166 Yerba Buena: Sign
Last month 166 Yerba Buena Avenue (a.k.a. “Solaria”) appeared in the Chronicle’s “sold” list with a reported price of a $1,980,000 (7/1/08). From the MLS via a tipster today:

Spectacular Solaria Mansion inspired by 18th century French chateau architecture – final phase of construction unfinished – major price reduction, subject to trustee and lender approval. Short sale.

Asking $2,995,000. Don’t ask us, but we shall ask out tipsters. And with the overgrown sign, it’s like a little slice of upscale Sacramento right here at home.
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  1. Posted by Satchel

    Look at the second picture in the MLS listing. If you just walk around the chain link fence at the opening to the (plenty of room), walk down the unfinished driveway, you’ll find a nice place for dogs to run around and play like millionaires. Plenty of room on the unfinished “park-like” grounds, and there’s often a neighborhood dog or two (with owners) down there with the same idea.
    Probably not exactly the demographic these foolish developers envisioned back in 2000 when they started this project.

  2. Posted by JC

    That should be 166 Yerba Buena, not 166 Buena Vista, a totally different place thank god.

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