Gateway Park Area of Study
“As officials from nine governmental bodies explore the idea of adding a park along the south edge of where the [Bay Bridge] will touch down, this much is clear: The only way to make such a space fulfill its potential – or be worth pursuing – is to approach it as an act of transformation, where nature and industry collide for everyone to see.”
Gateway Park Concept
All we ask is that Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel somehow return to protect the bay.
Bay Bridge Gateway Park a chance for big ideas [SFGate]
Gateway Park []

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Invented

    Ferris wheel?
    Would love the new toll booths to be connected to this project — and would be great to see the booths transformed as part of a phenomenal portal to the Bay — think intl building SFO or Calatrav. Why not make this tool structure part of the design process?
    What’s with the popping up massive TV screens on the entrance. Rather gross. What’s next Brooklyn Bridge?

  2. Posted by Willow

    I’m not so sure about the Ferris Wheel but this could be a fantastic opportunity to turn the area into a really nice park with bay access. Sure it’s industrial with lots of cars and a nearby treatment plant but as long as the design embraces the surroundings, and not try to pretend to be something it’s not, this could be a success. Access to the park will be challenging but I’m sure there are some smart people out there who can figure it out…

  3. Posted by Pablito

    I totally miss Snoopy. They gentrified up the mudflats. 🙁

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