2601 Broadway
Another past Decorator Showcase home has officially hit the market. This time it’s Miss 2000 at 2601 Broadway sporting seven bedrooms, six and one-half baths, and almost 10,000 square feet of “down to the studs” remodeled and retrofitted living space.
A listed price of $15,500,000. And if a few more San Francisco Showcase homes hit the market, we’ll have a decade of homes from which to choose.
∙ Listing: 2601 Broadway (7/6.5) – $15,500,000 [MLS]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by jessep

    Gorgeous place, but too over the top for me. =)
    Waiting for: “Gotta thing big jessep” by Jimmy
    This will command good money, but 15M is nothing to sneeze at in this economy.
    Absolutely stunning views from the photographs.

  2. Posted by sleepiguy

    This has been available off-market for a while. Personally, I’ve never really liked this house. Yes, it’s huge, but it’s not a particularly interesting or stylish looking property.
    Also, which Decorator Showcase homes are currently available?
    2008, 2007, 2006, 2000 – and maybe a few more, but you didn’t hear that from me.

  3. Posted by kthnxybe

    Malin’s already got 2009 listed on her site.

  4. Posted by Home Girl

    Seriously? That living room is one of the gloomiest I’ve seen in a long time. The whole house says second-rate British B&B to me — albeit on a huge scale. And I know of what I speak. Where’s the excitement? For $15m you need some oomph.

  5. Posted by eddy

    Hard to even make a comment on price anymore at this end of the spectrum which is all but dead. There was a window where the $10M mark was broken for quite a few sales. I’m not sure that window is open for anything but the most special homes. You can be the judge on whether this home is special or not. It sure is big.
    I’ve always loved 3701 Washington Street; does anyone know what its off-market asking price is? Owners put a lot of work iinto it after getting quite a good deal in 2004. Surprised its coming back on market.

  6. Posted by kaya

    I’m going to assume the place looked a lot more stylish in 2001 than it does today. There are some huge area rugs, but otherwise it looks like they’ve been living with the levitz furniture my mom bought in 1985.
    Who forgot to mention to these people that they might want to do some staging at this price point? srsly, not a single chopped pillow? puhlease!
    Nice views, but a lot of Pac Heights mansions are just big boxes that are supposed to look impressive but win few style points in my book.

  7. Posted by livinintheloin

    The house is stunning. The decorating — garage sale chic?

  8. Posted by Louis

    Location A
    Curb appeal C+
    Interiors C+
    Views B+
    sell “now” – $ 7-9 MIL
    sell with “time” $ 9-11 MIL
    anyone buys at this level put at least $1 MIL into it and spends a year at it. and has a lot of other choices.

  9. Posted by Jake

    Agreed Louis, maybe $7mill, it’s way overpriced and for being a “showcase” is decidedly underwhelming (unless it was a rug showcase, there seems to be lots of those).

  10. Posted by sleepiguy

    I needn’t keep my mouth shut after all.
    Here’s the 1999 Decorator Showcase: 2500 Divis!
    Coming soon!!

  11. Posted by eddy

    Was there a lot split on 2500 Divis?

  12. Posted by Sleepiguy

    ^ I’m not sure… Are you referring to 2520 Divis which is 2500’s twin? Then no.. Both Tudor Revival houses have always been separate homes- according to Gates & Gables anyway…

  13. Posted by StockBoySF

    Yeah, looks like after the Showcase they threw away the style and replaced it with Midwestern winter blah. As far as location, yes great street but I prefer 2510 Jackson, right across from the park. It’s like a government subsidized front yard with tennis courts. Ah, the things government subsidizes….

  14. Posted by eddy

    Propertyshark shows 2 lots for 2500 divis. I’m not that familiar with those lots. Prob drive by this weekend to take a look.

  15. Posted by flaneur

    An early example of McMansion without a yard.

  16. Posted by FormerAptBroker

    Metallica’s Kirk Hammet put his home at 2505 Divisadero on the market in 2006 when things were still hot and kept lowering the price for 2 years and it never sold at even $9mm so I don’t think that asking $12mm for 2500 Divisadero will get many offers…

  17. Posted by Conifer

    2500 Divisadero was once on the market, a lifetime ago, for about $1.3 or 1.5.
    2505 Divis is not as nice as 2500, assuming they have kept all the interior Tudor Gothic architecture in 2500. Many people like Tudor and it is rarer in San Francisco than neo-Classical or Arts & Crafts interiors.

  18. Posted by Conifer

    2601 Broadway: lister does not know how to spell Andrew Skurman’s name, but he is a superb architect and that accounts for the preservation of the best and improvement of the rest. He also just finished the neo-classical house on Jackson between Pierce and Scott facing the park. Is that for sale or is it occupied by the people he worked for?

  19. Posted by Geo

    Priced dropped to $13.5…

  20. Posted by eddy

    Price not updated on MLS? Certainly the pending sale of super prime 2430 at $9M is (or shuold be) causing this seller to come back to reality. A huge home with no yard and marginal views (as compared to north side Broadway). Maybe the off-market 2820 Scott and all the other sellers should take note.
    I’m curious to see where 2430 closes.

  21. Posted by Conifer

    Why do Dec Showcases have trouble? It is too high a price range, or are the sellers all asking too much? Or are some of the houses, such as 2820 Scott too big? It may be that 10,000 sq feet is the upper limit of comfortable for people with two or three kids and equal number of servants.

  22. Posted by eddy

    I suspect it has something to do with the type of owner that would subject their home to a DecShow. Pretty much the only reason you would subject your home to this type of violation of privacy is if you were looking to maximize exposure in a sale. There is clearly a no correlation to having your home as a DecShow and commanding an above market premium on your home.

  23. Posted by SocketSite

    The MLS listing for 2601 Broadway has expired after 274 days without a sale.

  24. Posted by SocketSite

    And with the flick of a switch, the listing is once again active.

  25. Posted by sleepiguy

    This one is about to come back. They just painted it, and thank sweet jeebus, STAGED it…. The photos should be online soon! Asking 12.8 (according to the realtor’s page). I have to say, it looks much better. Mixed feelings about the price though.

  26. Posted by sleepiguy

    Pictures are now up on David Belling’s site. It’s REALLY amazing what some paint and staging will do. The place looks.. nice! Provided that you like beige!

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