3322 Market
With $2,060,000 in loans past due including a first for $1,460,000, a second for $250,000, and a third for $350,000, last month 3322 Market street (the top two floors above) was purchased on the courthouse steps for $1,017,000 cash.
3322 Market Street Stairs
Yesterday, the 2,496 square foot condominium hit the market listed for $1,375,000.
3322 Market Views
And yes, there are views.
∙ Listing: 3322 Market Street (3/2.5) 2,496 sqft – $1,375,000 [MLS]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by formerly%whatever

    It sold at the steps but I don’t think the 3rd note holder got it.
    [Editor’s Note: Good catch and since corrected. That would be a “third party” that purchased the property, not the third (mortgage holder).]

  2. Posted by mikey woodz

    any remodeling done, or was it purchased like that?

  3. Posted by lyqwyd

    If it was purchased a month ago I doubt there was time to do much in the way of remodeling, probably just some new paint and minor fixes.

  4. Posted by eddy

    Don’t know much about this location but it seems a remarkable value and very nice. 2 car parking. Should sell fast IMO.

  5. Posted by diemos

    It’s actually worth a million.

  6. Posted by Phongpei

    Agree with eddy–not really much of a neighborhood and muni is always making the tight turn right in front of the building.

  7. Posted by radar

    I remember these condos when first constructed and sold. I was STUNNED that they sold for upwards of $2 mil at the time but that was back in the dot.com craziness. The building is not terribly attractive and the area and block even worse. You are just above Market St. so imagine the noise and pollution while trying to sip wine on your terrace.
    I thought back in the day these were not worth over a million.

  8. Posted by Legacy Dude

    The location definitely leaves much to be desired, but the place looks absolutely gorgeous from the pictures, and the views speak for themselves. One could spend $1.0 – $1.3 for a lot less in this city.

  9. Posted by @radar

    How is the pollution any different than any other area in the city? It’s probably even less since cars are given a thoroughfare and not idling and stopping at stop signs every block. Give me a break drama queen.

  10. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Pollution from motor vehicles comes in multiple forms, mostly gasses (combusted fuel + uncombusted (i.e. volatilized) fuel which is worse) and particulates (combustion smoke + other engine smoke sources + tire and brake particles).
    The gasses travel far but the particulates do not. In general your exposure to these pollution sources are inversely proportional to the distance from the source (i.e. the closer you are, the higher the exposure) and proportional to the volume of the source.
    This location on Market is close (bad) to a high volume street (bad). The same can be said for any property near a busy street or highway. What it does have going for it is its elevation above the street which limits the amount of particulates that can reach it.
    And then there’s noise pollution which has similar volume and proximity characteristics.
    None of this would be a deal killer for me though of course it is somewhat of a negative.

  11. Posted by sf

    We all live in a city, we all breath in cancerous pollutants and toxins every day we are living and breathing in said city. To hear people complain in a way that makes it seem like their neighborhood is clean and pollutant free because they live in a quiet Noe Valley alley is like the same type of people that outlaw cigarettes on sidewalks while buses, diesel trucks, and thousands of vehicles zoom past said sidewalk everyday.

  12. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Right, you can’t avoid pollution even in the suburbs. Yet proximity to high volume traffic does make a difference.

  13. Posted by lolcat_94123

    Cool place – awesome views. Is there anything to walk to around there?

  14. Posted by Willow

    Great building with relatively low HOA. Location is not prime and it can be foggy but if this condo was further down the hill you could expect an extra 200K. I wish however they would paint the concrete exterior to brighten the overall appearance.
    I assume this will sell quickly. A great unit.

  15. Posted by radar

    Never fails……….some people just love to be snarky on this site. (@radar)…..drama queen ?….please
    The fact is that I live in a condo that is just like this property on a busy street comporable to Market and TRUST ME…..you would not believe the black soot that collects in 1 week. I also have another property in S.F. that is on a small minimal traffic street and I can leave the window open with very little pollutants other than a little dust. So I am not speaking out of my a$$.

  16. Posted by vinny

    With prices falling the way they are, i would strongly advise waiting buying in a sub-prime location such as this

  17. Posted by spencer

    that’s a huge loss! wow!

  18. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    vinny – in retrospect you can see that buying sub-prime in a market that is rising fast is also a bad idea. When is better?

  19. Posted by Po Hill Jeff

    What a great deal for the courthouse steps purchaser. Wish it had been me.

  20. Posted by BobN

    Uh… the car exhaust would blow down slope to the East. As for the ‘hood, it’s a bit bleak, but cross Market and you’re about 10 blocks away from Castro St. The climb back up to go home might be a problem for some.

  21. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    “…the car exhaust would blow down slope to the East…”
    Well more of the particulates would flow downhill, that’s what I meant by this property having elevation in its favor. But proximity is still a big factor and this place won’t be unaffected.

  22. Posted by SF Milkshake

    location, location, location…
    Yes, there is exhaust and pollution in all of SF. But, having lived in our fair city for 21 years, I have learned there is a HUGE difference between a quiet street and a busy street. Unfortunately for me, I learned the hard way. I first lived on a quiet dead end street on the hill above Dolores Park. It was quiet and clean. Then, I moved to a busy street — and it was noisy and dirty ALL THE TIME. I’ve since moved again and the noise and dirt were the primary reason for the move.
    That being said, I haven’t seen this place in person, so can’t really comment on the specifics of this location.

  23. Posted by castro

    well 3 doors up they sold a property for $2,500,000 less than a year ago/ alittle bigger and new/ and they have 2 new units up for sale a block up for almost 3 mil/ go figure/

  24. Posted by Agent X

    This location has less pollution (particulate, noise or otherwise) than any intersection in the Mission, SOMA, downtown or Hayes Valley. Traffic calms on this end of Market St after 9 or 10pm. This is definitely a ‘no kids’ kind of place in a mostly adult neighborhood. Stroller pushing and outdoor playtime would be dangerous at this intersection. Great stairway walks and Twin Peak hikes, Kite Hill Park is very close, 10 min walk to MUNI subway and Castro, 33 bus runs in front. The interior has a very fresh look to it with the bleached hardwood floors, the rusty exterior railings and gates should be painted.

  25. Posted by jim keith

    3322 Market street sold for 1.375 mill

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