From the San Francisco Examiner with respect to various development fees:

Because of the dismal [San Francisco] economy…city officials are drafting new legislation that could allow developer fees to be paid after construction finishes instead of before it starts, according to Michael Cohen, Mayor Gavin Newsom’s chief economic strategist.

No update on the fees of One Rincon Hill.
City development fees may rise [San Francisco Examiner]
Michael Kriozere (ORH) Responds: We’re Planning To Pay, Damn It! [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by Rincon Hill Billy

    Makes sense.

  2. Posted by jamie

    I’m still waiting for a nexus study on the SOMA Stabilization Fee slipped in at the Board of Supervisors when approving the Rincon Hill Plan in 2005. I want to know why only the 14 blocks of the Rincon Hill Plan Area have a detrimental effect on SOMA west of 4th Street while SOMA Grand, the Federal Building, Trinity Plaza, Intercontinental Hotel, BLU, Hawthorne 1, Millennium, and so on and so forth apparently do not have an impact even though in many of those instances the buildings are in the area supposedly being impacted by developments a half mile or so away. Let’s start by establishing which fees are LEGITIMATE.

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