In addition to their regularly scheduled meeting this week, San Francisco’s Planning Commission will be quietly conferencing behind closed doors with legal counsel to once again discuss “whether to initiate litigation with respect to the Academy of Art University.”

Having long ignored city laws, codes and ordinances with respect to the Academy’s conversion of numerous San Francisco buildings to dormitory and classroom use without proper approvals or permits, last year the City considered legal action but failed to act.

According to the Office of the City Attorney, litigation is anticipated with the City as Plaintiff. Will this be the year that the City actually takes a (or the) stand?

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by DJ Clubs Do It 2

    Yeah and while the Commission is at it, lets have the other commission (Entertainment Commission) check on that Mission Street club that continues to do electrical work without permits. Just like it did when it undertook a major expansion to allow a 400 capacity, again without permits. Yeah while we are at it…don’t cherry pick. Oh wait, I forgot, the DJ Clubs are politically correct…and of course we don’t want to “kill fun” in the city.

  2. Posted by EH

    DJ: wat.

  3. Posted by Invented

    BTW, this “Academy/University” has a grad rate of 29%???? What a machine.
    SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — The Academy of Art University is suing the California Student Aid Commission to reinstate Cal Grants for its students, after the for-profit school was deemed ineligible earlier this year due to low graduation rates.
    Colleges and universities in the Cal Grant program must have a 30 percent graduation rate and a default rate lower than 15.5 percent, under new rules adopted this summer.
    Ed Emerson with the California Student Aid Commission said the school’s default rate is quite low for an institution of their size.
    “They do an excellent job with financial literacy. When students take out loans at many of these schools they don’t get the proper information, but Academy of Art does a fine job in that regard,” Emerson said.
    KCBS’ Melissa Culross Reports:
    SF’s Academy of Art University Files Suit To Reinstate Cal Grants For Students
    However, Emerson said the Academy of Art’s 2010 29.2 percent graduation rate falls below the 30 percent needed for the program.
    In the lawsuit, the Academy of Art is now saying the commission should have used the school’s 34 percent graduation rate in 2011 to determine eligibility……. (From CBS news)

  4. Posted by Oceangoer

    What is taking the City so long? This so-called university has been gobbling up real estate, not paying its taxes, chiseling money out of kids for worthless degrees, and defiling our streets with its buses for years. Get with the program, sups. Sue them.

  5. Posted by lol

    It’s not worthless. We have great baristas to show for it.

  6. Posted by snider

    remember it is a “University.”
    It is not accredited and course credits received at the Academy of Art cannot be transferred to any accredited school.

  7. Posted by Stucco_Sux

    Since the public holds the Academy of Art with all its flaws and failings in much higher esteem than it holds the Bored of Stupidvisors, they meet behind closed doors because no one has any interest in what they have to say about much of anything.
    DJ Clubs is spot on. This city has become the capitol of hypocrisy above all else.

  8. Posted by Jack

    Dj, it’s cherry picking to go after a giant institution with dozens of buildings and thousands of residents that is violating codes and ordinances all over the city, vs one club in the mission? Try a little proportionality man.

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