21 Farnum Kitchen After
It’s not apples to apples as the kitchen has been spruced up (after above, before below), the impact of which we’d probably overlook in and of itself in terms of apples, but the bathrooms have also been remodeled (and paint applied outside and throughout).
21 Farnum Kitchen Before
That being said, 21 Farnum sold for $749,000 in February 2009 (pre-sprucing) and is back on the market a year later asking $799,000 ($678 per square foot).
∙ Listing: 21 Farnum (3/2) – $799,000 [MLS]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by R

    Kitchen spruce up looks to me like they painted the existing cabinets and put a new backsplash in. Not too much to write home about there.

  2. Posted by gmlight

    R, don’t overlook the new cabinet hardware, too. You have to admit, though… these little things do make the kitchen look much nicer.

  3. Posted by noearch

    good grief, that kitchen is still one piece of crap..Notice the cheap exposed cabinet hinges and the ultra cheap Home Depot cabinets. What a rip off.

  4. Posted by tipster

    How easy is it to get the oak grain out of the wood without refacing the cabinets?

  5. Posted by radar

    Man………you people are so critical and hard to please !
    Seriously, where can you find a remodeled 3/2 with parking in a single family home that is 1 block away from Noe Valley,..2 steps from Walter Hass park and great for kids and shopping nearby for $799k ? Glenn Park is a nice hood….

  6. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    “Seriously, where can you find a remodeled 3/2 …[feature list omitted]… for $799k ?”
    In 2009, where it was $50K cheaper and in a higher priced market. There’s no reason for this to cost more in the current 2010 market. Very little was invested in the renovations.
    I’m curious about the timing between the sales here though. Too short to be a normal end-user buyer’s hold. Far too long for a superficial flip.

  7. Posted by deshard

    Give them some credit. The took the kitchen from fugly to just ugly. That’s got to be worth something.

  8. Posted by Outsider

    You guys are just brutal. You folks better all have gorgeous looking kitchens where you live…

  9. Posted by noearch

    ah..it’s Glen Park..not Glenn…….just so ya know.

  10. Posted by Outsider

    You guys are so brutal. Just hope you all have a gorgeous kitchen where you live…

  11. Posted by Geo

    You miss the point Outsider, it is whether such a nominal kitchen update warrants a $50k price bump for the property. Even setting aside my personal taste preferences, it still doesn’t seem to be any real value add there.
    maybe the paint job??

  12. Posted by Anon E. Mouse

    Looks like someone used a wide-angle in the “after” photo. If this is a spruce, it must be an Engelmann Spruce rather than a Sitka Spruce. They really could have done something better than this crappy paint job.

  13. Posted by OneEyedMan

    ^^ Also the baths. The one there is a picture of is pretty nice. A quality whole house exterior paint job costs what, $15K – $20K? Don’t think this was intended as a cosmetic flip. The “move out” expenses will wipe out all the improvement costs they have experienced.

  14. Posted by mac

    i know.. nothing can taste good coming from a kitchen with cheap exposed cabinet hinges.. for sure… yeah

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