54-58 South Park Facade
A few weeks ago we gave you the sneak peek inside 54 and 56 South Park. A week ago the listings went live. And the vanity site has since been flushed out.
54 South Park: Living
The fit, finish, and fixture quality are impressive in person. And if your interest was piqued, now’s your chance to poke around (if you haven’t already).
∙ Listing: 54 South Park (3/4) – $3,845,000 [54-56southpark.com] [MLS]
∙ Listing: 56 South Park (2/2.5) – $2,695,000 [54-56southpark.com] [MLS]
54-58 South Park: The Inside Scoop (Both Literally And Figuratively) [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by kathleen

    I would pay almost a million to live in the lower unit. My knees are shot. The life of a realtor is tough.

  2. Posted by Really?

    These prices are scary-silly. I mean, nice place and all, but for a mere Million you can get much more in this town.

  3. Posted by BobbyS

    There seems to be an inverse relationship between manufacturing jobs losses and the construction of industrial looking lofts. Perhaps it’s an unconscious attempt at going back to the roots of our nation.

  4. Posted by GeorceU

    Disgustingly pretentious and generic as far a modern living goes. Very Sterile. I could picture the rich soccer mom smacking her kids arounds for getting grape juice on the carpet. I see a a new-money trust fund-kiddie family who puts plastic on all the furniture snapping this up and living a boring cold life.

  5. Posted by Usually Named

    Um, for that kind of money, I think there are some really nice SFHs available in Pacific Heights.

  6. Posted by chocaholic

    for $3m, i would rather buy 2949 sacramento, gorgeously renovated and just on the market.

  7. Posted by looker

    Enough w/ the negativity — If I win the lotto, I’m buying both units. Absolutely gorgeous.

  8. Posted by StockBoySF

    I’m not familiar with 2949 Sacto… But I agree there are better properties out there for $3MM-ish. Of course part of that has to do with one’s personal taste.
    Of course there’s also Robo-house for $3MM. 🙂
    These are pretty nice units, but I wouldn’t pay those prices for them.

  9. Posted by Delancey

    So, when South Park becomes part of the “Financial District South” neighborhood, do these properties sell slower or quicker?

  10. Posted by MarinaLocal

    You mean when it become ‘Barbary Coast South’!
    I guess I don’t get it. Why would you buy a condo when you could have a nice SFH in a better part of the city, IMHO.

  11. Posted by littlebirdy

    Yeah, I’m not drawn in by these units either. They look sterile and lack character, and they’re not big enough to command that kind of cash. South Park is quite charming, but this kind of eastern bloc architecture really detracts from the original charm. I am not convinced that this type of design has any staying power.

  12. Posted by Max

    Are these living quarters or the staging studio for the new Cassina catalog?

  13. Posted by jessep

    Looks more B&B actually: very minimalist.

  14. Posted by anon

    stunning. very impressively done. I’d take it over a grandma and grandpa victorian any day.

  15. Posted by Marcus

    To GeorceU, how can someone be so bitter, bitter, bitter. I would like to know

  16. Posted by Troy

    $3.8M? For that price you could have 25 Hill Road in Berkeley and a different $200K ride for every day of the week.
    Plus you’d save $50/day on the property taxes.

  17. Posted by Dakota

    I just walked by this place; it’s pretty sweet! The price is another story.
    I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tee, but the location is actually quite nice. The park is quiet and it’s surrounded by shops, bars, restaurants and other luxury buildings.
    There are a lot of new, very nice 2-4 unit developments in the area. In fact, the two buildings next door to this place are brand spanking new. The one the left looked vacant. Not sure what the story is there.

  18. Posted by condoshopper

    these prices would be questionable even during the height of the bubble.

  19. Posted by Rex

    Beautiful finishes, but choppy floor plans…oh yea, and 200% over priced! Oops!

  20. Posted by WeAllNeedAHug

    condos left out in the cold, badly need a a hug

  21. Posted by HonuTurtle

    I think the prices are much higher than I would expect. But looking at the places without cost/value/appreciation/depreciation considerations, I love the design of both units. I love the layouts. I am a big fan of contemporary design when it is done well. From the photos, and floor plan, this is done well.
    Thoughtful touch on the lower unit to provide access to the terrace w/o going through the bedrooms.
    Only criticism I have (apart from the unexpectedly high price) is that the bedrooms of the upper unit look out over the terrace of the lower unit. That gives no out-door private (or semi-private) area for the lower unit. Suppose you just want coffee in the morning before you make yourself “presentable” for others.
    Apart from that, I echo the statements above … “Stunning”

  22. Posted by GnuInTown

    The beauty of those terraces is that you get a magnificent birds-eye view of the heroin addicts dozing on the benches across the street. Oh, wait — the addicts get the west end of South Park; the east side is for puppies and toddlers. These units make total sense, then.

  23. Posted by james

    i worked next door to this construction for the better part of a year. they really went all out on the materials and workmanship. i think this is probably one of the best built projects in the city right now.

  24. Posted by Jacko

    Aha… South Park… the oasis of the East SoMa. You can see it from the windows of the 1000 dollar + psqft boxes in the sky.
    You can choose to live in a box in the sky and stare out at the city and South Park or you can choose to live in the city and enjoy life on South Park.
    For those that choose to live in a sky box, you can trek down the long hallway to stand and wait for your elevator that takes you to the street lobby of your dream. Once out of your sky box lobby you stroll down sidewalks (that may or may not exist in your new neighborhood) along the busy car clogged streets where you finally get to South Park. Ever changing.. always evolving South Park (founded in 1854).
    Those of us that live on South Park enjoy the ebb and flow of the city…the ever changing life of living in a city. From the gritty days of Rock & Rollers, bond fires burning in the park to keep the winos warm to the Dotcom millionaires driven in limos. South Park is city living at it’s best.
    We like the rumors…it’s dangerous…it’s kool…it’s got…OMG…homeless people living in the trees and drug lords buried under the bushes.
    These rumors keep the faint of hart away…well almost. And if you really think it’s dangerous… by all means please stay away. We wouldn’t want you to get hurt now.
    There are those that can and those that can’t afford to own and live on South Park. Worry not folks…there is a buyer out there that understands the intrinsic value of owning a place on the Park.
    54-58 South Park along with it’s new neighbors is accretive by nature. It’s funny that South Park always seems to get held up as a model neighborhood by planers and urbanologist. There will always be those that feel that they have to trash a place they otherwise would love to live on if they could.
    By the way the front sliding windows and roof living space is wonderful touch to 54-56. What a wonderful way to enjoy living on South Park. Units are simply beautiful and elegant.
    Been there since the early 80’s…wouldn’t live anywhere else in the city..blocks to MoMa..the Bay..best transportation…AT&T park…and the best weather in the city. Please come and enjoy South Park and pick up a lunch from one of our locally owned restaurants, it’s really a cute place for people watching too.

  25. Posted by anonn

    That was a nice little bit of civic pride, in all honesty. But “best transportation”? How so?

  26. Posted by Jacko

    South Park is:
    One block from Mini
    Two blocks from CalTrain
    Two blocks from Muni metro
    At the foot of the Bay bridge and Hwy 101 & 280
    20 min to SFO
    Did I miss anything?

  27. Posted by anonn

    I guess in your view the CalTrain proximity trumps all else? It’s not well located for Muni really. Or BART. The 101/280 proximity is nice, agreed. To me Duboce Triangle is the best neighborhood for public transit.

  28. Posted by brad k

    Thank you Jacko. I have worked right across the street from South Park for the last 6 years and I agree with everything you said. I don’t know why people give it such a bad rap. And commuting to work I have to agree on public transportation. N-Judah/T-Third are 2.5 blocks away, the walk to Powell or Montgomery Bart is not bad – I’ve walked it twice a day for years (certainly just as good as Bart access to Duboce Park). And the freeway access is excellent for those rare days I drive in from Oakland.

  29. Posted by BobN

    From the gritty days of Rock & Rollers, bond fires burning in the park to keep the winos warm…
    Surely bond fires belong more to the future than to the past…

  30. Posted by kaya

    South Park is still SOMA, nice as the immediate vicinity is. The only transportation that might be convenient is CalTrain, so I suppose if you work in the silcon valley, it’s good for transport.
    I’ve always hated what a pain it is to get to on MUNI, though. The fact it’s right by the freeway means all the bus lines avoid it. The fact of the matter is, walking up to Market is your best option… This is the same kind of argument coming from people who see no benefit to the central subway. Maybe *you* don’t mind that walk all the time, but I don’t neccessarily have that kind of time, so I just drive instead.
    Anyway, I think they’re lovely places at less than half the asking price.

  31. Posted by Chad

    Tsk, Tsk ! Why does everything in the room – even the furniture – have to be ALL WHITE ?
    Do I really want to feel like I am walking into a Dentist’s Office everytime I come home from a hard day at work ?
    ….I don’t think so !

  32. Posted by warehouse

    I went through these two units last weekend…These are the nicest homes I’ve ever seen for sale South of Market. At this price point, I think I’d choose these over the top floor high-rise living a few blocks north.

  33. Posted by haikusue

    I used to work just a few doors down from these units, and was dying to know how they would turn out. Fixtures look nice, and there are some great restaurants in South Park, but a couple of resident hotels, and big transient population that tends to hang out in the park, I can’t see paying a million to live there, even if it is stumbling distance to 21st amendment!

  34. Posted by samsoma

    Love SouthPark! Live a few blocks away and agree that this area is much better than living with all the H8ter’s in PH, Nob Hill, Presidio Heights and we have GREAT places to eat that everyone in SF and many Bridge & Tunnel gravitate toward every weekend.
    As far as the Decor…Come On Folks. Don’t you wanna put your own stamp on it? They’re showing it to you in White so you can imagine yourself living here. If the sofa was Black someone would have a negative comment about that too…I’d love to own either of these!

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