2207 17th Avenue
Purchased for $980,000 or $445 per listed square foot in 2006 as a four-bedroom single-family home in need of work, 2207 17th Avenue has since been remodeled, expanded, and re-listed as a five-bedroom home for $999,000 or $373 per square foot.
2207 17th Avenue Floorplan
Forget linkbait, it’s time to officially add listbait (and perhaps Gatebait) to our lexicon.
∙ Listing: 2207 17th Avenue (5/2.5) 2,680 sqft – $999,000 [monicaslist.com]
It’s Not This Mid-Century Modern Noe Valley Home That Was Flawed [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Mark F.

    Looks like you can’t get from the Lower Level or garage to the Main Level without going outside. No internal stairs. Also, the Master Bedroom is sharing a bath with 3 other bedrooms. I’ll pass.

  2. Posted by BobN

    Mark F.
    Look at pic #12. Something’s wrong with the floor plans…

  3. Posted by redseca2

    Very strange.
    The main level hall closet seems to have become a stairway that follows the rough footprint of the stair above to the second floor.
    Picture #12 also shows raw rough framing for a doorway where one is shown on the floor plan from the windowless “bedroom” to the hall.

  4. Posted by DCR

    Agreed on pic 12. Looks like there’s no connection between the garage level and the upper levels in the plans, but the pic clearly shows a stair between them. Maybe Planning decided that two dwelling units didn’t work and they removed the kitchenette from the lower level and connected wit with a stair?

  5. Posted by Mark F.

    Yes, it looks like the floor plan is off.
    Nice place, but the lack of a proper Master Bath would still be a problem for me.

  6. Posted by kddid

    Another minor inconsistency: in the photos, the ground level BR is in the back, not the front. Maybe they decided it was better to show the BR with a view of the garden than seeing the underside of the exterior stairs!

  7. Posted by legal inlaw

    This looks like an ‘unwarranted’ set-up for a three-unit building to me. close off the stair at garage level, unit 1, install 2 doors at foyer, units 2 and 3 created. convert 2 bedrooms to kitchen, living rm in upper level. voila; rent for more than you could otherwise.

  8. Posted by Lori

    I could deal with having to access the garage from the outside but only one bathroom for 4 bedrooms would also be a dealbreaker for me. Bummer, it’s a nice looking house from the outside (with the exception of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree to the right of the garage door).

  9. Posted by Lori

    Okay SS, who just swapped out the photo?
    Thankfully the Charlie Brown Christmas tree has grown.

  10. Posted by sparky-b

    All the above comments, plus a tiny yard and deep houses on the perpendicular street, so that there are not any views except from the corner of the Master bedroom
    Is it really Listbait or is that near the right price?

  11. Posted by Absolut

    even with all of the problems, I don’t see how this remotely close to the market price. My guess is closer to 1.5M

  12. Posted by Mark F.

    Yes, this will go for well over $1M

  13. Posted by eddy

    This place has sweet views. Just look on Google maps across the street! Also, I get that the close-in shot hides the power lines, but the home has nice curb appeal and the wider shot that SS has on here is actually a better pic than what is on the listing site. I like the house. Seems cheap.

  14. Posted by futurist

    Bedroom with no windows: not code compliant.
    Bedroom opening directly to a garage: not code compliant.
    Assuming the floor plans are accurate and reflect actual spaces.

  15. Posted by Iona Derman

    The finishes including but not limited to the kitchen cabinets look cheap and somewhat dated.

  16. Posted by 94114

    Even with all it’s drawbacks (and it seems like quite a few), it’s still under-priced. It will probably go for 100 grand over asking.

  17. Posted by sparky-b

    “even with all of the problems, I don’t see how this remotely close to the market price. My guess is closer to 1.5M”
    So you see this as top 5 highest price ever for the neighborhood? I don’t think so.

  18. Posted by Palms

    The weather is horrible out in that area, especially at night when the fog rolls back in. Very rarely do you have nice weather out there.
    Also, four bedrooms sharing one full bath? No thank you.

  19. Posted by sparky-b

    Again, I would disagree with that statement “rarely do you have nice weather out there”. The fog doesn’t always come in either. It is beautiful right now for example, and last night.

  20. Posted by wc1

    Horrible staging isn’t doing it any favors. But you can bet it will go for well over asking.

  21. Posted by jenofla

    Looks like the floor plans are inaccurate (perhaps a prior version with an attempt to have a separate in law)…thus, by the photos, the house is a genuine 5 bed, 2.5 bath with access to garage, located between West Portal and Inner Sunset. Sounds too good to me, maybe I’ll check out the open house. Wonder where the W/D set up is now.

  22. Posted by simpr

    I think this goes well over ask. As a comp, 2266 14th closed today at $1,050,000. Did not see but heard that it was nicely done and 2300 sq ft. It unfortunately backs up (literally) to Hoover middle school which, I think, is a huge negative

  23. Posted by sparky-b

    14th was a 2 bed up 1 down and as you said backed up on the school, and had no views.

  24. Posted by NoeValleyJim


  25. Posted by SFBuyer

    What happened with this place? The MLS says it is not a short sale or REO, but the remarks say “Sale is subject to Short Sale Approval.” And they raised the price on 6/10 to $1.298m.

  26. Posted by Fishchum

    Cue a “Realtor Conspiracy Theory” from Tipster in 3, 2, 1…….

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