165 Hazelwood
As we wrote five months ago, having been remodeled and flipped for $712,000 in March 2001, the Westwood Park home at 165 Hazelwood Avenue returned to the market this past October in District 4 listed as a short sale for “$699,000.”
Today, the list price for three-bedroom home was reduced to $680,000 and the all important word “approved” has been added to the listing.
∙ Listing: 165 Hazelwood Avenue (3/1) 1,080 sqft – “$680,000” (short sale) [MLS]
A Lost Decade Listing For 165 Hazelwood Over In Westwood Park [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Katebear

    HOA dues of $120?? This is a house right?
    [Editor’s Note: That’s annual for Westwood Park Homeowners Association dues.]

  2. Posted by Joe McDermott

    This has been my experience here in Riverside County. Our values are down close to 70% in some areas. However, I’m shocked to see SF values roll back that far. Is the area where this home is located more depressed than others?

  3. Posted by Alai

    Huh? 712k down to 680k is a 4.5% drop.

  4. Posted by Zig

    As someone with a pregnant wife it seems there are some “deals” to be had in Sunnyside, Miraloma and Westwood Park
    As a family that will have one person commuting south and one downtown and being middle class I am taking a longer look at these two areas vs the Richmond and outer Sunset.
    I think there is a sweet spot if you can find a nice SFH a walk or short bus ride from Glen Park BART
    Weather is a big downside for me, lack of shops and the ugly harshness of Ocean and Monterrey Blvd

  5. Posted by TEJ

    Walked to Glen Park BART ’cause it was nice this morning, but with the 36 & 23 to Glen Park BART and the 43 to Balboa Park BART and the 36 & 43 to West Portal Muni I’ve got transit options. Whole Foods is coming to the big hole in the ground on Ocean Ave. Sunnyside’s not the sunniest nabe but more so than Inner Sunset where we lived last. Miraloma would definitely be in the clouds more.
    [Editor’s Note: From Auto Parts To Whole Foods (And Apartments) On Ocean Avenue.]

  6. Posted by Zig

    If you don’t mind me asking do you have a family over there? think it would be an ok area for a family?
    One of the big negatives to me is there is no commercial st to walk to but on the plus side there seems to be many little playgrounds

  7. Posted by sparky-b

    the southern part of Inner Parkside (near west portal) sounds like it has what you’re looking for as well and is in the same price range.

  8. Posted by Shza

    I can’t for the life of me understand why someone would consider buying a home in a neighborhood s/he had reservations about (the weather there IS depressing), when s/he could rent a similar property in a less problematic neighborhood for less money. I have 2 kids myself. We moved to a rental SFR in Piedmont last year. Though we are well-removed from being middle class with a HHI of ~$500k, I’m sure our rent is less than the mortgage payment would be on a Sunnyside shack in the fog. And our kids are set for public school through HS now (another $50k/year in the bank).
    This sentiment has been expressed countless times on this site before, but really, unless you have an ownership fetish you really must fulfill, you ought to consider renting something nicer and better-located — Noe or Dolores Hts, for instance, if transportation to the Peninsula is a necessity. Especially with the market as uncertain as it is now.

  9. Posted by Zig

    Of course the weather is only one factor.
    I don’t know if there is equivalent place in Noe Valley for example (where we live now).
    SFH, between 2-3 bedrooms, sometimes 1.5-2 bathrooms, garage, backyard, more sq footage than a condo, parking immediately attached to the house, close access to Glen Park BART, private washer dryer, often remodeled kitchens
    How much is this to rent in Noe Valley or Glen Park?
    I see all of this being around 4K+ a month.
    The cost of buying a 750K house with 20% down is going to be less than this because they are not equivalent.

  10. Posted by sparky-b

    Nice sunny day yesterday and today. Exact same weather as in Noe Valley.

  11. Posted by Zig

    I think another issue for me as a SF and North Penn native is the stability factor as well as adding my own sweat equity.
    I did sit out the last bubble and saw a lot of people get hurt but at a certain point for me establishing some equity in a home is important and as it is possible I would stay for 10 years or forever.
    My relatives are also contractors and can help improve a property.
    It seems reasonable to me that these homes are close to parity with the cost of rent now after the down payment where they were out of control before.
    Just my opinion, but to me a SFH in Sunnyside or Inner Parkside, despite the weather might be a good buy at 700K.
    One way or another (same home or moving up) I would like to have an owned home before the high tech companies that employees me puts me out to pasture.

  12. Posted by TEJ

    We have a couple kids, big (for SF) flat south facing yard w/tree house, grill, etc. Flat wide sidewalks for bikes & scooters. Ocean Ave has its share of low rent commercial, and Monterey is bleak outside of K’s Kitchen. Most neighbors are 30+ years in place empty nesters or recently arrived 30 y.o. with kids. CCSF and Riordan kids take up a lot of parking sometimes but we know and like all of our neighbors.

  13. Posted by sparky-b

    another nice sunny day on the West side.

  14. Posted by 94114

    This sold for 709.

  15. Posted by sfrenegade

    the southern part of Inner Parkside (near west portal) sounds like it has what you’re looking for as well and is in the same price range.
    Speaking of Inner Parkside near West Portal, does anyone know anything about 2674 16th Ave?
    It appears to have sold for $1.1M last year but I don’t see any listings and Redfin doesn’t have records of any (nor do other sites). That price seems high based on comps. It appears to have been transferred to an LLC in 2006 — was it significantly re-done?

  16. Posted by sparky-b

    They just finished up a bunch of work not that long ago. Might have been within the family sale. Never had a for sale sign.

  17. Posted by sfrenegade

    Thanks, sparky. That price seemed suspect, and the permit history wasn’t particularly helpful either.

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