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Mansion Price Drops $7 Million; Bentley Offered on Luxury Homes [Bloomberg 9/08]
Not The Best “Investment” For Agassi In Tiburon [SocketSite 11/06]

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  1. Posted by dub dub

    “Triptych”: beautiful use of metaphor 🙂

  2. Posted by Satchel

    Nice to see that Agassi blew up some cash in the luxury Tiburon market.
    The lowest end Tiburon stuff also was (and remains) a crummy investment.
    Here’s a fun one, in the “flats” of Tiburon:
    258 Cecilia Way, sales prices:
    Aug 23, 2002 $613,000
    Jun 09, 2005 $979,000
    Mar 08, 2007 $796,062 (FORECLOSURE)
    May 22, 2007 $850,000
    The last buyer looks to be an “investor”. It was renovated a bit, new appliances, etc., and is now up for rent at wishing price $2900:
    Good luck with that negative cash flow, Mr. Investor! (Don’t feel bad for the people who bought for $979K in 2005. It was 100% financed, so no skin off their backs. I hope no fools used their own hard earned cash into a purchase based on this “comp”!)

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