According to another plugged-in tipster, around twenty new contracts have been written for Homes on Esprit Park condos over the past seven months (an average of three units a month). That leaves roughly 110 of the 142 units available for purchase.
And in addition to reduced prices, the sales office is now offering up to 95% financing for “qualified buyers” through Patelco Credit Union. No word on the exact terms.
Homes On Esprit Park (888 Minnesota) Sales Update: 9% In Contract [SocketSite]
Reader’s Reports: Homes On Esprit Park Now Starting From $549,000 [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Spencer

    these units were destined for big reductions. considering the slow rate of sales and continuing decline of credit market and SF market, these may turn out to be good deals in another 6 months when 15-20% more is dropped off the price.

  2. Posted by S&S

    These are WAY overpriced to begin with.

  3. Posted by dg

    Just went and saw these on Sunday and they are looking very nice. Great finishes and very good, well thought out floor plans from what I could see. But the $/sq ft is ridiculous. 25% in 7 months of marketing is not good. I would be interested in one at 75% of current pricing, but many probably would. Great path of progress area over next 5-10 years I say.

  4. Posted by mrbogue

    Took a walk through Esprit Park this saturday. Some notes:
    1. I saw two bums taking a nap on each end of the park.
    2. Watch out for the bushes at the north end of the park, the bums use them as their personal urinals.
    3. Theres dog poop in the grass. It appears people don’t want to pick up after their dogs anymore!

  5. Posted by Boo

    Ahhhh!!!! A bum!!!! Run and hide!!!!
    Note: homeless is probably a more accurate reference. Mentally ill is very probable as well. And suffering from addiction is very common. Bum is your friend on the couch playing Nintendo and smoking bowls.
    If you’re suggesting that the presence of a homeless person in a park negatively impacts adjacent property values then why do all listings of units near parks list it as an amenity? There are homeless in every park in SF. I rent on Nob Hill and there are homeless sleeping in the park in front of Grace Cathedral. But you still have 2/2’s renting for $10K/month there. In fact, there’s a mentally ill man that has basically camped in a stoop at Jones/Jackson for months but rents keep going up in my hood. Maybe I should ask his buddies to move in too and maybe rents will go down?
    If you don’t like the area, just say so. Don’t blame it on homeless. Because they’re everywhere. And they’re not all out to piss in your bushes and sleep on the street for fun.
    Sorry for the rant. I just try to stay human. It’s not all about equity and price/sf.

  6. Posted by Spencer

    The war is over! The Bums have lost Lebowski!

  7. Posted by mrbogue

    sorry, but a park with sleeping bums, dog poo, and piss in the bushes is worthless in my book, far from an amenity. Being flanked by a freeway onramp doesn’t help neither.
    These guys were bums. Men who looked in their 30-40’s able bodied but chose to be skanky, i’ll take a handout bums, sleeping on the grass in full view of the $1M+ condos being built nearby. Wake up and smell the piss right?
    Yes, call me subhuman, but I will admit here and now, I think bums, able-bodied homeless are lazy pieces of sh*t. You know what I hate the most? after a full day’s of work and some able-bodied alcohol-smelling bum asks me for change. what the hell? I worked 9 hours for you to buy some everclear 151? hell no.

  8. Posted by r

    Sorry, but interaction with the homeless is pretty much unavoidable in SF. I lived in the Haight, and would sometimes find homelss sleeping in the bushes outside my door. I lived in Lower Pac Heights, and would often find a homeless person digging in my recycling bin. I currently live in South Beach, and pass homless everday on my way to work as I walk near the bus terminal. The only neighborhood I have ever lived in that didn’t have frequent “visitors” was Anza Vista. My only guess as to why there was no hemless presence is that the hill was too steep, and there was virtually no pedestrian traffic.

  9. Posted by Boo

    mrbogue, I could go on in depth about the lack of understanding you show in your posts but this is not a social sciences blog. My point to you is that other urban dwellers in this city find ways to still appreciate it even though they come in contact with these “bums”. I would suggest that someone with your sensitivities perhaps spend time on a Marin County or Atherton blog where you can spend more time praising the lack of “bums” in parks and take joy in the cleanliness of it all. On this site you’re bound to find yourself in a bad mood constantly being confronted by geographic ares frequented by homeless people and owners that tolerate it.

  10. Posted by mrbogue

    okay Boo,
    there we have it. if you can’t get used to:
    * taking that whiff of essence de urine on your morning walks
    * getting a 40 oz beer bottle thrown at you on your way to work
    * swear words in your face for doing nothing wrong.
    * getting dings in your car from the stolen safeway cart.
    * bums asking you for money and following you for a block.
    * stepping on human feces on your daily jog.
    * kicks to your car for not giving cigarettes.
    feed the orange meter and get the hell out of dodge. head over to Atherton and Marin county, San mateo and Silicon valley where its all about daisies, serene, peaceful-like no bums just
    web developers and their managers.
    Thank you very much for enlightening me. Good Night.

  11. Posted by Boo

    Sounds like those bums have your number! I guess I’d have a different opinion if I was Bum Target #1!
    Nuff said on that topic though. I feel your pain. Seriously, if all that happened to you then I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do.
    But back to Esprit and Central Waterfront in general… I’m wondering what readers may know about the future of the PG&E plant and what effect, if any, that has on this project and area. I’ve read about the debate about shutting it down and I’ve also read environmental studies on air pollution in the area. Studies show 4th and King actually has equal to or more stuff in the air than 3rd and 20th. And in any case, levels do not exceed State Standards. But we can’t count on the State now can we. Any thoughts/info?

  12. Posted by mrbogue

    From what i’ve read the pollution only adversely affects older senior citizens and young children. I don’t believe the Esprit Park Lofts are being developed for neither demographic, more the young urbanite “wheres my latte, peasant” generation.
    I think you’ll have a better chance catching e-coli poisoning from the human and dog feces in the park before getting asthma from the plant IMHO.

  13. Posted by boo

    Point taken mrbrogue. I get that you have issues with pee and poo. Perhaps some other informed reader out there with inside or in depth info on the future of the power plant? Or even Pier 70?

  14. Posted by Jo

    Well, I just bought a two-bedroom at a huge reduction from the original “list” price, and I think it’s a bargain. The finishes and appliances are first-class, the floor plan exceptional, and Dogpatch is destined to be one of the more interesting neighborhoods in SF. By the way, I’m not a latte urbanite, but a semi-retired professional with good manners. I’ve looked for a long time, and I think this project is fantastic.

  15. Posted by paco


  16. Posted by Spencer

    mrbrogue. I’m with you. if I were to buy a $1M + condo, i would physically remove these people from the park myself and be on the phone with SFPD on an hourly basis. Since I do not want to be spending my time doing this, I will not be buying a condo at Esprit park at the current lofty lofty prices.
    I also get sick of attitudes like Boo’s as well. If you don’t like it move to atherton. Screw that. if you don’t like it do something about it. Honestly, we don’t have to pay outrageous prices to live in squalor and have people peeing and pissing on our doorsteps and in our parks. And we don’t have to move to change it. maybe Eaprit Park Marketing group could hire some Indian telemarketers to flood the SFPD with thousandds of phone calls a day complaining of the poo and pee in the park.

  17. Posted by mrbogue

    right on Spencer! I need to buy you a virtual drink!
    “wheres my gin & tonic, peasants!”

  18. Posted by Boo

    Spencer, calling the cops on homeless folks, or bums, does not solve the problem any more than moving to Atherton does. It just relocates it to another area. But I sort of picked up that mrbogue wasn’t interstested in solving anything anyway, just complaining. So if that’s the case, he might was well just live somewhere else right?
    For me though, I’ve bought a 1/1.5 condo at Esprit as of tomorrow (release fo contingencies) and I look forward to living in the area and being part of an emerging neighborhood. And I imagine that just the presence of the tennats of the 142 condos at Esprit will create more traffic in the park which will probably motivate the homeless to hang somewhere else anyway. Traffic at the restaurant will do the same. And I don’t think we’ll have to call cops. Just live there and be neighbors. I’ve already looked into the community orgainizations focused on the Dogpatch as well as groups concerned with the future of Pier 70 and the power plant. I’m looking forward to contributing. That’s more change than blogging your dislike of a neighborhood will ever accomplish.
    No ill will to either mrbogue or spencer, we just see this thing differently I guess. Let’s get back to real estate topics shall we?

  19. Posted by Spencer

    “Spencer, calling the cops on homeless folks, or bums, does not solve the problem any more than moving to Atherton does.”
    Totally disagree. But now that you have disclosed that you bought a place there, i see your motivation.
    Moving to atherton is the same as looking the other way. calling the cops is taking action. you will mroe likely be doing the latter as oppossed to the former soon.

  20. Posted by Boo

    Motivation for what? Making the point that all people on the streets are not “bums” and that we should actually be a part of the community and work towards solving the issue at its root rather than just moving the problem to another area that is more convenient for me? Or just complaining about it. Well, no matter where I live, I’ll make that point. And I have never called the cops on anyone after living in the City for 6 years. And the area I live in Nob Hill has more crimes per month than Dogpatch according to SF Police website so if anything I’ll be less likely to run into a situation where I do need to call the cops. Ownership has nothing to do with it. Living in the City should be motivation enough for anyone.
    But dangit, I just have to stop responding to your remarks or I’m never going to get off this topic.
    Cheers. Enjoy the long weekend. Lot’s going on in this cool city which is why I live here and I’m sure the same is true for you. Enjoy.
    By they way, what hood do you live in that is free from the problems we speak of?

  21. Posted by Boo

    It just occured to me that a main source of the urine in the park might be due to Club Cocomo as well. In fact, maybe the bums in the park are rejects from Cocomo that got too slammed and didn’t make it home. Now that’s a whole separate can of worms!

  22. Posted by Jo

    I just want to thank Boo for becoming a neighbor, and like me, wanting to join in the community to make it better. I’ve been walking by Esprit Park for several days and have seen nothing but kids playing (though I haven’t been there at midnight). You might want to know that the builders of Esprit have greatly exceeded the standards for noise insulation, so I don’t expect to be hearing much while inside the complex.
    And I love Piccino’s, the neighborhood cafe, which is always crowded.
    I also just heard that the Esprit sales people, as of this week, are capping their price reductions. They apparently made their numbers. So those of us who bought early have already benefited.

  23. Posted by Boo

    See you in July/August Jo! I’m betting on August though. It’s almost June and the project looks like it has a good way to go and knowing contruction… there’s always delays. But I’m in no rush from my rent controlled apartment!
    I stopped by to show the unit to a buddy of mine this week and the place was jumpin! Lot’s of potential buyers looking. There was a shortage of hard hats.

  24. Posted by Eddy

    out of curiosity what type of % discount were you able to get them to move on?

  25. Posted by jackson

    just closing a loft in the old brick building. Cannot wait to move in.

  26. Posted by Raf

    recent buyers –
    How did you find the purchase process? Can you share % off of original listed price? Toured this weekend, looking to buy but lots of great deals on market. Loved the units though.

  27. Posted by scott richard

    these are really great condos, but the area is going to be swamped when the medical center is finished. it will bring THOUSANDS of people into the area on a daily level and with AT&T center so close, it will be insane. i lived here for over six months and only recently moved to get out. it got worse and worse during my time.
    apparently the building the opera is in on indiana street has just sold and it could turn that whole side of esprit park into a construction zone and eventually block any views and steal the privacy that is currently in place.
    just saying, it’s what you can’t see that isn’t great about esprit park, not what you can see.
    too bad, too, cuz it’s a been a great little place in so many ways.

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