July 29, 2009

412-416 Bosworth: What Recently Was And What Will Soon Be


The MapJack photo above for 412-416 Bosworth is a bit old as much progress has been made and a plugged-in tipster notes, "these homes are being built around the corner from me on Bosworth St on the Glen Park / Bernal Heights border…Given the speed of construction I wouldn't expect move in until late 2009 / early 2010."


To be priced "from $650,000 to $1,299,000" for the eight condos that stretch across "four buildings" with floor plans for all four buildings currently available online.

412-416 Bosworth [bosworthhomes.com] [Map]

First Published: July 29, 2009 8:30 AM

Comments from "Plugged In" Readers


Posted by: ph goat at July 29, 2009 9:19 AM

Kind of a weak location--should have a nice view of the freeway from those balconies.

Posted by: Snark17 at July 29, 2009 9:20 AM

This is from the same developer who did the homes on Milton and Rousseau St. I have been inside a couple of those when they were originally for sale and they are really high quality. The biggest drawback I see is that the location backs up directly onto San Jose Ave which at times is like a mini freeway. $1.3MM (on the high side of the range) seems optimistic to me.

Posted by: Willow at July 29, 2009 10:21 AM

Aside from backing up to San Jose Ave, the San Jose > Rousseau > Bosworth bend is effectively an offramp for traffic coming off 280 to go up Bosworth and O'Shaughnessy. So you'd have a lot of random traffic blasting through on 3 sides.

It is very close to Glen Park but it's on the other side of the San Jose underpass so it feels a bit less desirable. Great transit access though.

Posted by: Jason at July 29, 2009 11:08 AM

Willow,....high quality ? To me, they looked as if they were thrown together with less than high end finishes........cheap granite kitchens and Kohler fixtures.

The other issue about the new condo developement is that they wrap around a PG&E station and not sure what goes on there............health issues ?

Posted by: radar at July 29, 2009 11:14 AM

The requirement of multiple stair exits sure seem ridiculous when it chews up this much floor space. Perhaps we have gone too far...

Posted by: BobN at July 29, 2009 11:29 AM

Radar: I'm not sure about the PG&E sub-station. In terms of the quality, these are not going to be uber high end but I wouldn't agree with your general characterization either. I'm looking forward to taking a look when they're done. It will be a good addition to the hood.

Posted by: Willow at July 29, 2009 11:29 AM

these have been under construction forever, construction seemed to stop for periods from time to time. interior wood has been weathered. not sure if that effects the structure long term. any opinions out there?

Posted by: bernalite at July 29, 2009 11:30 AM

bought a house once that had sat in the framing stage through a very wet winter before the roof was on. The most noticeable thing was that the stairs squeaked. We tried everything to get rid of them and nothing worked. Once wood expands from sitting in water and then contracts from drying numerous times it is ruined. You end up with wavy floors and squeaking stairs.

With all of the stairs in these floor plans, if they have sat in water too long, no one will be able to tip toe in or out without the whole house knowing.

Posted by: RSVP at July 29, 2009 5:00 PM

Hmmm.... if you were concerned about nighttime abduction or assassination then squeaky floors would be an advantage. The emperor of Japan thought so and had the floors of Kyoto Palace designed so it would be impossible for a ninja to sneak around.

Posted by: The Milkshake of Despair at July 30, 2009 7:38 AM

I drive past this future eyesore daily and this project is unimaginative and an example of lazy architectural design. They used the same size window over and over and added some cheap design elements to give each unit it own unique cheesy look. Was this project developed and built by the american auto industry?!

Posted by: ANON at July 30, 2009 9:05 PM

Construction has taken far too long....BUT Jason, you don't have a clue. The kitchens are fabulous. Just what a homeowner would want. They are huge, with oversized HIGH-END granite. All of the construction lines are tight and exact. Snark17 is right about this builder doing high quality work. Milkshake - too bad the buyers will have to live next to your negativity.

Posted by: Merks at July 31, 2009 2:30 PM

Merks - I think you've got the wrong beverage. Perhaps you're responding to ANON's comment ? I was actually looking at the positive side of squeaky floors :-)

Posted by: The Milkshake of Despair at July 31, 2009 5:45 PM

Hi all, wanted to invite you to the Grand Opening this Sunday (Aug 30) from 2-4PM. You can test the stairs for yourselves. ;) The two largest homes will be open; each is 5BR/4.5BA, with kitchens that are big enough for a full Bobby Flay THROWDOWN. The 3BRs and 1BR won't be open at that time, but if you like what you see as far as finishes on the first two, would be happy to arrange private showings for the others. Cheers, Amy Clemens, Zephyr Real Estate 415-310-5749

Posted by: Amy at August 26, 2009 9:52 AM

A block and a half away and around the corner, 106 Milton was taken back by the bank for $467,500 on January 19. This home has 3beds & 1 bath (1,374 sq.ft. finished + 711 sq.ft. unfinished). Nothing like a little healthy competition. Bank pricing coming soon...

Posted by: EBGuy at February 9, 2010 7:03 PM

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