1915 Oak
1915 Oak Street: Living
And as much as we admire modern, we can’t help but appreciate an ornate old Victorian.
∙ Listing: 1915 Oak Street (4/2.5) – $1,825,000 [MLS]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by artsybroad

    As big a fan i am of modern, i hope nobody changes this place. the renovations/updates that have been done are superb, and it’s a lovely example of exactly what it is.

  2. Posted by fluj

    This would be record-setting for Oak or Fell, by a large margin. I don’t know. It’s gorgeous, but $1.8M on Oak?

  3. Posted by gh

    You’ll need another million to finance the ongoing exterior paint maintenance on that thing over the next tens years…cool place though.

  4. Posted by Emmett_Brown

    It looks like they did one regrettable piece of modernizing. From the pictures, it appears they took down the wall that defines the double parlor. I bet this beauty had at least 8 foot tall pocket doors, and when they were open it probably felt like one big parlor. I guess they had to have their 80s great room.
    I mention this because I think a Victorian double-parlor offers flexibility you do not get in more modern architecture. You can close off one of the parlors for a temporary guest room, or nursery, or office, or keep both formal common space, depending on where you are in your life.
    Realistically, in a multi-story Vic, they may not need the flexibility. But in a little Vic cottage like the one on highlighted on 16th st, that quaint old double-parlor will give the modernists a run for the money. oh well, plenty of pocket doors to choose from in the Berkeley salvage yards.

  5. Posted by bdb

    Interesting Comp on 1021 Hayes..
    2.1M and overlooks the park, no parking but also includes a 1/1 Apt.

  6. Posted by victorianlover

    In reference to a previous comment….
    The drawing room is in fact original, if you look carefully, the pocket doors are between the double parlor and the dining. This is TRIPLE parlor house, which makes it even more special.
    It’s great to see a Victorian that has been loved like this one, and has all that amazing Bradbury and Bradbury wallpaper, with the provenance to go with the designs!
    Larry Boyce lived there!

  7. Posted by emmett_brown

    Thanks VictorianLover, I was actually looking at the pictures again yesterday and realized it was indeed a triple parlor. Agreed that makes it extra special.
    But, it still looks like a wall was taken out, look at the white underside of what appears to be the remainder of the dividing wall. That doesn’t look original to me. If it was original, I’m sure Bradbury&Bradbury would have had just the wallpaper for that.
    An original triple-parlor, with a double set of pocket doors would have been extra extra double top-secret special.
    Link to Bradbury&Bradbury wallpaper (for those with simply have too much discretionary income): http://www.bradbury.com/

  8. Posted by W. L. Zev Wexler

    Once the home of Dianne DePrima and the Poet’s Press this beautiful structure also housed me when I was a member of the the Church of the Good Earth Family(Commune). Wow What a trip!!!

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