Having abandoned a onetime proposal to raze 680 Folsom to make way for Moscone Center’s growth, and the re-skinning and renovation of 680 Folsom well underway, a plan to dig out a 500,000-square-foot addition under Howard Street has been selected as the way Moscone will expand.
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  1. Posted by BobN

    Seems like an odd solution. A lot of that space between the halls is already in use as offices, storage, meeting rooms.

  2. Posted by Dan

    Under Howard Street makes the most sense in terms of uniting the existing spaces. How long would Howard Street need to shut down for construction?

  3. Posted by Dan

    Or can they add 500k SF entirely by tunnelling, while keeping Howard open?

  4. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Dan – I’d expect that cut and cover would be cheaper and more expedient than trying to tunnel below Howard St.
    It looks hard to fit 500K sq.ft. beneath Howard unless they’re planning on multiple floors.

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