393 Cumberland

The sale of the Ogrydziak/Prillinger redesigned house at 393 Cumberland closed escrow yesterday with a reported contract price of $2,027,475 ($1,198 per square foot). And yes, closing escrow after an official “seven days on the market” might suggest the property was in contract prior to being listed on the MLS for $2,095,000.

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  1. Posted by eddy

    I’ve seen homes hit the market and close escrow under those time frames many times. Usually not below asking, however. So this is a curious case for a few reasons. Why list it above that ask? Why the odd numbers? The other thread noted this was a pocket listing so who knows. But a pretty impressive result.

  2. Posted by Unusual

    How is that gas fireplace functional considering that the wall there is only like 6″ deep?

  3. Posted by sparky-b

    The wall bumps out, it is shown to the right of sliding doors in the photo above.

  4. Posted by Unusual

    Good eye! Thanks. Anyone know the minimum depth for such a fireplace?

  5. Posted by radar

    There are gas fireplaces that are ‘zero clearance direct vent’ which means that you can vent to the exterior if there is clearance and air space. It is a minimal requirement as mine vents under a deck and facing a brick wall about 3 feet away. All done with permits and signed off.

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