Purchased for $1,930,000 in January of 2013 having traded for $2,100,000 in July of 2008, the 1,527 square foot St. Regis condo #25F has since been completely remodeled.
And the wall between the living room and second bedroom has been removed to open up the space, replaced with a sliding pocket wall for when a second bedroom is needed:

The kitchen before:
The kitchen after:
And the new master bath:
∙ Listing: 188 Minna #25F (2/2.5) 1,527 sqft – $3,850,000 [stregis25f.com]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by curmudgeon

    What a waste to remodel a barely used kitchen. Making the br flexible makes sense to me (and is cheap by comparison).

  2. Posted by SFMichael

    Changing the counter-tops and the faucet and adding a touch of paint = remodel?

  3. Posted by CH

    I count at least nine changes in the kitchen:
    1. lighting
    2. trim above cabinets
    3. backsplash
    4. counters
    5. faucet
    6. island rail removed
    7. marble back on island
    8. floors
    9. paint
    Great job in the master bathroom, smart to enclose the toilet.

  4. Posted by Serge

    Countertop, cabinet door pulls, a faucet, and floors. Wouldn’t necessarily call it a major overhaul. While it does look better than the original, it is cold and sterile.

  5. Posted by conifer

    It could a luxurious hotel room, almost anywhere in the world, except for the views.
    Who is the intended customer?

  6. Posted by lolcat_94123


  7. Posted by soccermom

    $2,500+psf for a 1,500sf 2 bedroom condo, with $2100 monthly HOA? This has to be for an overseas buyer who can feel good about this being a discount to Shanghai or Singapore or Manhattan or whatever.
    Good luck to all!

  8. Posted by mikey woodz

    am I reading this right almost 2m appreciation since last year for a cheesebag remodel….and still keeping the white ikea gloss cabinets….

  9. Posted by sfresident

    Looks nice. Don’t understand the price.
    I have a strong bias towards The Infinity, my home. Better location, better community, and better units than the Regis. Not sure why someone would pay huge premiums to live at the Regis with huge HOAs instead.
    To each their own ;)

  10. Posted by BobN

    Is the tub really square or is that the lens?

  11. Posted by John Kirkpatrick

    I just sold an F plan for $3,500,000 on a lower floor. Purchase price about $1,550,000 two years ago. Yes you read that right:)
    1,520 square feet. Easily a record breaking price for any St Regis home on a price per square foot basis.
    [Editor’s Note: Or as we first reported last week: A Voyeur’s Dream Condo, Post-Bubble Buyer’s Dream Outcome.]

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