1271 Bosworth
Luckily the eclectic English cottage at 1271 Bosworth is tucked away behind a gate as the “showcase” second bedroom has taken the place of the garage:

1271 Bosworth Bedroom
Purchased for $780,000 at the end of 2009 when offered for $1,075,000 along with an adjacent open lot, the Glen Park property is back on the market and listed for $899,000.
1271 Bosworth Kitchen
The status of the aforementioned open lot we haven’t confirmed.
∙ Listing: 1271 Bosworth Street (2/2) – $899,000 [1271bosworth.com]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by eddy

    it’s not really that private. you can almost see it from the google street view. But with that much parking I would agree that this is a better use of space.

  2. Posted by Lori

    I’d feel really unsafe/exposed sleeping in that garage/bedroom area. I’d permanently close that area immediately. And the bathrooms and kitchen have really awkward layouts. Lots of work to be done in this house.

  3. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    What a nicely staged but dysfunctional kitchen. No countertop next to the stove and a sink detached from the rest of the kitchen. Who knows where the fridge is?
    Nicely done upslope back yard though.
    As for exposure from the bedgarage window there’s an easy solution. Just buy a honking huge SUV. When you’re home, you’re “covered”.

  4. Posted by sharkjack

    I had an offer in on this house about 15 years ago at $450K or so. Maybe a couple coats of paint, but no significant upgrades have been made. Nor should they have. 1171 is a delightful one-off and needs to be taken for what it is.
    The history I recall is that it was once owned by the head of the Parks and Rec Department. The terraced rear gardens were once spectacular (and built on public time), and it seems that much has been restored.
    Downstairs garage to bedroom / bath conversion was odd then as it is odd now, decades later. The “blue tile” is there because the bathroom is tiny and serves as an combined shower stall. Very “European”.
    I did plans for a 3 way parcel split with 1171 ending up in the center untouched. A 2 way split would still be possible without killing a couple of heritage trees.
    But there is no way to mitigate getting out of that driveway onto the O’Shaunessey / Bosworth expressway.
    I hope someone who cherishes this house buys it.

  5. Posted by GetOffTheIvy

    Kitchen functioned like this for fifty years so it will work; not everything needs to look like the demo kits at home depot.
    I want the garage back.

  6. Posted by NoeLocal

    A converted garage still feels like a garage — because it was built to be a garage.

  7. Posted by Drew

    That bedroom garage reminds me of Amsterdam. Just needs some red neon, and you’re all set.

  8. Posted by CH

    “That bedroom garage reminds me of Amsterdam.”
    Funny, my exact first thought! Half expected the listing to claim a “European” bedroom…

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