From an empty lot to three new units, 420 Bay Street should be listed soon.
420 Bay Street
One two and two three-bedroom condos ranging in size from 1,350 to 1,526 square feet and asking from $985,000 to $1,195,000. We’ve only toured the floor plans online.
420 Bay Street [420bayst.com] [Floor Plans] [Map]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Debtpocalypse

    Future headquarters for NORML?

  2. Posted by DanRH

    like it…for the price, that is.
    but don’t like the location at all. bummer.

  3. Posted by Poor in PacHeights

    Nice…too bad one of the bedrooms in both the 3 bedroom condos is on a floor without a full bath…

  4. Posted by kthnxybe

    I think it’s pretty nice – not spectacularly so, but not bad at all, and it looks from the picture to be a positive for the neighborhood in terms of street presence.
    I wonder why they didn’t put the second bedroom closets between the bedrooms and then put the bedroom doors across from each other, instead of next to each other? Then you’d have about a thousand times the privacy. I’m always curious when I see new condo floorplans, because this is pretty common. Is it that much more cost effective to have the bedrooms share a common wall?
    Although I’d imagine that in the target market, the second bedrooms will only be used as guest rooms or home offices anyway. Most families would probably just go ahead and spend the same amount for an SFR in the outer Avenues. The Marina isn’t my favorite neighborhood, but if you’re unencumbered, I think you could do worse than one of these. (Though those familiar with that part of town can tell me if this a reasonable price.)

  5. Posted by kthnxybe

    Debtpocalypse, I was up late doing taxes last night so it took me waaaaaaaaaay too long to get that! hehe.

  6. Posted by anon

    I don’t care for the floor plans at all. I’ve never liked places where the entrance is not on the floor with the main living area (as opposed to bedrooms).

  7. Posted by saylor

    I’ve always wanted to live on Bay Street across the street from new stuccoid housing projects…btw, kthnxybe, this isn’t the Marina, it’s Fisherman’s wharf/NB.

  8. Posted by Fishchum

    The problem here is location. Bay Street is almost a freeway during rush hour.
    This is NOT the Marina, BTW.

  9. Posted by kthnxybe

    🙁 I guess I got it wrong. That whole part of town is a blur to me. 😉

  10. Posted by Unwarrantedinlaw

    I’ve heard that the government housing nearby is much safer than it was in the old days and that the city does some selection of who they put in there. Years ago when those projects were really nasty, I told a realtor I didn’t want to buy a property near there. He gave a big snort and suggested I was a racist. I said no, I just don’t want to buy next to those projects.

  11. Posted by JIM

    RE: the so-called “government housing.” North Beach Place has no resemblance to the former Housing Authority project that was on this site. This is a privately developed mixed income project of Bridge Housing, one of the finest and best run non-profit housing developers and managers in the country. It is 341 units of mixed income housing, with a child care/community center, a resident entrepreneur incubator space, and 20,000 sq. ft. of retail. Whereas the old public housing was the housing of last resort, and hardly managed at all, at best, this is mixed income, with very high standards of management by a private entity. I actually live across the street from a similar project elsewhere in the city, and it is the best maintained property on the block, with zero noise or social problems.

  12. Posted by whatever

    in the multilevel units the 3rd bedroom has no windows? only skylight? Not sure if it’s allowed by code.

  13. Posted by Matt

    I took a walk through the units this week and was surprised at the high spec level and all the extras. There’s a great feel to the split level townhomes with the high ceilings, nicely done. These feel large.
    Two amazing private decks too with built in Grills and good GG / City views.
    The location is going to fit with someone wanting to be close to the city or fisherman’s wharf. Right on the edge of the good stuff of NBeach.
    Think they have an open house on Sunday. I’m going back.

  14. Posted by DanM

    I actually like that area, not the biggest fan of Bay – but it’s a handy location with Trader Joes, Wharf etc..
    I know the builders and they did a good job on the place. These would have got $1000/sq foot last year – now they are priced lower than $800 – that’s a decent bargain for quality new construction with 2 parking.
    Interested to hear what they fetch.

  15. Posted by spencer

    i honestly believe that this is 50% overvalued. Bay street is loud, housing projects next door, there is really no neighborhood and still priced at primo pac hts 2005 pricing

  16. Posted by redseca2

    The windowless rooms in the multi-level units certainly should be illegal labeled as bedrooms. Living in windowless rooms used to be called a slum, although the posters here have noted that it is a slum with a “high spec level”
    They need to re-name them “media rooms”, torture chamber” or “pot farm”.

  17. Posted by Jimmy (No Longer Bitter)

    I used to rent a tiny windowless closet in DC for $300/mo (I used it infrequently) and found that I slept better in that claustrophobic oxygen-, light-, and noise-free room than I’ve ever slept in my life.
    Windowless bedrooms aren’t all that bad.

  18. Posted by redseca2

    Fortunately there was never a fire outside your tiny windowless closet in DC, then you would see why “every sleeping room shall have a window” was one of the first building code requirements ennacted, period.

  19. Posted by Unwarrantedinlaw

    Thanks Jim for that info on the now non-projects, good to hear.

  20. Posted by BobN

    Generations from now, folks are going to look back and wonder why were so fond of stairways…

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