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With the 1,070 foot tall Tansbay Tower having been approved to rise at 101 First Street, and Hines having partnered with Boston Properties to purchase the site and finance the tower’s construction, the likely groundbreaking for the project has been pushed back from late 2013 to sometime in 2014 with occupancy in 2017.
No word on whether Sue Hestor’s Save Our Parks Sunlight Coalition or San Franciscans for Reasonable Growth plan to appeal Planning’s approval of the project, or will otherwise attempt to delay the development, but we would be surprised if not.
Financial Partner Secured To Build San Francisco’s Transbay Tower [SocketSite]
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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Can't think of Cool Name

    Whatever happened to the CalTrain tunnel dig from the station at 4th & King to the Transbay Terminal? Is that dead or on hold or waiting for this phase to start first?

  2. Posted by Steve

    No money.

  3. Posted by jlasf

    I thought the purpose of this building was to create a unified transportation hub for the City. But if CalTrain is not going there, then what is the function? Just BART and buses?

  4. Posted by martin

    The train box at transbay is being built right now for both CalTrain and CAHSR. The funds for this was provided by a CAHSR federal grant. When SF has the money the tunnel to the train box will be built.
    [Editor’s Note: A $400 Million High-Speed Stimulant for San Francisco’s Transbay.]

  5. Posted by Can't think of Cool Name

    Well, talk about weird. In the Warriors Arena CAC meetings, the city talks about Transbay as one of the key mass transit hubs for the arena, along with Caltrain station and the ferry building, essentially saying that all three are equal distant to the arena, helping auto congestion. I guess they are saying that families headed to the arena for various events via Transbay will be taking buses?

  6. Posted by Robb

    Cool: Yes. And they can also take ferries, trains, light rail, and BART. All within 1/2 mile of proposed arena.

  7. Posted by futurist

    They can also walk to the arena. It’s not far from Bart.

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