1495 Monterey Living
The Henry Gutterson designed home at 1495 Monterey Boulevard was purchased for $1,200,000 in 2001 at which point its original kitchen was demolished and rebuilt.
1495 Monterey Kitchen
Soon thereafter, the English Tudor home sold for $1,528,000 in June of 2002. In 2006 a permit to expand up and out was approved but then cancelled in 2009.
And now after a nine year apples-to-apples hold, the St. Francis Wood three-bedroom home is back on the market and listed for $1,395,000 (9% below its 2002 purchase price).
∙ Listing: 1495 Monterey Boulevard (3/2) – $1,395,000 [MLS]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Mark F.

    Lovely, price seems like a steal.

  2. Posted by SFBuyer

    But it’s on such a busy street and it’s sort of in a hole. What year do you think they did that black bathroom?

  3. Posted by Mark F.

    Yes, a busy street. And the bathroom is certainly not done to my taste.

  4. Posted by eddy

    I’m not sure exactly when, if ever, that black tile was in style.

  5. Posted by 94114

    Based on how this agent prices his listings, my guess is this sells for 100 to 150 over asking.

  6. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Black tile was a late 1980s thing. Put up some Nagel prints and it all fits together.

  7. Posted by Lori

    I would not be pleased to have to pay that mortgage plus almost $3K/mo in HOAs.
    [Editor’s Note: While not clear on the public facing MLS, that’s a yearly figure.]

  8. Posted by Tim

    St. Francis Wood HOA dues are paid annually, so that’s $3k per year.

  9. Posted by RB

    Can someone confirm that this is St. Francis Wood and not Balboa Terrace. I know it is inside the gates on Monterey, but there seems to be some confusion about this part of Monterey.

  10. Posted by 94114

    According to the Redfin map, it’s in Balboa Terrace but the yearly association fee sounds like it’s in St. Francis Wood.

  11. Posted by lolcat_94123

    $3K fees to live in a SFH? What do you get for that? I’m honestly curious, I don’t know much about SFW.

  12. Posted by Geo

    I do not believe it is actually SFW. iirc, it ends at monterey. and it is on the wrong side of monterey at that.
    and my hoa dues for this year were $2,100. for that, i get some well maintained green space, a couple fountains and access to a tennis court.
    $650/ft² is fully priced for this place.

  13. Posted by 94114

    The agent is claiming this as St. Francis Wood.

  14. Posted by SFBuyer

    You can check the sidewalk in front. The sidewalks in SFW are lined with red bricks. Balboa Terrace and other nearby neighborhoods, just plane concrete sidewalks.

  15. Posted by SFBuyer

    That’s plain above, not plane.

  16. Posted by sparky-b

    Well, it doesn’t have bricks in the sidewalk. It does have a pillar that says St. Francis Wood right on it’s eastern Property Line.
    I think it’s in SFW, but I would gladly not pay the HOA if I bought the place and admit to being out. If I had to pay I would demand my bricks.

  17. Posted by 94114

    Are there yearly homeowner dues in Balboa Terrace?

  18. Posted by rb

    Looked up this house and a few other SFW homes on Property Shark. The SFW homes are shown as in 04G St. Francis Wood. This one is shown as in 04A Balboa Terrace. Another data point to confuse the issue.

  19. Posted by RB

    I think I can confirm, based on the SF real estate district map, that this is 4A, or Balboa Terrace. The north side of Monterey (across the street) is SFW, the South side is Balboa Terrace. Not that it makes any big difference except that the listing may not be accurate.

  20. Posted by sparky-b

    Actually for once it does make a difference because you shouldn’t have to pay SFW HOA if you’re not in the hood. What if they won’t let you on the tennis court or playground?

  21. Posted by [anon.ed]

    No, I’m seeing both sides of that four block stretch of Monterey as 4-G per the SFARMLS. How far back in time does that demarcation go, and were things grandfathered? I don’t know that answer. Where the overlap occurs/doesn’t occur with the St. Francis Wood association is also another question.

  22. Posted by El Bombero

    Pre-2002 pricing is pretty typical for passably nice apples out in that part of SF. I bet that when the current sellers bought 1495 Monterey 9 years ago, the realtors sold them on the idea that properties appreciate at “6% per year in San Francisco” or some other nonsense.
    Current sellers tried to sell in summer 2007 for $1,850k. A little too greedy back then, and now they’ve ridden the market down….

  23. Posted by El Bombero

    Cut $50k to $1,345k, now 12% below its sale price more than 9 years ago.
    They were sure smoking some powerful hopium when they pulled it off the market in December 2007, thinking the market was going to “come back”.

  24. Posted by El Bombero

    This place is now showing contingent after 115 DOM. Not a forced sale, not a condo, not D3 or D10. Should be a good apple if/when it closes.

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