706 Mission Tower Elevations
You know, considering we were the first to publish a sneak peek at the circa 2011 conceptual designs for the new tower and Mexican Museum to rise at 706 Mission, you think we would have recognized those that were circa 2006. But we didn’t.
As we were quickly corrected, the design below is DOA. So if you didn’t like it, good.
706 Mission Rendering
706 Mission Rendering: Base (via SocketSite.com)
Sneak Peek: 706 Mission Tower Design And Aronson Building Rehab [SocketSite]
706 Mission Tower (And Mexican Museum) Back In Play [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Snark17

    OMG that is incredible. Love it.

  2. Posted by kg


  3. Posted by etslee


  4. Posted by K&L

    it looks like an urban medical marijuana grow facility

  5. Posted by [mission impossible]

    Never going to happen, although i wish it would
    This design is from 2006 and is dead in the water.

  6. Posted by kaya

    I sure hope it’ll never happen. That just looks like godzilla crapped a 1980s office building on top of a gigante partido de jenga. The architects are apparently unfamiliar with the term soft story.

  7. Posted by ILike

    I like the bottom part; it’s interesting. Looks like they ran out of imagination on top. 🙁

  8. Posted by Debtpocalypse

    Interesting… but fugly.
    Maybe it would work in person?
    Hmm… now, its “Hanging Gardens” element is sort of growing on me.
    It must be reconsidered.
    It must be built.

  9. Posted by sf

    Why can’t the whole tower look cool?
    Oh yeah. 70 year old North Beach NIMBYS might be offended.

  10. Posted by BT

    Too bad it’s passe’ because I love it but it’s much too exciting for SF, of course. Not even a bay window in sight.

  11. Posted by jlasf

    Okay…so, if you kind of blur your eyes….does it look like a giant cigarette is stubbed out into the park?

  12. Posted by justme

    it looks like an urban medical marijuana grow facility

    Funny, it doesn’t resemble a middle Sunset district SFR to me at all.

  13. Posted by Yusuf Onder

    It doesn’t look good at all… my Islamic Cultural Center at this location fits much much better in there… check my Homepage out and I m almost done with the Project…

  14. Posted by Missing Some Things

    Anyone missing their kids building blocks and the ol ice trays??

  15. Posted by anon

    That’s awesome. But they would have to re-style it like a Victorian to get it approved.

  16. Posted by James

    That old design is an architectural mullet: Business on top, party down below.

  17. Posted by kathleen

    My eyes hurt.

  18. Posted by Katebear

    It looks like a cigarette butt.

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