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The new owners (including a few plugged-in readers) partied together on Wednesday, a handful of new residents have already made the move, and the model units officially open up to the public this weekend at The Hayes (55 Page).
Not much movement in the sales department since our last update (still around 60%), but we do expect an uptick in activity now that the doors have opened, rumor has it that they’ve put together a new sales team (but still within The Mark Company), and they’re now offering a new “buyer incentive” of “up to $20,000 in credits” as well.
Let’s not forget those invitations to the housewarmings. It’s going to be a busy spring.
The Hayes (55 Page) Strips Off (And Reveals) A Little Bit More [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Anna

    If nothing else it’s great to see the trees! I doubt it will win any design awards but it is a positive addition to the neighborhood. Welcome to the new neighbors!

  2. Posted by hayesguy

    I’m happy for the housing, but I don’t know how they managed to build a building that ugly.

  3. Posted by LoveHayes

    Hey anybody know what’s going in on the first floor? What retail shops?

  4. Posted by T-man

    Ugly? Looks fine to me. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

  5. Posted by Wot

    I agree with Hayes guy. This area needs housing, but it’s ugly as hell.
    Plus, what about the retail floor? Pretty bland and cold. This is not SOMA. People actually have a life there.

  6. Posted by huh

    WTF does that mean? I guess shopping in warm and lively botiques makes you a better person or something.

  7. Posted by ex SF-er

    I’m so happy they put in trees. FINALLY. That will look so nice when they turn green.
    of course if you believe others, they will tear up the sidewalks and rip down power lines and terrorize young children.
    to me the building is uninteresting but hardly the ugliest thing. and when the trees come in it will soften the building.
    TREES! Yay!

  8. Posted by mktwatcher

    I went to see the model units today. After seeing the awful one bedroom plus den with its awkward layout, cheap finishes, ugly bathroom and mini appliances, I decided to not even stick around. Awful.

  9. Posted by Rick

    I also went to see the units today, and agree with mktwatcher. All that and small. Mid 700s for 650 sq ft or some such. I don’t get it.

  10. Posted by Ebayj

    Don’t like 55 Page? Don’t live there. Last time I checked you could not walk easily to Symphony/ Opera/ Hayes Street/ Asian Art Museum etc. from most of SOMA. And the MLS shows a 1/1 on the 4th floor of 55 Page (856 sq. ft.) at $675,000, not the mid 700s. Apparently someone is interested in the building since they had over 300 people walk through the models yesterday alone. The ground floor is rumored to be heading mostly toward restaurants.

  11. Posted by mktwatcher

    Walking to all those great places doesn’t merit overpaying for a cheap looking condo with leased parking. Honestly, I’d be embarrassed to have friends over.

  12. Posted by Rick

    Honestly, the 1 BR our group was shown was 650+ sq feet and in the $700s. It had a “den” – used to be called an alcove. And yes, the place was mobbed. I have no doubt somebody will like them.

  13. Posted by Jonathan

    I moved furniture in this weekend. It was a bit awkward with so many people in the lobby. I have a corner 2/2 on a mid level floor with some nice views of the area and I’m not embarrassed to bring my friends over. I moved down from Nob Hill, and my commute today was cut by 20 min (peninsula). I’m confident they will sell quite a few units now–just based off the volume of people walking through the building. Though, I have to say, most of the good units are gone.

  14. Posted by MovingSoon

    I bought here…because I like it! I had a lot of other places to choose from but ultimately decided on this because it had the perfect balance of things I wanted/needed (amenities, location, freeway access). I decided while condo shopping that there will always be “better and lesser” options, but if you choose what you want and are willing to live with, then you’re OK 🙂

  15. Posted by Ebayj

    Congrats Jonathan and MovingSoon on your great new places. The corner 2/2s are nice spaces. I’ll be there in a few weeks – can’t wait.
    Rick – I imagine the 1/1 you saw was on a higher floor then – as the prices do go up the higher you go. My example was the lowest listed 1/1 on the MLS.

  16. Posted by infinity buyers

    Congrats on your new homes. Just like Hayes, Infinity is filling up nicely as well and I’m always a fan of urban infill developments.
    Just curious, what are the price ranges there? Did any units top $1000/sqft?

  17. Posted by MovingSoon

    Thanks, Ebayj – congrats to you too!
    Thanks Infinity Buyer…by my calculations of the units I decided to check out (mostly 1 bedrooms), the prices ranged from 650-850/sq ft (I think the ones nearing 1000 were the smaller units/studios).

  18. Posted by Spencer

    I am a hige proponent of infill, but i drove by this palce today and I can concur that it is indeed not very pleasant looking. at least its new housing.

  19. Posted by Bill

    I have done comps at this property and SOMA Grand. The Hayes is shoddy construction, VERY small places and quite frankly, the floor plans are poorly designed. For this price-point, I’d certainly recommend the SOMA Grand. Better construction, better views, and better value all around…I wouldn’t be surprised to see these units drop considerably in price.

  20. Posted by ohboy

    i smell the SOMAgrand sales office…

  21. Posted by Ebayj

    ohboy – funny, smells like that to me too.
    I asked four different realtors to compare The Hayes and SOMA Grand and they offered:
    1. SOMA Grand is an excellent value per square foot
    2. No comparison between quality of construction and fixtures – 55 Page hands down
    3. Sky high HOAs at SOMA Grand comparatively, but you do get more amenities/services than at 55 Page
    4. 55 Page is in an area that has truly arrived since the freeway came down – SOMA Grand is the pioneer in that area – so risk/reward is up to the buyer. Both buildings will probably pay off nicely for the people who buy there, but it may take some time.

  22. Posted by movingback

    Bill, you left out one very important factor – location.

  23. Posted by Longtime Neighbor

    Well, I’ve met some of the people who have moved in and they seem nice enough … still, the building is kind of loud (bright lights, loud noises) … also, residents of these places tend to all drive … so, street traffic goes up … more emmisions … when do we really go green? … build promenades and transit only streets? like they do everywhere else in the developed world? This really is still the wild west.

  24. Posted by anon
    For rent for $2600/mo.
    850sf on the 2nd floor…wonder how they are able to do this and what the purchase price was?

  25. Posted by anon

    215 and 216 are the same square footage and floor plan (right around 860 sq ft) and neither is a BMR designated unit. Trulia says 215 sold for $554,000. I’d say that buyer got a lot of condo in a new building for a great price. 216 will probably eventually show up on Trulia or Domania pretty soon.

  26. Posted by r

    According to the HOA docs and disclosures, the original property owner retained several units (6-8). This may be one of those units.

  27. Posted by anon

    That is a great price for that unit, if 216 sold for the same, that would explain how they could rent for so low. I know that the 2nd floor contains mostly BMR units and the gym…maybe that’s the reason for the pricing.

  28. Posted by Ebayj

    I moved in last week. They did a really great job on the soundproofing for the building, and it is in the center of everything I need access to – so I’m loving my new home. I don’t know where sales are at, but I suspect still between 60-70% sold. There are a few move ins every day from what I can tell at this point.

  29. Posted by D.J.

    This is a wonderful place to live. I have an “E” plan facing east on the 7th floor. The construction is great and the location is unbeatable. I find the unit to be quiet (no problem with noise from Rose Street or the wine bar). Having lived in South Beach near the Ball Park for four years I initially looked at all the new condos South of Market. I wanted new construction in an established neighborhood. I am glad to be living at The Hayes and don’t reget my decision to buy here one bit !

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