200 Brannan #506: Living
While “are they marketing the home or the furnishings?” is an oft asked question, in this case the answer is yes. Or rather, soon to be asking $1,600,000 fully furnished (by the owners, not staged), art and all.
200 Brannan #506: Bed
One bedroom, one and one-half baths, two parking spaces (tandem). One thousand one hundred and twenty-five square feet on the penthouse floor of 200 Brannan. And bonus points (but not necessarily any discount) for naming any of the pieces (furniture or art).
200 Brannan #506: Entry
∙ Listing: 200 Brannan #506 (1/1.5) 1,125 square feet – $1,600,000 [MLS]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by scorpio

    this is a joke, right? the days of +$1000/psf are over in NYC, much less SF

  2. Posted by Ryan

    stunning, amazing, beautiful. BUT… $1,422PSF for a 1/1.5. Ummm is the art and furniture worth the extra 7 or 800k?

  3. Posted by deepbluesea

    The chairs around the table appear to be Kong armchairs by Philippe Starck (list price around $1200 each).

  4. Posted by dub dub

    I love that bbq grill in the bedroom! 😉

  5. Posted by pvc

    I think that orange-cloudy painting the bedroom is called “Motivation.” I’m pretty sure I saw it hanging in my local Coldwell Banker office.

  6. Posted by john

    Smoke some crack, get out a mirror, cut some lines…..are you Fu#()$*ing crazy?!
    Maybe 2 years ago. Or if that “G” guy needs another place while remodeling his awful penthouse condo.
    Buena Suerte amigos

  7. “I think that orange-cloudy painting the bedroom is called “Motivation.””
    OT, but in these trying times maybe a little dark humor helps : Despair, Inc. demotivational artwork
    Be sure to check out a few of their posters. Especially appropriate for this week is the one that reads “Government : If you think the problems we create are bad, just wait until you see our solutions.”

  8. Posted by SperryVanNess

    Bedroom looks great, and so does the fayer. Living room, not so much, at least on the furniture choices.

  9. Posted by pvc

    That big mirror in the bedroom probably tilts down for that very purpose. In fact all the furniture in this place is pretty much ready-made for cutting lines. I think you could cut lines on just about any surface in that unit, including perhaps that brown couch.

  10. Posted by Sb

    Ha, that might be the best description of a place I’ve ever heard. Well said pvc.

  11. Posted by j

    Great Building, Great Location but horrible price for a 1 bedroom. I’d say this place is worth right around $1mill and you can add in $150k for the furniture unless there is a original Warhol inside.
    Did anybody notice the 1 bedroom loft at Oriental Warehouse went into contract at under $1MIL in a week or so?

  12. Posted by Mole Man

    Those ceilings are driving me nuts. How can anyone live like that?

  13. Posted by SFLooking

    Table in entryway? Anybody know details?

  14. Posted by Runner's HIgh

    Price considerations aside, why would you want to buy a fully furnished condo? Unless it’s your first place out of college, it’s reasonable to assume you have some furniture already and if you’re looking at $1M+ properties, it’s also reasonable to assume that your existing furniture is probably nice and it would be a shame to send it off to Goodwill.
    If the place was for rent, then the furnishings would make sense.

  15. Posted by McBravio

    @Runner’s High
    Don’t worry, this place will be for rent soon enough.

  16. Posted by mayIsuggest

    Well if you have ~ $1.5M to spend, I think this is a much nicer unit in the same building. With the $100K in savings you can buy slightly more attainable furnishings. http://200brannanview.com/

  17. Posted by Michael

    Great looking place but unless those are six figure paintings the price seems off by at least a couple hundred thousand.

  18. Posted by NoeValleyJim

    This place looks like a hotel room in Vegas. No, that is not a compliment.

  19. Posted by anoncensorious

    NVJ, you are right! I knew this looked familiar. What came to my mind were the rooms at Mandalay Bay in “The Hotel at Mandalay Bay” tower in Las Vegas. They even have the same square cove lighting detail in the suites.
    Most shocking of all are that the pillows on the bed are not chopped.

  20. Posted by PresidioHtsRenter

    Mole Man wrote:
    > Those ceilings are driving me nuts.
    > How can anyone live like that?
    The ceilings remind me of something you would see in a Union Square retail store…

  21. Posted by vox

    Wow! A condo with a boob job and moussed up hair!

  22. Posted by irreverent

    I guess they got it decorated, moved in for a night, and left screaming “this is a nightmare”.
    There’s no accounting for taste.

  23. Posted by T-Money

    Freakin crazy!! $1,000+ psf! What a wacko!
    I don’t even need to comment on the furnishings,,,

  24. Posted by fundy mental

    the cloudy orange art piece in the bedroom is Georgia O’Keefe-ish if ya know what i mean.
    i think the place is neat-o and i could live there for awhile

  25. Posted by anon

    Obviously no one ever looks at comps for The Brannan. Units there repeatedly sell for much higher than $1000/ft. #18A (in the 239 tower)just sold for 1,552/ft. Even Watermark 20D just sold for $1,426/ft.

  26. Posted by me

    Call me tacky, I like it!
    BTW – the brannan and 200 brannan are 2 different bldgs.

  27. Posted by Michael

    I like it too, but it doesn’t seem like much of a penthouse, judging by the views.

  28. Posted by Ryan

    socketsite – who is the listing agent/office, and when will it be put on the market?

  29. Posted by irreverent

    That’s because it’s a punt-house, as in FLIP!
    Incitatus would look good next to that grill.

  30. Posted by j

    Ryan, it’s listed on MLS today. Broker is Sotheby’s.

  31. Posted by condokid

    j thank you eternally yours the listing is fragrance in my nose

  32. Posted by steve

    Now, that’s good taste, compared to that G’s place.

  33. Posted by T-Money

    You don’t need to look at the comps on this one. Replacement cost doesn’t even touch the 1,000 psf number and I’m sure this won’t sale at this price. I guess there are suckers out there buying things at $1,000 sf.

  34. Posted by steve

    You don’t value this type of residential property by looking at replacement cost.

  35. Posted by Mike

    I think that the loft is very nice but OVER PRICED for this market if it were 950,000 it would and I would be a buyer..

  36. Posted by Zac Rothman

    I am trying to copy the bedroom and would appreciate it if someone could email me at zrothman@ucla.edu with any information on where I could purchase any items in that room. Thank you.

  37. Posted by EBGuy

    Unit 506 still seems to be hanging tough (according to the SF Recorder’s website); Unit 504, though, not so good. Bought for $925k in 2005, the auctioneers hammer came down on #504 (1,123 sq.ft) for $780k on December 10. What will the neighbors think? And yes, there was a matter of unpaid HOA monthly assessments…

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