Every so often we receive a rumor/tip that leaves us a little stunned. And while most are busted behind the scenes and never make it onto the site, this one we couldn’t resist:

Did Bono buy a penthouse in One Rincon Hill? Can someone verify this? Just really curious/excited as I live there as well…

Well, according to our sources the answer is no. And if that were simply the “on the record” answer we’d usually get a little wink (which we didn’t). Now to the real question, who got the rumor going?

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  1. Posted by Trip

    Now we know the misinformation that caused someone to pay $1.3 million for that recent “resale” in ORH.
    (just a joke . . .)

  2. Posted by DirtySanchez

    Bono is a founding member of the private equity firm, Elevation Partners. Wouldn’t be a surprise at all for him to have a place in SF.

  3. Posted by SF Monty Rez

    Not exactly Bono but I’ve been told that John Cleese has a place at The Montgomery (74 New Montgomery) … never seen him but some of the construction folks said “he’s friendly and a nice guy.”

  4. Posted by tipster

    My understanding is that Bono did not purchase a penthouse at ORH, but that his second cousin, twice removed, is looking at a studio in Soma Grand.

  5. Posted by Paul Hwang

    On advice of counsel, I can neither confirm nor deny. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  6. Posted by JKD

    At least we have John Madden at the St. Regis. (As reported in the San Francisco Business Times last week.)

  7. Posted by Michael

    “Bono is a founding member of the private equity firm, Elevation Partners. Wouldn’t be a surprise at all for him to have a place in SF.”
    I agree. At the St. Regis, or Four Seasons, or Millennium, or…

  8. Posted by anon

    With all the money in the world ORH is the last place I’d want to live. If I wanted to live in a tower in SF, I’d pick the St. Regis, Millenium or Infinity anyday. Their penthouses are much more exciting. I also just can’t imagine Bono waiting 20 minutes for his car at the valet. I guess that’s if he drives though.

  9. Posted by phatty

    I’ve also heard that Al Gore has a place in the St. Regis here – anyone know if that’s true? Any other celebs there?

  10. Posted by BDB

    I heard about the Al Gore one from someone who was working on the interior.

  11. Posted by Brian

    Sonny Bono is dead.

  12. Posted by gh

    Desparate timz call for desparate rumors.
    Some funny posts on this one!

  13. Posted by SF Monty Rez

    Al Gore definitely has a place at the St Regis … seen it myself in the residents’ lobby while waiting for a friend who owns there … not surprisingly he waiting for his Prius to be brought up … and he’s a frequent keynote speaker at Moscone conventions.

  14. Posted by Karl & Lenny

    I can confirm both Al Gore & John Madden live in the St. Regis. John Madden bought a place in there recently and Al Gore has lived there for several years. I do not know if Bono or the Edge live anywhere close to SF. Robin Williams lives in SeaCliff.

  15. Posted by John Madden

    Brett Favre!! Brett Favre!! Brett Favre!!

  16. Posted by invented

    What is this LA? (or CurbedSF?) And we care because? Next up – SF tourist map to the stars? – Al Gore, Ronstadt, Williams.

  17. Posted by Russian Hill Dweller

    Saying that a celebrity is buying into a building is one of the oldest tricks of sales offices or others who have motivation…..I remember in the early 80’s reading that the British Royal Family was allegedly buying an apartment at Trump Tower, as if…

  18. Posted by Ryan

    I agree with Michael, I wouldn’t expect him to buy at such a run-of-the-mill building.

  19. Posted by Delancey

    Ladies and gentlemen, Bono has left the Big Banal.

  20. Posted by Chris

    I heard that Al Gore ate part of the Four Seasons. Now there are just Three.

  21. Posted by lefty

    dear los angeles —
    you know why we don’t care about celebrities here? because we’re better than you.
    san francisco

  22. Posted by Mark Choey

    Bono did not buy the penthouses in 1 Rincon Hill – (at least not the top floor) – I can’t confirm the 59th floor though… 😉
    Also, yes, Gore is in the St Regis!

  23. Posted by strangedejim

    lefty, please read the following by Herb Caen which might help you to understand that nobody down south cares…
    “Old-time San Franciscans, who don’t dare venture beyond the city limits for fear of finding out we are no longer Numbah One, will hate L.A. to their dying day, whereas Losangelenos can’t be bothered to return the insult.”
    Whether or not a celebrity buys a condo in L.A. is not even thought of as being newsworthy down there.

  24. Posted by anon

    I agree the whole SF vs LA debate is silly and LA dominates in terms of cultural significance, but strangedejim, you have it exactly backwards on your specific point. LA is psycho about anything to do with celebs, where they buy and for how much, who walked into what store when, etc. That kind of stuff is way, way more “newsworthy” in LA than up here.

  25. Posted by bonosone

    I heard he bought a place in Chicago; NOT….don’t I wish!

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