188 South Park #7: Kitchen
As we wrote about the developer’s unit when listed for $1,995,000 in 2006:

We’re suckers for a luxurious shower (and doubly so when it’s outside). So you can imagine our glee when we first noticed the five shower heads (including two separately controlled rain-heads and a steam function) in the his & her shower at 188 South Park #7, and then our surprise when we walked upstairs to discover an outdoor shower (with unobstructed views of the city). Now that’s luxury.

As always, please don’t forget to invite us to the housewarming (but be forewarned, we’re bringing towels…).

As we added about the unit this past November:

We never did get invited to that housewarming. Then again, it didn’t sell (refinanced instead). We now have another chance, however, as it’s back on the market and asking $1,750,000. We’re packing the towels now.

And as we note today, back on the MLS for the eighth time since 2006. Now asking $1,525,000 (and with an official five days on the market according to industry reports).
∙ Listing: 188 South Park #7 (2/2) – $1,525,000 [MLS]
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The Oh So Sexy Showers Of 188 South Park #7 Return [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by curmudgeon

    And you get a beautiful view of the gas station across the street.

  2. Posted by SFRE

    I’m not a fan of the wood countertops or the exterior, but this place is sweeet! [Its also not worth $1.5MM, and that intersection around 3rd/Bryant is kind of sketchy, especially that liquor store].

  3. Posted by mikey woodz

    A little to much wood in the kitchen…5 shower heads and only 2 bedrooms? it is a nice place but I dont think it commands 900+ sq/ft in that hood

  4. Posted by J

    Be like Dante and invite your neighbors to take an outdoor shower.

  5. Posted by noearch

    To: SS editors.
    Come on, get with the program. You know it could be called a his and his shower, or a hers and hers.
    After all, this is San Francisco. 🙂

  6. Posted by I'll Take It

    I don’t care, bad hood or not, if I had 1.525M lying around, I’d snap this up in a NY minute. *Sigh*

  7. Posted by mikey woodz

    ^if you have 1.5 laying around, you would care about the neighborhood!

  8. Posted by kthnxybe

    I am not sure I’d want to live with those shiny wooden countertops but they look nice in the picture. Or, well, at least they’re different.

  9. Posted by I'll Take It

    So could y’all tell me what’s so bad about this ‘hood? I looked at a place on Ritch Street about a week ago.It was a decent unit, but I didn’t love it. It’s in this same area. You could see South Park from Ritch Street. This is not Pac. Heights or anything, and I wouldn’t walk around this area alone after dark, but then again, I don’t know that I’d walk around alone after dark in any area of the city. It didn’t look all that “horrible.” Am I missing something? Third Street area is okay, no?

  10. Posted by curmudgeon

    It is a great hood, IMO, and South Park in particular is wonderful. But this property is really “South Park adjacent” because it’s on South Park @ 3rd. Rather than looking out your windows at trees and grass, you look directly overlooks a gas station. I personally wouldn’t want to spend $1.5 million and look out my windows at that. Maybe someone else would find that gritty urbanity “refreshing”

  11. Posted by joh

    Come on, get with the program. You know it could be called a his and his shower, or a hers and hers.
    In such partnerships, it is common for one member to take on a tradtional “his” role, and the other a traditional “her” role. So I don’t think the editor was totally out of line.

  12. Posted by Adam

    The thing about gas stations is they are endangered species in SF and most other places. What kind of tall neighboring building is going up there in the future to block your light, or God forbid, have a view of your outdoor shower.
    Meanwhile, as to noearch’s comment:
    “Come on, get with the program. You know it could be called a his and his shower, or a hers and hers”,
    carpe diem! Meet ya in the shower at the Open House? 😉

  13. Posted by joh

    In photo #3 of the MLS listing, where does that door next to the refrigerator lead? The doorway looks higher than that portion of the stairway it goes under.

  14. Posted by curmudgeon

    joh…I hope you were joking about the his and hers. I welcome the use of emoticons. 🙂

  15. Posted by joh

    I really dig that office space in photo #18 of the MLS listing. That space looks like it’s part of the loft/mezzanine that’s been enclosed by glass, which is what I assume is considered to be one of the bedrooms. Which leads me to ask some questions…
    Is it legal to enclose a loft bedroom with a wall+door+window? Or does the loft have to be open to the rest of the unit to be considered a bedroom? I know that planning regulations require bedrooms to have at least one openable window, but does this window have to open directly to the outside?
    I’ve seen open loft bedrooms that were modified like that, and I would be interested in doing the same thing if I lived in a loft.

  16. Posted by joh

    I just realized from photo #6 that the office space is not the bedroom. But still curious about the legality of enclosing a loft bedroom…

  17. Posted by joh

    Yes, totally joking. My sense of humor is rather dry sometimes, thus the lack of an emoticon.
    Apologies to anybody who was offended.
    Let’s move on to discussing the eradication of homeless people, who occassionally sleep on the benches in South Park.

  18. Posted by noearch

    Yea, I was pretty sure you were joking joh…although……some people would really believe you.
    As for the loft/bedroom enclosure. well..depends.
    Yes, code wise a bedroom needs an operable window of a minimum size and it does need to open to the exterior fresh air: in terms of a legal definition.
    But if you buy a loft condo and choose to enclose that upper loft/bedroom once you live there, I doubt the building inspectors will come knocking at your door. Just build it so it’s easily removed when you sell.

  19. Posted by joh

    Yea, I was pretty sure you were joking joh…although……some people would really believe you.
    Yeah, you’re right – some people definitely would. Sometimes, I like to think that people like Limbaugh and Palin are joking, but there are enough people who believe them…
    Thanks for the response regading the loft. If I bought a loft, I would probably just go ahead and enclose the bedroom. If done nicely, I think it would add value for a lot of buyers, despite the legal issues.

  20. Posted by JimBobJones

    South Park used to be pretty sketchy back in the day (think Kenny’s neighborhood, not Stan’s). I can’t believe there are $1.5M units here now, but it sounds like people still have some qualms about the neighborhood. Close to the Little Skillet though, which is pretty sweet.

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