won’t take you but a few minutes to complete, and that we'll listen to your suggestions (as best we can). Regardless, and as always, thank you for “plugging in.” You're the best (and we don't need no stinkin' survey to tell us that).

UPDATE: Damn that SurveyMonkey. Our apologies to anyone that experienced any difficulty submitting their survey (either because of validation errors or overloaded servers). If you were able to complete the survey, thank you! And if not, we can only hope that you’ll consider giving it another try as we have restructured the questions that originally required (but did not always allow for) a “whole number” response.

SocketSite's Reader Survey: June 2007 [SurveyMonkey]
Survey Says... [SocketSite]

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April 2, 2007

It’s Official: Welcome To SocketSite’s Real Estate Forums

SocketSite's Real Estate Forums: Screen Capture (

Looking for a rough idea of what it might cost for a down to the studs remodel in San Francisco? Or perhaps you’ve been wondering what’s happening with the condo conversion of Rincon Towers? Well, you're not alone. And thanks to the SocketSite community (and Real Estate Forums), we’re starting to accumulate answers to, and insights into, these topics and more.

The Forums are an opportunity for "plugged in" people across the Bay Area to ask and answer real estate related questions, to share or debate ideas or insights, or to simply start a discussion that's top of mind (without being "off topic" on SocketSite).

We’ll highlight a few of the Forums features and functionality early next week (such as the ability for registered readers to directly exchange private messages). In the meantime, please consider taking a moment to poke around, register a profile, and join in the discussion. Speaking of which, can anbody answer a reader’s question concerning The Infinity’s total construction budget and profit margin?

Welcome to SocketSite's Real Estate Forums. And as always, thank you for "plugging in."

General cost to remodel in San Francisco? []
Rincon Center []
SocketSite’s Real Estate Forums []
Questions about the Infinity's total budget []
Another Way To “Plug In” (And Never Be Off Topic Again) [SocketSite]

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March 30, 2007

Another Way To “Plug In” (And Never Be Off Topic Again)

We still haven’t worked out all the kinks, and we aren’t “officially” launching until Monday, but we wanted our readers to be the first to know:

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February 7, 2007

SocketSite In The Media

SocketSite Founder Adam Koval on CNBC's Morning Call

From live national broadcasts, to the local papers, more and more people are "plugging in" to SocketSite (and we thank you). A few of our recent appearances (or references):

CNBC Morning Call: Housing Trends: Follow the Condos
CNNMoney: Condo prices reveal housing trends
San Francisco Business Times: Condo mania spells freebies for buyers
Kron4 News: Condo Projects Come to Slowing Market
Kron4 News: 2006: Real Estate Year in Review
San Francisco Chronicle: Resetting the DOM to sell "stale fish"

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September 26, 2006

SocketSite’s Complete Inventory Index (Cii)

SocketSite Complete Inventory Index (Cii): 9/26/06 (

If you’re a regular reader, you probably know that we always include the following caveat on our San Francisco Inventory Updates: “Not including unlisted inventory.” Well, that’s about to change.

Over the better part of the past year we’ve been building a database on over 60 new developments ranging in size from 5 to 600 condominiums (6,000+ units in total). We track size, status, pricing, sales, and available inventory. And today, we’re finally ready to publish the beta version of our Complete Inventory Index (Cii).

The goal of the Cii (pronounced “see”; we’re hoping Nintendo views it as flattery) is to paint a complete picture of housing inventory and new development in San Francisco; listed, unlisted, pipeline, and potential. In fact, we believe it represents a fundamental shift from the abstract to the tangible with regard to what’s in the works throughout San Francisco.

For example, we estimate there are currently at least 275 condominiums that are not listed on the MLS, but are available for purchase and occupancy. These condos include unlisted inventory in buildings ranging in size from Glassworks to The Beacon. And based on recent sales activity, represent about a month’s worth of condominium inventory.

We also estimate that by the end of this month, there will be at least 750 condos actively competing for the attention of buyers and accepting non-refundable deposits in sales offices throughout San Francisco (examples include Broderick Place, The Infinity, and Arterra). For perspective, that’s effectively another two to three months of inventory. And by the end of the year, we expect that number to nearly triple as buildings like the Heritage on Fillmore, 888 Seventh, and The Hayes begin accepting deposits.

Beyond that, we’re tracking another 500+ condos that are under construction, nearly 3,000 that are in the works, approved or entitled; and a growing list of other large projects that are on the drawing boards. We’ll continue to refine (and build) our database and methodologies (hence the “beta” tag) in order to keep you “plugged in.”

And yes, we do plan to invest in some better charting tools…

UPDATE (9/27/06): Please keep in mind that our “pipeline” only includes developments which we consider to have a relatively high probably of breaking ground and competing for buyers in the not too distant future. Our numbers pale in comparison to the 25,000+ “net new housing units” that are considered to be in the overall housing pipeline for San Francisco. And last year alone, over 300 projects (representing well over 6,000 units) were filed with the planning department.

The Glassworks (207 King Street) [SocketSite]
A Sales Office Shakeup At The Beacon? [SocketSite]
Broderick Place: 83% Sold [SocketSite]
The Infinity: A Study In Contrast [SocketSite]
Arterra First Release: September 30 [SocketSite]
The Heritage On Fillmore (1300 Fillmore) [SocketSite]
888 Seventh Street (f.k.a. 601 King) [SocketSite]
The Hayes "Special" Open House (And Signature Cocktail) [SocketSite]
Five Years Late (And One “N” Short) [SocketSite]
The Californian on Rincon Hill: 375 Fremont St. [SocketSite]

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August 4, 2006

One Free Pass

If you seek insight into what’s really happening in the local real estate market (and not just the same old industry rhetoric); if you value the inside scoop on new developments, interesting new listings and opportunities, and intriguing (or abhorrent) architecture and design; and if you actually want to make an informed decision about buying or selling a house, condo, or property in San Francisco, then we hope that you’ll continue to “plug in” (and contribute) to SocketSite.

If, however, you simply feel the need to single-mindedly debate (and we use that word loosely) the merits (or “superiority”) of buying versus renting (or vice versa), or the impending crash (or boom) of the local real estate market, then you’re probably wasting your time here. (Might we suggest the real estate forum on craigslist?)

That being said, this is your one free pass. And to get things started, we’ve moved the thread that started with an off-topic comment on our follow-up post on 2760 Sacramento to the comments section below. So have at it. Rant and rave or call each other (or us) names (within reason). Hell, this is the one time we really won’t care whether you’re on-topic or off. Just try to get it out of your system.

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July 21, 2006

SocketSite’s New Badge Of Honor

SocketSite: 2006 Inman Innovator Awards Finalist

You probably didn’t believe us when we wrote that we had no idea that SocketSite had been nominated, much less chosen as a finalist, for the 2006 Inman Innovator Awards. But really, we didn't. In fact, not until yesterday did we receive our official notification along with the swanky new logo above.

And we hate to read into it, but considering they also offered to sell us discounted tickets so that we could attend the awards ceremony, it’s not looking so good…

SocketSite: 2006 Inman News Innovator Awards Finalist [SocketSite]
2006 Inman News Innovator Awards [Inman]

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June 30, 2006

SocketSite: 2006 Inman News Innovator Awards Finalist

SocketSite: 2006 Inman Innovator Awards Finalist

Okay, so until yesterday we didn’t even know we were nominated, but it appears that SocketSite is one of six finalists for the 2006 Inman News Innovator Awards, Most Innovative Real Estate Blog category.

In all honesty, we probably don’t have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. The competition is tough, and we don’t have any fancy new “Web 2.0” technologies, features, or widgets (yet). Regardless, we’re not only honored to be nominated, but to be the only Blog finalist from California as well (we’ll do our best to represent).

So if we don’t get a chance to say it from the stage, a sincere thank you to all our readers, tipsters, and supporters for helping us to keep you ‘plugged in’ to what’s really going on in the local real estate market - from the anecdotal, analytic, and architectural; to the good, the bad, and the ugly.

2006 Inman News Innovator Awards [Inman]

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May 4, 2006

Disregard The Subterfuge

You know you’ve struck a nerve with your parents when they start calling you by your full name (“Lisa Marie Jacobs, get in here!”). Well, apparently you know you’ve struck a nerve with Curbed when they start referring to you as “realtors” (instead of “our friends”). A bit strange considering that nobody at SocketSite is a Realtor.

Yes, our Editor in Chief holds a real estate license (haven't we already been through this?), but that just means that he has a basic understanding of real estate practice (like how a certificate of occupancy impacts the ability to close escrow in new construction). And call us crazy, but we actually find this to be a plus when trying to make sense of the real estate market.

And yes, we recently challenged Curbed – gasp! – because we didn’t agree with their read of the market: AB728 wasn’t passed, and sales centers aren’t opening up, because of a market “glut” (if anything, it’s the other way around); the fact that only 10% of units in the Watermark have closed escrow is relatively meaningless at this point (they’ve only recently received their temporary certificate of occupancy); and consumers should pay attention to the sales centers (i.e. they do mean something). And to be honest, we’d fully expect (and welcome) them to do the same.

The real estate market is most definitely changing (hell, we went out on a limb and proclaimed a localized top of the market five months ago). In fact, that’s just one of the reasons we’ll continue to challenge other blogs, Realtors, and columnists. We don't see any other way to keep our readers ‘plugged in’ to what’s really going on in the real estate market. And that’s what we’re all about.

Exceedingly Large Holes, 3% Down [Curbed SF]
Hello, My Name Is Adam [SocketSite]
Cubed Shoots…And Misses [SocketSite]
Doing it Florida Style [Curbed SF]
Top O’ The Market To You! [SocketSite]
REALTOR© Hoisted Upon His Own Petard [SocketSite]
As Can Inman News [SocketSite]

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February 21, 2006

Proof Of Listing Dates? Inconceivable!

SF MLS: Old Search Results Example (

Folks, if you’re planning on either discrediting or slandering us in the future, do us a favor and at least have the decency to know what the hell you’re talking about. It’s just plain embarrassing when you don’t.

As you might recall, a certain ‘MLS Cop’ recently justified his attack on our Editor as a policing of “unauthorized” MLS access, and posted the following comment: “And just for the record (which caused me to do this research in the first place), there has NEVER been access to the dates that properties are listed in the publicly available MLS data. You only ever saw those dates if you were accessing the full data.”

Well…while a couple of calls to the San Francisco Multiple Listing Service didn’t do the trick, a search of our files did. As recently as 7/18/05, a listing's status ('Active', or 'Act. Con.') was followed by a date (the elusive 'listing date' for Active listings) on the Search Results page. (A highlighted example is shown above, and a complete printout from our files on 199 New Montgomery is available for your review: page 1, page 2.)

And yes, these dates have since been removed from the Search Results page.

SF MLS Quietly Removes Listing Dates [SocketSite]

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February 14, 2006

Hello, My Name Is Adam

Well, so much for our request to “keep your comments on-topic; resist the temptation to flame, troll, and spam; and avoid personal attacks.” From today’s comments on “Checking In On 300 Sea Cliff Ave”:

Adam, how is it that you decided to publish a blog about San Francisco when you're a licensed agent but not a member of the San Francisco Association of Realtors? Isn't your 'conditional' license held by a broker in Los Altos? Shouldn't you focus on those areas that you really 'know'? Or if you feel like SF is really your home, shouldn't you join your local association and perhaps a local company? At the very least, your readers should know who you are and what your qualifications are.

Imagine, if you were actually a Realtor and member of the local association, you could get legal access to the MLS! If you have the access now, you're doing so illegally...

Posted by: Anonymous

As we first commented: Great question. Poor form. But since you asked...

I first moved to San Francisco in 1994, and yes, I very much consider it home. As I first wrote a year ago, “Interested by, intrigued with, or invested in the Bay Area real estate market? So are we. Looking to make sense of all the stats, cut through all the rhetoric, and get the inside scoop? We’re on it.”

And (gasp!) it’s true. I am a licensed agent (along with 476,244 other Californians). And although I’m not actively practicing, my real estate license is being held by a fantastic broker in Los Altos just in case (and who is not affiliated with SocketSite) .

I earned my license to gain a first-hand understanding of the inner workings of the real estate “industry” (and to be able to selectively represent friends and family). But my understanding and observations of the “market” are based on data, facts, and trends.

A couple of other “qualifications” that “Anonymous” failed to mention: I hold a BS in Economics from Wharton, and an MBA from Dartmouth. In fact, some people might say I have a decent understanding of both economic theory (sorry folks, it’s really not as simple as just “supply and demand”) and the principles of investing (yes, you should be concerned about the trend in property “P/E” ratios).

So why don’t I bother to highlight any of my qualifications or experience on SocketSite? Because it's bigger than just me; and unlike numerous other real estate blogs, I’m not trying to sell or promote myself. But if you like our content, insight, and perspective I’d be happy to have you “Plug In”.

Adam Koval
Editor in Chief

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February 11, 2006

SocketSite Update: You Asked For It

You probably spent this beautiful day outside (as you should have). We spent it inside updating software, tweaking the site (hopefully we didn’t screw things up too badly), and yes, finally adding the ability for our readers to directly share their comments on all future (and some past) posts.

Add your comments to enhance, debate, or praise (we can dream, can’t we?) any of our posts. It’s completely up to you. All we ask is that you keep your comments on-topic; resist the temptation to flame, troll, and spam; and avoid personal attacks (opinions are fair game). In a nutshell, add value.

Oh, and please keep sending all your tips, questions, and ideas directly to SocketSite by emailing: Either way, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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February 1, 2006

The Dust Starts To Settle

After months of asking our readers to “Please Pardon Our Dust While We Renovate”, we’ve made a couple of changes to our three archive areas (examples: categories, entries, and monthly). The two changes that most readers might actually notice:

1. We’ve reformatted the monthly archives to make them consistent with the rest of the site (yes, it's about time), and

2. We’re beta testing Google AdSense within the archives (and apparently displaying numerous random ads or nothing at all, so perhaps this is more of an alpha...).

There is still more to come, but in the meantime please feel free to explore, click-away, and drop us a note with any feedback, suggestions, and perhaps most importantly, tips!

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December 12, 2005


NY: 29 Tiffany

Perfectly said by the folks at apartment therapy, “In an effort to help apartment owners who are looking to sell without a broker and to show off cool apartments to readers looking for them, we are posting good ones that we stumble upon.” We like it, and we’re running with it in San Francisco.

If you’re not using a broker (i.e. For Sale By Owner), and trying to get the word out on your spectacular condo or house, let us help (submit an overview and media to And if you’re in the market, keep an eye on the site. Please note that we reserve the right to be (very) selective in what we choose to profile.

4 Sale by Owner: 29 Tiffany, Bklyn, NY [apartment therapy]
FSBO Listing: 29 Tiffany 6L, Brooklyn ($599k)

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December 11, 2005

Feel Our Pain (And Avoid Your Own)

A corrupt hard drive reduced our office to ruble (and our staff to tears) last week. Take it from us, spending four days reinstalling software, recovering files from a week-old backup, and then trying to recreate a week of Outlook calendar, inbox, and story changes could drive a person mad, is a complete waste of time, and just plain sucks.

Never again! This week we’re installing a Lasso Continuous Data Protection Appliance. We’re biased, but no blog (or business) should be without one. We had to learn the hard way. You don’t.

And now back to what we really should have been working on over the past four days...

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October 11, 2005

Flexcar Comes To San Francisco


As of today, City Carshare and Zipcar have some competition in the San Francisco car-share arena. Two important things to note: 1. up to 75% of Flexcar’s fleet will by hybrid vehicles, and 2. if you join and drive by the end of the year, Flexcar will waive both the application and first years membership fees (details).

We only mention it because we’ve added Flexcar to our “Getting Around” section of “Resources & Links”. If you didn’t even realize that we had a Resources & Links section, perhaps now would be a good time to check it out...

Flexcar Introductory Promotion: San Francisco [Flexcar]
New car-share program comes to San Francisco [Examiner]

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September 1, 2005

SocketSite Update

We’re spending our time working on Katrina relief efforts and will resume with our normal coverage this Tuesday the 6th. Thanks for understanding, and in the meantime, please read our previous two posts.

· Something To Consider [SocketSite]
· New Orleans Needs Our Help [SocketSite]

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August 31, 2005

Something To Consider

According to CNN/Money and the Census Bureau, San Francisco ranks as the third richest American city while New Orleans ranks as the ninth poorest ("America's richest and poorest places"). If any community can afford to help New Orleans, it’s us. So as we previously wrote, please consider donating to the American Red Cross.

In addition, SocketSite was recently approved as a Design Within Reach affiliate (and we have an Amazon affiliate program in place). In theory, these affiliate programs might one day help underwrite our operating costs. In reality, it’s the residents of New Orleans that really need the support. As such, we’ve decided to donate 100% of any affiliate commissions we’re able to generate this September to the American Red Cross. You shop, we donate, someone in New Orleans survives.

So if you’ve been thinking about buying anything from either Amazon or Design Within Reach, please consider doing it through one of the following links:

· Design Within Reach Website [SocketSite Affiliate Link]
· Amazon Website [SocketSite Affiliate Link]

And finally, we’d like to see a local real estate brokerage or top agent commit to matching any monies that we are able to collect. Please consider emailing this post to your real estate agent, or simply ask them to drop us a note.

Regardless, thank you for your consideration.

Adam Koval
Editor in Chief

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May 20, 2005

We're back...

Okay, so our "one week quiet period" actually lasted three months. Our bad.

But now we're back with a vengeance, more knowledge, and more insight. So without further ado...

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February 8, 2005

SocketSite™ Quiet Period

In order to prepare for our official launch, SocketSite™ is heading into a one week three month “quiet period”. Behind the scenes we’ll be making a number of changes to provide our readers with a better site, more in-depth content, and a couple of new features.

In addition, we will be changing our publishing application from TypePad to MovableType 3.15 – a change that is designed to give us more control and flexibility over our site. This change should be transparent to the vast majority of our readers, but please note that we will no longer be supporting the URL: “”. Instead, all of our content will reside at Please take this opportunity to update any bookmarks or “favorites” you might have set in your browser.

We’ll see you in a week couple months.

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February 6, 2005

Is This Thing On?

And with a little push of a button, we're back.

Considering buying, selling, renting, or remodeling in San Francisco? We’re here to help.

Interested by, intrigued with, or invested in the Bay Area real estate market? So are we.

Looking to make sense of all the stats, cut through all the rhetoric, and get the inside scoop? We’re on it.

Our official launch is only a week away – so stay tuned and get ready to plug in to SocketSite™.

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