One Hawthorne: 10/19/09 (
Topped out in June, the 24-story and 165-unit One Hawthorne is close to be closed in. And as a plugged-in reader notes, the building would likely be one of the biggest indirect beneficiaries of a relocated Fire Station Number One.
Unfortunately we don’t have an update on the development with regard to timing (“2010”) or pricing. Tipsters? And once again, as initially rendered (albeit in a bit better light):
One Hawthorne: Rendering
And no word on what happened to its little crown (tiara?).
UPDATE: As a plugged-in reader points out, apparently the rendering changed while we weren’t looking. And that original crown/tiara is indeed gone:
One Hawthorne Revised Rendering (Image Source: EHDD Architecture
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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by location

    The rendering also made it appear that each floor would be a little wider than the one beneath it. So far though I have to say that the reality looks better than the rendering to me.

  2. Posted by dub dub

    location: I was going to say the exact opposite, but I always liked bell-bottoms…
    Maybe you are being fooled by the cool firetruck in the real photo 🙂

  3. Posted by Oceangoer

    I agree with dub dub … the rendering looked more interesting. It was not only the slope, but also the width of the balconies on the right side of the building … they seem to encompass only one window, but a double one.

  4. Posted by spitpalm

    It is an old rendering. There is a newer rendering on the EHDD website under “portfolio-on the boards”.
    [Editor’s Note: Cheers (and updated). Now about timing and pricing…]

  5. Posted by Gil

    IMO these mostly glass taller structures invariably look better in the rendering than in what actually is built.

  6. Posted by anon

    I think it looks decent. Wonder if there is an owner discount for the Gold Club?

  7. Posted by SF Monty Rez

    I work next door to the building … it’s pretty striking in person IMO … and light years better than the buildings that had been there. I’ll be interested to see the floor plans, finishes and initial pricing. Great location, central to everything.

  8. Posted by dr. who

    Looks much better than the rendering IMO, you need to see it in person. The rendering had a vaguely dated feel to it that I can’t quite describe.

  9. Posted by OneEyedMan

    I thought in SF buildings of a certain height were required to have some “crown” or architectural detailing to avoid the flat topped box look. Now it looks like they just have a mechanical screen – not nearly as sexy.

  10. Posted by tipster

    Geez, are people still building in SoMa? 165 more units?!
    Hi, I’m the water delivery guy. I realize your house is flooded, ma’am but where should I dump more water?

  11. Posted by lolcat_94123

    lol@this being a great location.
    sure it’s geographically central, but it’s deader than dead on the weekends.

  12. Posted by curmudgeon

    Really? deader than dead? I was down on second street a year or so ago on a friday night, and it seemed like a lot was going on between restaurants and gallery/clubs…surprised me actually. Also, Yerba Buena is just around the corner, and I wouldn’t exactly call that area dead.

  13. Posted by SF Monty Rez

    My wife and I (and our 4 yr old) live at 74 New Montgomery, a block and a half away from this bldg, and love this area, especially on weekends. I’ve lived in many neighborhoods in the City and wouldn’t trade my current location for any other one. Central to lots of great things and I would describe it as “calm,” not dead.

  14. Posted by Fishchum

    I just went to Anchor & Hope Saturday night for dinner with some friends and we walked over to the W to get a taxi. I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of people out and about – certainly not what I would consider “dead” at all.

  15. Posted by flaneur

    This is yet another illustration of the fact that a rendering is not a contract. I am wondering if a developer could get away with rendering a Beaux-Arts building and building a contemporary one…

  16. Posted by Can't think of cool name

    Looks like it does get a crown. From the updated rendering, it will be some type of detail on the roof to hide quite possibly the HVAC.
    Not quite the tiara, but you go with what you got…

  17. Posted by bate and switch

    Rendering much more interesting than the end product!

  18. Posted by JimBobJones

    As I’ve mentioned on SS before, these renderings always look a lot better than the actual finished product. A lot of these buildings remind me of the towers in Vancouver. I’m sure the Vancouver renderings looked cool too, but the finished glass towers aren’t particularly attractive. Same issue here.

  19. Posted by sfyoda

    Parking is rumored to be valet at this building.

  20. Posted by yo

    This neighborhood is great for renting. I am still unsure how these neighborhoods are for long term happiness. There are a lot of things to do…museums……restaurants. But there is a lack of depth and zero sense of community.

  21. Posted by M

    Anyone have details on the hardhat/agent tour next week?

  22. Posted by SFRE

    Parking is valet ($300/month) and is not included in the HOAs ~$550. The units are larger than typical, but the lack of parking makes these units expensive.

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