“The Painted Ladies charmed her. The de Young wowed her. But Liesbeth van der Pol [chief government architect of the Netherlands] also savored a part of San Francisco that many locals ignore – Mission Bay.” (Chief Dutch architect wowed by S.F.)

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  1. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    This makes sense as Mission Bay has a lot in common with the brownfield developments in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

  2. Posted by anon

    But, but, but, all people from other cities hate everything about the architecture here I thought?

  3. Posted by anon

    mission bay is hideous. it should be returned to the bay from whence it came.

  4. Posted by zzzzzzzz

    The parks in Mission Bay are easily some of the best maintained in SF. I understand that the Redevelopment Agency uses the same contractor who maintains Yerba Buena Gardens and Union Square, and it shows! If only the rest of the city parks got this kind of TLC….

  5. Posted by dub dub

    She was on a junket sponsored by the Dutch government and the San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Architects! What do you expect her to say?
    She praised the wide open spaces, “It’s a very nice atmosphere, so neat and well-maintained”, so she should probably check out Walnut Creek 🙂
    Whether you agree or disagree (I absolutely love the De Young), her words don’t really mean anything, one way or the other. Hasn’t Obama taught us anything? 🙂

  6. Posted by anonyman

    People hate Mission Bay because it’s new, but try hating it as you’re walking along the creek at sunset. It’s incredibly pleasant, quiet, and well-maintained. It’s a great place to live.
    It’s amazing what people bitch about around here.

  7. Posted by Paul Hwang

    Safeway, Coldstone and Amicis are very impressive indeed.

  8. Posted by Paul Hwang

    Not the sexiest place in the city, but perhaps the most practical and liveable.

  9. Posted by location

    Coldstone is gone! But there is still a Supercuts and a Quiznos.

  10. Posted by Paul Hwang

    Coldstone gone?!?!?! Is there no God?

  11. Posted by jd

    A moment of silence please for the passing of Coldstone…

  12. Posted by anonyman

    It wasn’t even a Coldstone it was a Marble Slab. Get it right, fakers.

  13. Posted by location

    LOL. Yeah, but everyone I know just referred to it as Coldstone. On a seriously positive note, there is now a Tsunami Sushi branch by Philz coffee.

  14. Posted by jd

    A marble slab for the marble slab?

  15. Posted by Soulless in MB

    Don’t mention Philz coffee, you’ll upset Paul’s agenda!!
    Coldstone gone? (It’s been shuttered for 4 months). Thanks for the market intel, Paul.
    “Gee honey, Mission Bay must be pretty bad judging by the never-say-die thread of bashing it. We should do like Paul said and just stay focused on his properties.”

  16. Posted by new MB resident

    To all those that hate and always bash Mission Bay. Stay away!
    We are a happy little community, with great outdoor space, amenities and easy access to everything the bay area has to offer. We don’t want you here and you don’t want to be here. Sounds like a win win to me and might be the first ever on Socketsite.
    Talk about us all you want, but don’t come visit.

  17. Posted by Paul Hwang

    Philz is the bomb, but paper cups only.

  18. Posted by Soulless in MB

    “Don’t visit” is exactly their agenda, new MB resident. It’s not personal. It’s business.

  19. Posted by location

    @Soulless in MB
    Paul is trying to sell condos by keeping people away? I want to understand the funny, but I don’t get what you are saying.

  20. Posted by justin

    The problem with MB is not MB, the problem is the prices, which are insulting. Brownfield projects such as MB are good, but only attractive if they don’t charge Cow Hollow rents or purchase prices.
    The rental prices at Avalon are about what I am seeing for rentals in the Marina (actual rental prices, not wishing prices).

  21. Posted by bk

    Have to agree with the visitor from afar-the parks along the creek are very pleasant (except when the odor from the plant gets out of hand-and I guess they are “working” on odor control?) I’ve also seen the park frequented by plenty of people. Not crowded like Dolores Park, but not utterly deserted, either. I guess I appreciate the architecture more than most people as well. Sure, it’s a monolithic project built by large developers, but I atually appreciate the color, the large windows, the attempts to vary the massing, etc. Now KING STREET….THAT’S an abomination, even if there is a good sushi bar.

  22. Posted by OneEyedMan

    I worked on one of the projects on Berry St, and with the exception of the wind it was a pretty pleasant area. The parks have not been heavily populated by homeless yet. IMHO, this is the best neighborhood in SF to go carless.

  23. Posted by Sb

    The only beach volleyball court in SF is in Mission Bay. That puts it in the top 10 in my books.

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