443 Ferne
It’s a bit to the south of San Francisco (Palo Alto), and the hardcore Eichler purists are sure to have a fit (“OMG! They used stainless steel and slate!”).
443 Ferne: Floor Plan
But we’re fans of the “modernized” 443 Ferne. In a rather big way.
443 Ferne: Floor Plan and Photos [mac.com]
∙ Listing: 443 Ferne, Palo Alto (4/2) – $1,849,000 [Nil Erdal]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Noe 94131

    I grew up a few blocks from this house. Our house had the same floorplan — pre-remodel, I hasten to add. These weren’t lavish houses, and I’m tremendously fond of them. This re-do takes the house decidedly upmarket, but it’s not at odds with the original aesthetic. Some of the neighboring houses, “warmed up” with rustic maple or knotty pine, etc. in the late ’70s and early ’80s, are another story altogether.

  2. Posted by HipHapa

    Love it!

  3. Posted by Castro Kid

    I would move out of the city in a minute. I love these houses, especially when they are updated. This is California living at it’s best. I’d almost consider giving up my boyfriend and getting a wife.

  4. Posted by lefty

    i agree with 94131. i grew up in an eichler, and this renovation seems like a logical evolution, unlike some of the ill-advised stuff i’ve seen.

  5. Posted by sf

    IMO architecture began losing its creativity and craftsmanship 1950- 60s post WW2.

  6. Posted by SFhighrise

    I like the modern look of the interior and the use of floor to ceiling glass in the back. However, I think that the exterior is rather ugly and dated. It sort of devalues the beauty that is inside. I would’ve liked to have seen an exterior facelift as well, to go with the interior beautification.

  7. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Looks like that artificial blue tint has spread to Palo Alto.

  8. Posted by cindy*staged4more

    I personally think it’s fantastic to update the interior of the homes to a modern living and at the same time maintain the homes’ original architecture. And this is a beautiful example of it. It gives an old house a new breath of life, and I love that!
    I think this is an interesting article because I sometimes encounter it in my job. I love architecture, both old and new, but sometimes my job puts me in an tricky spot. I stage homes for a living, my job is all about updating the aesthetics for today’s buyers, who want updates and live in modern homes and enjoy the amenities that come with modern updates. So it’s interesting when I get requests for architecture “purists” to stage with original period furniture. (Yeah, that wouldn’t work so well for Victorians at all.)
    Updates if done well, like this home, can look fantastic and great to live in.

  9. Posted by ug

    Not feeling it at all.

  10. Posted by anon

    Ha, ha, ha. This is not even Palo Alto. It is South Palo Alto. The fabulous “Eichler” is nothing but a hen house without even a proper roof. Enjoy the 120 degree heat in summer in your close to 2 Million “Eichler”. A sucker is born every minute……..

  11. Posted by salarywoman

    It may not be the poshest of PA neighborhoods but south Palo Alto certainly is Palo Alto (unlike East Palo Alto, which is a separate city in a different county). 120 degree heat in the summer? What planet are you living on? And if you think it’s overpriced you should check out other Palo Alto listings.

  12. Posted by anoncensorious

    “Enjoy the 120 degree heat in the summer” ?
    Really? Didn’t we just experience above 90 degree temps here in the city? What is with all the bashing of anywhere that is not San Francisco? Palo Alto may have the best climate in California as far as I am concerned. Look it up, average summer temps are in the 70’s for downtown Palo Alto.

  13. Posted by anon

    “120 degree heat in the summer? What planet are you living on”
    Well, if it’s 90 degrees outside, how hot do you think it is inside the hen house?
    Only $1.8 Mill. Heck of a deal. And still some money left for the air conditioning. LoooooooooooooL

  14. Posted by yetanotheranon

    Hmmm. Lemme see. Listing says the roof is insulated. Big overhangs. Good cross ventilation. I’d say 80.

  15. Posted by wendy

    looks like they removed the listing, and then relisted it at 54K less.

  16. Posted by chris

    Are more pictures available of the house?

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