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It’s more an ad for AT&T than an actual overview of his pad. And it’s not for sale. But it is interesting to note that Baron Davis lives adjacent to the Transbay Terminal. And we have a feeling that it’s not because he simply can’t afford anything in District 7.
See How They Live: Baron Davis [AT&T]
Some Relative Perspective On The Position Of The Transbay Project [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by r

    Is that 85 Natomas? I think that you catch a glimpse of John Collins through one of the windows.

  2. Posted by Tony

    Bdiddy’s SOMA unit is probably one of many homes he has. I’m sure he has multiple homes in LA.

  3. Posted by jamie

    Hope to see him at the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting tonight at The Infinity. … or maybe next time

  4. Posted by SC - in my 20's

    Baron’s bachelor pad is located right across from John Collin’s and adjacent to Zebulon. He’s a frequent visitor at JC and Harlot (on Minna). Every once in a while, Jessica Alba will visit his place whenever she catches a Warriors game.

  5. Posted by ex SF-er

    I watched some of the video.
    They go on Baron’s deck. It overlooks a courtyard that has a b-ball hoop on the other side of the courtyard (a long way away)
    they both grab a ball and shoot
    Deion Sanders hits the basket.
    It’s pretty amazing, I have to say.

  6. Posted by dp243

    I wonder if he takes BART to home games…

  7. Posted by Zig

    Dunleavy was in the process of buying a place at the St Regis before he was traded
    I think more professional athletes consider living in SF these days
    Nelson and Biedrens live in high rises at Lake Merrit
    15 years ago I don’t think this was an option
    The more 24-hour our little city can be the better as far as I am concerned

  8. Posted by jk

    Harrington lives on 3rd and Mission
    Pietrus lives in Oakland but is always down in Union Square
    If you hang around 2nd Street enough, you’ll see a nice Bentley rolling through and Capt. Jack at the wheel.
    It’s nice to see a lot of the Warriors in the City instead of the burbs (like the 9ers)

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