While the living area has been opened up, the front bedroom of the top-floor Noe condo at 142 27th Street has been divided in order to create space for a nursery (click triptych to enlarge).

And on a chilly morning following a chilly eve, our attention is divided between the wood burning fireplace in the living room and the built-in fire pit out back:

∙ Listing: 142 27th Street #A (2/1) 1,300 sqft – $879,000 [Coldwell Banker]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Nelson

    I thought that open fires (aka what the proverbial fire pit is built for) were prohibited in SF.

  2. Posted by Sausalito_res

    Good value for the money. Appealing design and use of materials. I appreciate that they didn’t feel the need to slap granite on every kitchen and bathroom surface. Based on previous threads, some readers may object to the attic conversion.

  3. Posted by Gur

    The assessor’s map still lists this as a 1 BR/1BA, as you might expect from the nursery conversion. Still a lot of space to work with.

  4. Posted by soccermom

    What’s with all these open floorplans?

  5. Posted by Willow

    On a per square foot basis I guess this unit looks like good value but just based on the pictures it seems an awkward layout that would be OK for a couple of years but not on a longer term basis. I guess if you must live in Noe…but even in this market I think $879,000 may be better spent elsewhere.

  6. Posted by Lindsay

    There is another sizeable bedroom in addition to what’s shown here, plus a bonus room and a laundry room (and basement storage room.) Not sure why the assessors map has it listed as a 1 bedroom. It is a generous 2 bedroom.

  7. Posted by Debbie

    I saw this condo over the weekend, great use of space! Loved the fact that it had in unit laundry and a beautiful entertainment space in the backyard. There is a bonus space off the great room with additional storage-nice spot to read a book or nap. The large front room had an amazing reclaimed wood divider and set for a nursery but it would be an awesome walk-in closet with master! Big space and love layout!

  8. Posted by Deb

    I saw this house at Saturday’s open house. Layout works well. I would use the nursery as a walk in closet. Both bedrooms are large, and there is an extra room for a library/music room that isn’t listed. Fun backyard. Don’t know why the assessor lists wrong info on so many houses.

  9. Posted by Yolanda

    I really love the large front room with the nursery side-great idea! The kitchen is large and the backyard is lovely. This street is so perfect for transportation-muni, bart and all the tech buses are so close. I am going to see it again for the night tour on Thursday.

  10. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    I thought that the weather was going to warm up. Still seems kind of shilly.

  11. Posted by curmudgeon

    LOL, hadn’t seen anything that obvious in a while, MOD. Is this a sign of the coming correction? I hope so!

  12. Posted by soccermom

    ‘Yolanda’ was a nice touch, though I was hoping for commensurate verbiage to really paint the picture.

  13. Posted by Laura


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