26 Acorn Way Dining
While the South Park gnomes haven’t figured out their underpants business, Nick Graham scored with Joe Boxer, the Phase 3 profits from which bought and rebuilt 26 Acorn Way.
26 Acorn Way
Purchased for $2,230,000 in 1999 then redesigned by Andrew Fischer, the modern home is back on the market asking $5,995,000, sitting on nearly an acre of landscaped Kentfield land with outdoor living galore, a detached studio and a nice little pool.
Forget the swimsuits for the housewarming, boxers and panties seem more appropriate.
∙ Listing: 26 Acorn Way, Kentfield (4/4.5) – $5,995,000 | Floor Plans [paytonbinnings.com]
The Underpants Business [southparkstudios.com]
A Buena Vista Party Pad (Panties Not Included) [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by IWantThisPlace

    And people wonder why families with children are willing to give up vandalized playgrounds in Dolores Park for the suburbs? Or people without children for that matter!
    Another example that there is a big beautiful world outside “the city” for those willing to open their minds and explore.

  2. Posted by anon1

    ^1. Do people wonder that? 2. What’s the site about? 3. Aren’t greater Bay area residents in the majority anyway, by far.

  3. Posted by shza

    I don’t think the reason so many families leave SF is to go buy $6M places in Marin. That said, this place is beautiful, agreed.

  4. Posted by ohwell

    @anon1, perhaps you have missed the years of dismissive comments towards other parts of the Bay Area with less “density” than the city? Or how wonderful it is to have a J.C.Penney on mid Market because no true San Franciscan would ever admit that it is more pleasant to shop at Stanford Shopping Center. And then my favorite is when anyone brings up the homeless, the sad saga that is MUNI, or other urban ills, we are told to move to FRESNO, but if we bring up an urban area that does things right, well watch out, for nothing compares to precious provincial San Francisco.
    But to agree with you….YES, the majority of people in the Bay Area prefer to not live in San Francisco. As to “what is this site about?”, it is about San Francisco real estate trends, though I am VERY grateful when they do showcase a property outside the city, especially this one.
    This is a very nice house.

  5. Posted by Joshua

    For the money, you could get a lot more than this in Marin. This place seems smallish…check out the perspective in the photos…everything in the foreground looks stretched.
    And clearly this agent likes photos of flowers and Union Jacks, a la 15 Buena Vista.
    Both properties seem a few MM overpriced. Good luck.

  6. Posted by anon1

    OK. I feel more like it’s a given as to why families with children flock to Marin. I also think that SF has many problems, some of which you touched on, and that provincial isn’t very apt for what is let’s face it a very important global region’s capital. But I agree that this is a nice looking home! (And SF drives me nuts sometimes, too.)

  7. Posted by ohwell

    My apologies @anon1. I confused you for someone else, who posts negative comments about houses for sale outside San Francisco city limits and who argues with anyone who dares to call the house or suburban neighborhood nice.

  8. Posted by eddy

    Would everyone just shill out. This is a nice home. Although, $6M is expensive and if I’m going to give up everything that the city DOES have to offer for “suburgatory”, I would just send my kids to public schools and with all the money I save buy Barry Zito’s kentfield estate for $10M

  9. Posted by Craig

    That looks like a pretty big Hirst spot painting. Wonder if it is real?

  10. Posted by Rocco

    @Joshua- Marin is a big county and this is a very expensive part of it, but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a place as beautifully detailed as this. As for the Union Jacks, one of the owners is British.

  11. Posted by Joshua

    @ Morgan
    The spot painting series, a very, very large series, would best be described as “from the studio of Damien Hirst.”
    @ Rocco
    Still think you can find more bang for the buck in the nicer parts of Marin — Kentfield, Ross, etc. This property is nice, but for the price, it’s rather small — both structures and land.

  12. Posted by DZNR

    Nice house…. terrible website. can’t we see an uncovered photo of the place….

  13. Posted by Merlin83

    OK, so I have never posted before – after 4+ years of regularly checking and looking at Socket Site – I decided to post, first off Socket Site is so addictive, I mean I must look at least 10+ times per day, and I love looking at the houses and corresponding history of the Bay area real estate too. I used to live in San Anselmo (Marin County) and frequently would traverse through Kentfield. This house is amazing ! Simply stunning, and about the price I would expect to pay, although I would not start negotiations at full asking price…anyway I had to post, Marin County is an awesome place…sooo many years ago when I was in college, I used to work at Marin’s little airport (Gnoss Field) and would regularly see members of Huey Lewis and the News, Journey, Grateful Dead. One regular visitor who’s plane I would fuel up was Bruce Jenner, and he was just totally unfriendly and unpleasant to deal with. Anyway – great site and fun to read the comments !!!

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