8100 Phaeton Drive
It’s an Oakland (both in terms of the city and Claude) Eichler across the bay. If our tipster is correct, it’s one of only 49 ever built (in terms of the city). And once again, a retractable roof (although this time over the atrium).
∙ Listing: 8100 Phaeton Drive (4/2) – $829,000 (Oakland) [Red Oak]

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  1. Posted by Tweety


  2. Posted by dub dub

    This is almost in San Leandro. I would not call this the oakland hills (yes, I know it technically is), but whatevs.
    Also, according to the (superb) sfgate oakland homicide map, the murder one street over (Hansome Drive) on 2/9/08 was a domestic dispute, so you can probably throw out that datapoint 🙁

  3. Posted by Julia

    For the price of a 1bd condo in the city you can get an Eichler like this!? For those of us who work most of the week from home, the idea that you “have” to live in the “city” is looking less attractive all the time. This is a beautiful house and presents a real alternative to condo life.

  4. Posted by Kevin

    I rather live in a condo in the city than close to San Leandro. In addition, the house could have done with some sky lights or something to brighten it up a bit. Seems a bit dreary inside.
    On the plus side, prices are coming down in the East Bay, which hopefully will push down prices in SF.

  5. Posted by Foolio

    Well, the underlying point (discrepancy between SF and EB prices) may be valid, but I think your numbers are a bit off. First, $829k is more like a 2BD/2BA condo in most of SF, and second, I seriously doubt that this place will sell anywhere near $830k (but I admittedly know little about the neighborhood). I suspect this one will *fly* off the market. It’s a very unique property.

  6. Posted by dg

    @ dub dub,
    Almost in San Leandro? Not Oakland Hills? Are you kidding me? You don’t have to be in Montclair or a few exits north, or way up on Skyline to be considered the “Oakland Hills.”
    And yes it’s Oakland so there’s gonna be homicides.
    That said, this is a pretty killer property, albeit overpriced by at least 100k in this fast declining Oakland market.

  7. Posted by kappa

    Not a bad crib however i’ll take an Eichler home in Marin County over Oakland any day.
    Significantly more selection, uber-low crime rate, great schools, and easy commute to the city.

  8. Posted by confused

    Sorry if I sound really ignorant here, but is it blasphemous to update Eichler’s homes? Everyone is wow-ing this, but the kitchen, bath and finishes all look like they haven’t been touched since 1965.
    I know 830k is cheap, but aren’t there about 75-100k of renovations that are missing? I’m not beholding on the beauty of this place. . .But then again, the yuppie nouveau SOMA style is more me, and some people can’t stand it. . .
    Someone please enlighten me. . .

  9. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    ??? hey kappa : That’s a bilingual oxymoron 🙂
    confused : I’m no Eichler purist though I would think that it would be OK to swap out aging appliances as well as redo cabinetry and surfaces so long as you didn’t try to swap in a cloying over the top style like most of these kitchens :
    Its hard to believe that people pay big money to make their kitchen look like that.

  10. Posted by bgelldawg

    It looks like one of the roof panels is bent or broken in Image 4.
    It’s a cold house with very little curb appeal. All garage from the front.

  11. Posted by Anna

    “It’s a cold house with very little curb appeal. All garage from the front.”
    Typical traits of an Eichler. Emphasis was always on the backyard and atrium with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking both which provides lots of natural light.

  12. Posted by Panchito

    It may be on a hill, technically in Oakland but it’s not the “Oakland Hills”. Like others have said it’s basically in San Leandro.

  13. Posted by BBSmurf

    Sorry, but IMHO, Eichler’s are UGLY.

  14. Posted by EX Real Estate Agent

    I was born and raised in the East Bay and I HELLA LOVE OAKLAND!
    I worked at 10 URINE (UN) Plaza for a couples of years as an editor and have NEVER been so scared in my life!
    If you wanna avoid “the folk” in Oakland, this property is above Highway 13 and you never have to touch the flatlands! Better yet, stay in SF!

  15. Posted by David

    Sold for $798,000 on June 27, 2008. Not very close to San Leandro if you are from Oakland… those coming from SF would think so. Nice area and low to zero crime. Although in the hills, it’s no Rockridge, Montclair, or even Redwood Heights.

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