2739 Larkin Interior
Listed for $1,995,000 last October, 13 days later the sale of 2739 Larkin closed escrow with a reported contract price of $2,650,000. Yes, 33 percent over asking.
It’s now six months later, and while it’s been making the rounds quietly for at least a few weeks, yesterday 2739 Larkin was officially listed for $2,695,000.
While not noted on the MLS once again, tax records report it’s 2,596 square feet. We’ll let you set the odds on a repeat performance with respect to price.
∙ Listing: 2739 Larkin (3/2.75) – $2,695,000 [MLS]
A Look Inside 2739 Larkin And The Russian Hill Contemporary Market [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by diemos

    The famous, “I want to be able to claim I made a profit even though I’m going to lose a bundle on transaction costs” price.
    Soon to be followed by the, “This is a little more than what I owe” price.
    Soon to be followed by the, “I wonder if the bank will accept this as a short sale” price.

  2. Posted by Mike

    Its a rather cool place but its only the small top floor with the kitchen that has any kind of view, everything else is “under ground” is that really worth 2.7M? I guess you could get a better place with a better overall view for that amount of money?

  3. Posted by nanon

    I agree with Mike. I went to see this place wanting to love it– and that view is amazing. But it’s on a very small footprint- that beautiful top floor is a lot smaller than it looks in the photos. And from there, it is all basically underground with a few frosted windows because you would not want clear ones. Not a lot of usable space– I don’t know what the true square footage is but think they removed a lot of square footage making it that tall loft like space. The garage is on a slope with a sloped garage door– not sure if it would fit SUV’s.
    But, it’s a unique place and it’s tough to price unique places.

  4. Posted by justme

    “An ambience of souring space” indeed. It’s going to be a sour investment memory for the seller. Any bets on it returning to the old $2 mil price?

  5. Posted by TripleB

    I just can’t comprehend these 6 month holds/flips. What are people thinking?

  6. Posted by EBGuy

    The October 27, 2010 purchase was to an entitiy called Hayden Properties LLC. No Deed of Trust on the Recorder’s site.
    BTW, it’s worth your while (95% sure) if you can figure out who the owner was previous to the October Deed transfer. Briefly transported me to 1977… okay, I’m back.
    [Editor’s Note: And may the Force be with you.]

  7. Posted by hangemhi

    i’d love to have been a fly on the wall to know who came in 2nd last year and at what price. and it was even remotely close to $2.65M i’d be listing this at $1.99 trying to induce a similar bidding war

  8. Posted by sfrenegade

    The Force is strong in this one. It might take the Jedi Mind Trick to get $2.65M again.

  9. Posted by Art

    Very interesting post….i was wondering the same thing. Was the 2.65 transaction really arms length, or a clever way to reset the price??

  10. Posted by tipster

    Huh? 2.695 (original asking price) -.196 (reduction)=2.499, not 2.699.
    So I assume this was listed for 2.895, not 2.695 like it says above.
    [Editor’s Note: Whoops, wrong thread. Let’s try: Can You Feel A Ripple In The Force?]

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