Coming Soon in Cow Hollow (Image Source:
It’s featured on the San Francisco Properties website as “Coming Soon” in “Cow Hollow.” And while there’s no address, we’re wondering if a plugged-in reader or two might be able to name that house based on the picture and the price ($5,000,000). Represent people.
UPDATE: And represent you did. Within the hour Tipster nails the address (2848 Union Street), Sleepiguy follows shortly thereafter with a link to the last listing, and FSBO adds “sold for $4.275K in June 2005 after just 11 DOM for $775K OVER list price of $3.5M.”
Tipster was also kind enough to email us a few photos from the last time he toured the property to support his hypothesis/street cred and adds: “It is covered in bougainvillea. That’s probably why they are waiting until April 1, so that it can bloom.”
2848 Union: Exterior (Image Credit: Tipster)

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Leo

    I think the house is on the North side of Green near Lyon?

  2. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    I’d say that this has to be “The April Fools” house given its announced release date.
    [Editor’s Note: If it is, we can’t believe we missed that. And if it isn’t, well…we can’t believe we missed that.]

  3. Posted by Tipster

    Looks a whole lot like 2848 Union Street. Sold a few years ago for mid 4s. Needed everything, including a new roof and a new kitchen.

  4. Posted by Sleepiguy
    Yes, it’s 2848 Union. Malin sold it a couple of years ago.

  5. Posted by hat

    Granny village, USA.

  6. Posted by FSBO

    It sold for $4.275K in June 2005 after just 11 DOM for $775K OVER list price of $3.5M (talk about a hot market). Looks like they pulled a few permits in 06 & 07 – not sure if any major work was done. Most of the pictures on the listing are the same ones from 2005.
    Hey, why not shoot for 43% over the 2005 asking price. This is District 7 in San Francisco and the rates on mega jumbo mortgages are coming down, right?

  7. Posted by gh

    Say what you want, but this is the best three square block area in SF. And it’s not snooty either. Best of all Liverpool Lil’s awaits three blocks away. I’m not a broker and am actually negative on the market, but Green St. is really nice along these blocks.

  8. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Well I don’t know whether this is “the best” neighborhood, but this area definitely one of the best. And grannies make great neighbors !

  9. Posted by Fishchum

    What’s with all the granny comments? I live a few blocks away and would kill for a place like this. Quiet, and yet only a few blocks from Lil’s and the Final Final. Walks through the Presidio and down onto Crissy Field.
    Anyone want to loan me $5 million?

  10. Posted by dub dub

    “What’s with all the granny comments?”

    Testing the waters for the prop 13 comments 🙂

  11. Posted by vox

    If you can afford this place you probably wouldn’t be caught dead at the Final Final.

  12. Posted by gh

    Don’t knock the Final…try a night of Racer 5 beer and microwaved hotdogs and pizza there and you’ll be getting an Alt-A loan to move into the neighborhood.

  13. Posted by Fishchum

    My wife refers to the Final Final as my “second living room” – it’s a great place to watch a game (any game) and have a couple of beers.
    I always like to joke that it’s a “neighborhood dive” – albeit in a neighborhood with some of the most beautiful and expensive homes in The City.

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