25 MLea Court #A: Living
Looking a lot less stylish when purchased for $1,100,000 in July 2005, the two-bedroom McLea Sprinkler Factory condo #A at 25 McLea Court is back on the market in 2011 for the same price but with eighteen foot custom bookshelves, a high definition AV system with an eleven foot retractable screen, and a skylight that’s retractable as well.
25 McLea Court #A: Kitchen
Stairs from the mezzanine lead up exclusive-use roof deck overlooking the city. And as the unit looked in 2005:
25 McLea Court #A in 2005
∙ Listing: 25 McLea Court #A (2/2) 2,100 sqft – $1,100,000 [25mclea.com]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by AnonFedUp

    What is the point of having a picture of the large sewer lid which is in the kitchen floor? Is having an iron sewer lid some type of “cool” thing? My SOMA friends make fun of me for having a home north of California, but some of us prefer views of the Golden Gate to sewer lids.

  2. Posted by eddy

    this place is awesome. location, not so much. But I’d take this in a second. 2 parking would be nice.
    would be nice if they showed the door to the unit?

  3. Posted by Gigi

    Is this unit staged or is this the owner’s actual furniture?
    I ask because I find some of the furnishings distracting from what is cool about the place (a cow skin rug beneath the tub – ew).
    Right now some of the design choices feel kind of random…sort of like someone raided Design Within Reach/Room&Board/Bo Concept and threw as much random stuff in the place as possible.

  4. Posted by MeNoLikey

    Who needs a kitchen hood when you’ve got a retractable skylight? But if it rains . . .

  5. Posted by Lurkin'

    “Right now some of the design choices feel kind of random…”
    Ya mean like the Tiny Tiny Silhouette pictures next to the water pipes in the bedroom? huh???

  6. Posted by sunnyvalesteve

    Even the usual crew of SS haters must concede that this is a “real” loft. It’s a cool space and it will be interesting to see where it sells as a barometer of the “real loft” market in SF these days.
    If anyone with knowledge of this property happens to read this thread, I’ve been looking for an AV system like that (giant retractable screen) for my place. I’d love to know who did the work, if the owner is satisfied.

  7. Posted by willy

    I’ll take the B&W N802 speakers and you can have the rest. Ok, I’ll take the McIntosh amps too.
    Looks like they have 50K in audio equipment…and maybe some nice video stuff too.

  8. Posted by charmaine

    Sunnyvalesteve: my husband didn’t do the work in this particular loft, but he does similar kind of work — in fact, he did the projector/retractable screen in this unit from Socketsite last week —
    Anyhow, his website is here: http://www.eliteaudiosf.com, and you can also see his reviews on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/elite-audio-systems-san-francisco
    OK, now back to your regular scheduled Socketsite programming . . .

  9. Posted by sfrenegade

    Are those unauthorized images from Black Swan? Trying to show an Oscar winner and imply that this place is a winner too?
    From the permit history, it looks like there was a lot of work done on this building in the early 90s (a vertical addition). The only permit since then is re-roofing. Is the main level bedroom a true bedroom?
    I’m not a big fan of the location either — basically on the 9th Street ramp.

  10. Posted by lolcat_94123

    I usually hate lofts – but this one kick ass. I’d totally consider buying it.

  11. Posted by halpern

    is this where the waterboarding took place?

  12. Posted by Scooter

    Wow. This is a sweet, sweet pad. It would be great fun to furnish.

  13. Posted by wiger toods

    Ummm… There are no windows on the main living level. Surprised no one has pointed this out yet. While the loft is very nice, no windows is an automatic NO.

  14. Posted by sfrenegade

    “There are no windows on the main living level.”
    That’s what I was getting at when asking if the main level bedroom was a true bedroom. Sounds like it might not be one, as I suspected.

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