“The developers have…sent out letters to buyers at [Esprit Park] saying delivery on the majority of the south court units will be 6 to 8 weeks from now. Original delivery was intended to be July though so who knows. North court won’t be until December probably but could be 09.”
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  1. Posted by dg

    any updated sales numbers? i don’t think they have reduced any prices yet…

  2. Posted by anon

    Esprit definately reduced pricing across the boards as noted in a SS post back on May 5th. The dropped some of the 1/1.5’s down to $549k. They also dropped the loft 1/2’s and brick and timber 2/2’s.
    I talked to someone that was interested in a upper floor 1/1.5 855sf unit and the broker at Esprit told him no offers accepted under $640k for the unit. So reductions have been made which resulted in sales and now they’re holding the line.
    Check their website. Look on the floor plan section and you’ll see that they have marked units “sold” on the floor plan map. Majority in the south court but also north court sales too.

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