Plugged-in people have known what was rising, and what had been, at 121 9th Street. And they now know the building, having recently been unwrapped, should be construction complete in two or three weeks and 20 new residential condos are coming soon.
121 9th Street Rising (And From Diptych To Triptych If You’ll Please) [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by kg

    so SOMA looking

  2. Posted by Invented

    Works, interesting use of black which works in this gritty sooty traffic-y stretch of 9th (I know we like to think otherwise with cupcake shops but it’s pretty much a traffic corridor right now). Are dark condos coming back?

  3. Posted by Stucco-sux

    Why do I think this is below-market subsidized housing for the few, parading as something else available to the currently ignored purchasing class?

  4. Posted by Martha

    I live a block away from this building, and I really like this part of SOMA. I just hope they put a neighborhood cafe in the commercial space.

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