3208 Pierce
While the courthouse sale of 3208 Pierce Street #407 has once again been postponed (now scheduled for September 23), today the list price for 3208 Pierce #102 was reduced to $995,000. The 1,277 square foot #102 had been listed at $1,085,000 for the past 39 days having been purchased for $1,200,000 in June 2007.
∙ Listing: 3208 Pierce #102 (2/2.5) 1,277 sqft – $995,000 [3208pierce102.com] [MLS]
Apples To Apples (And Foreclosure) At 3208 Pierce In The Marina [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by anonfedup

    Please tell me those are not unit heaters in the bedrooms!
    And no vents for dryers? (I know there are ventless dryers, but they work like crap) Why can’t newer construction in San Francisco at least have a vent for a dryer? This one does not if I remember right.
    Also, no air conditioning, which means you will have to open your windows to enjoy fresh air AND the roar of the traffic on Lombard Street.
    This building would have made a popular motel, but instead, it is for me one of the prime examples of bubble mania insanity. Go back and read about how many enjoyed the wine and cheese at the opening, and how some felt location location location was enough to save this and allow buyers to overlook it actually being located on San Francisco’s motel row. (Others predicted correctly that this building was trouble from the start)

  2. Posted by sf

    Wow, no air conditioning? That’s a new one. I’ve inspected 2,750 buildings in the city and I think one of them had air conditioning.

  3. Posted by anonfedup

    Unless you like the noise of the 101 traffic, especially the high percentage of truck and bus use on Lombard street, you WILL need airconditioning at this location. I would agree that off Lombard, there is no need for air conditioning, and I should know since I have lived at Pierce and Green, and Scott and Prado.
    Don’t let the Pierce address fool you, this is on the corner of Lombard and Pierce.

  4. Posted by gh

    You are wrong anonfedup, the view of the four lanes of traffic and the proximity to IHOP for latenight ‘cake hurling make this an amazing location.
    Even too amazing, for AAA, who vacated the retail space about six months back.

  5. Posted by SFwatcher

    90% of places in SF don’t need A/C and therefore don’t have it. Another 8% need A/C but are incredibly old, so they don’t have it. 3208 Pierce falls in the last 2% — new enough to have A/C, in a location that requires it (right on Lombard!), yet it still doesn’t have A/C. It’s inexcusable for a building built in 2007.
    I’ve been in there and the building is really nice, but the courtyard is unusable and a waste of space (rock garden???). And while the building is very soundproof, when you open up the windows for fresh air, you hear Lombard loud and clear.

  6. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    “…the courtyard is unusable and a waste of space…”
    Not entirely useless as it provides access to light and air. That’s the historic reason that courtyards were featured in buildings anyways. (Light wells are the same thing but in miniature) Maybe the architect thought that windows opening to the courtyard were a suitable substitute for AC at this location.

  7. Posted by buffasiann

    Wow, almost a $1M for a cookie cutter condo on Lombard…get a grip folks.

  8. Posted by A.T.

    “Wow, almost a $1M for a cookie cutter condo on Lombard…get a grip folks.”
    Meaning? It’s underpriced? Overpriced? Should fall further? Something else?
    It’s currently priced at 17% below the sale price of four years ago – down 24% in real dollars. Pretty good for SF if they can get it. A big hit in real dollars, but it sounds like the bank (er, taxpayers) are taking most of that hit, not the 2007 buyer.

  9. Posted by anonfedup

    “It’s inexcusable for a building built in 2007. ”
    ^^Exactly! That was the point I was trying to make.
    Unit heaters in bedrooms which would usually only be found in a Motel 6. Inexcusable.
    Not providing vents for dryers. Inexcusable.
    Units overlooking a busy highway with 24 hour noise and auto pollution SHOULD provide proper alternative ventilation. I just think one should expect more in newer construction for 1 million dollars on motel row. This should have been a retail building with loft type units above that faced away from Lombard with decks, and views to the north. (Less noise, better air)

  10. Posted by Oceangoer

    SO misleading. On the neighborhood part of the slideshow are cozy pictures of Union Street restaurants, then Chestnut Street, Crissy Field and Fort Mason …. but no pictures of the real neighborhood on Lombard. Mel’s Diner anyone?

  11. Posted by Mark F

    You’d have to be smoking crack to buy this.

  12. Posted by badlydrawnbear

    But EVERYONE wants to live in SF and surely EVERYONE wants to live in the Marina district.
    And who doesn’t want to cross a 6 lane highway to eat at an IHOP or enjoy the view of the empty lot across the way (at least according to google maps).

  13. Posted by spencer

    although i am sure someone will buy this for $900K or so, it would have to drop

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