A wealthy art collector from Philadelphia purchased the Pacific Heights lot at 2800 Pacific Avenue for $10 in 1899 and commissioned Ernest Coxhead to build a Georgian mansion upon the site for $12,854. In 1967, the 8,120-square-foot home was purchased by the late Adrian and Lee Herbst Gruhn and dubbed the Herbst Manor.
Put on the market for $12,500,000 in 2011 following Lee’s passing in 2010, the mansion was relisted for $10,950,000 in 2012 and then again for $11,995,000 earlier this year following a Decorator Showcase makeover.
Reduced to $9,650,000 in September, the price has since been cut to $8,900,000 for the Manor with six bedrooms and five bathrooms, including the master with a living green wall:

∙ Listing: 2800 Pacific Avenue (6/5) – $8,900,000 [2800pacificavenue.com]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by sf

    Love that wall. Do those of you with living walls in your homes have issues with pest and insect control?

  2. Posted by Kathleen.

    Lee Gruhn was a fine and generous San Franciscan. I miss Lee and the carousel horse in the window.

  3. Posted by conifer

    Lee Gruhn was indeed decent and generous and charming.
    The green wall on the other hand is horrible.

  4. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    An indoor living wall seems to be a little ridiculous. Understandable in a public space where the maintenance effort receives wide appreciation. But in a private bathroom?

  5. Posted by eddy

    Sold $8.6

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