3794 16th Street
As we wrote when the listing for the lower half of the Craig Steely redesigned “Xiao-Yen’s House” at 3794 16th Street was withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale at $1,098,000 in October: “We’ll be keeping an eye on that other Craig’s list.”
As a plugged-in reader wrote yesterday: “And now for rent on craigslist at $5000.”
Half Of Xiao-Yen’s House (3794 16th Street) Hits The Market [SocketSite]
Keep An Eye Out For A Craig Steely On That Other Craig’s List… [SocketSite]
$5000 / 3br – Corona Heights 3bd/2ba stunning architecture! [Craigslist]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by mikey woodz

    Shouldn’t this building still fall under rent control since it is an early 1900’s building and a TIC?

  2. Posted by SFHawkguy

    The rent is too damn high.

  3. Posted by mikey woodz

    rent seems about right for a somewhat “luxury” 3 bdrm 2 bath

  4. Posted by SFHawkguy

    Yeah Mikey, I actually agree. If one is going to pay for luxury the 5K in rent seems close to fair market value–it is certainly preferable to paying the $5K as the owner (which is about what the cost of ownership would be at the previous asking price).
    I was actually making a joke above. Google “the rent is too damn high.”
    But seriously, that is going to be my approach to renting/buying in the future. I’m going to be the guy that low balls everyone until I get the price I want. We had a decade of bullish pump monkeys pushing the price higher–well, this curmudgeon is going to push the damn prices lower if he can. I’m not buying shit. The kids are getting practical gifts for Christmas, etc., etc.
    I don’t want to (can’t) waste money on luxurious modern Twin Peaks living when so much other housing is much cheaper and practical. C’est la vie.

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