Gold Dust Lounge
As we first reported a few weeks ago, over the objections of the owners of the building in which the Gold Dust Lounge resides, in February the operators of the 46-year old bar at 247 Powell Street requested landmark status for the establishment in the hopes of thwarting an eviction, and conversion of the space into retail, scheduled for December.
While the Planning Department found the operators’ request without merit and recommended San Francisco’s Historic Preservation Commission reject the application for landmark status, a motion to disapprove landmark initiation for the Gold Dust Lounge failed on a three-to-three tie vote with commissioner Wolfram absent.
On Thursday, San Francisco’s Historic Preservation Commission will revisit and revote on the operators’ versus owners’ request to landmark the Lounge.
A Non-Historic Win For The Owners Of 247 Powell Street [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by CH

    I can’t believe this might make it through the HPC despite Planning’s report. What a waste of resources and time.

  2. Posted by SocketSite

    The Historic Preservation Commission revoted 5-2 to disapprove landmark initiation for the Gold Dust Lounge, affirming the Planning Department’s findings and recommendation.
    The legal battle between lessee and lessor, however, continues.

  3. Looks like the Gold Dust intends to reopen near Fisherman’s Wharf in January. They’re recreating the decor of the original Union Square place.
    So like the Tadich Grill and a bunch of other nomadic places history can live on in a new location.

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