45 Laverne Avenue
A plugged-in reader notes our modern kick, as well as the successful sale of 366 Lovell Avenue in Mill Valley, and can’t help but wonder: what about my place?
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∙ Listing: 45 Laverne Ave (5/3.5) – $2,500,000 (Mill Valley) [Zillow]
Monday Morning Modern In Mill Valley (366 Lovell Avenue) [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by bird_man

    Sale History (from Zillow)
    02/01/2002: $737,000
    Should work out nicely for the seller.
    [Editor’s Note: Also from Zillow: Rebuilt from foundation up in 2002-2003.]

  2. Posted by EH

    Love it, though I’d have to disinfect the Pottery Barn effect out of the interiors. The bathroom is straight out of Wallpaper* though, which is nice.

  3. Posted by Mike B

    Very nice. Even nicer at half the price.

  4. Posted by bird_man

    [Editor’s Note: Also from Zillow: Rebuilt from foundation up in 2002-2003.]
    Nice pick-up, missed that. I do however, still see a nice profit.

  5. Posted by mvmodern

    Pottery barn? What’s Pottery Barn about the interior – the furnishings?

  6. Posted by johnson

    This place is sweet. Pricey though….I’d come in at the Zillow estimate, $1.9MM.

  7. Posted by amused

    As someone who uses “Pottery Barn” as a pejorative at every opportunity, I feel compelled to disagree with EH. Nothing PB about the place, unless you’re (unfairly) comparing it to Philip Johnson or something.
    As for people who like to set their own price (or worse, rely on Zillow of all things): go ahead and offer what you want. But don’t whine when you’re shut out.
    Nice place.

  8. Posted by fred

    Starter houses within walking distance to downtown Mill Valley are going for 1.5-1.6 M so this price seems ok. Location is good – not great- can’t walk to downtown MV. Price might be high compared to others nearby.

  9. Posted by mvmodern

    $1.9 would be 34% below per sq. foot what 366 Lovell sold for 6 weeks ago? I’ve seen Zillow’s pricing algorithm get tripped up by the inconsistent quality of its data – e.g., this house is listed as built in 1951 in the tax record with 3 BR… If this house were a 1951 3BR house it the Zillow estimate would be about right…

  10. Posted by ok

    This is a cool house…for about $2.1- $2.2M. $2.5M is a reach.
    Families drive prices up in MV generally and this is not the best family house. Art looks great there, though. I wish them the best of luck.

  11. Posted by mvmodern

    ok – What’s missing as a family house in your mind?

  12. Posted by Victor

    If you want to get top dollars, then create a top dollar marketing campaign and maybe put it on the MLS in Marin & SF. It’s not on either. At least agents don’t have to go to Zillow to find out what the story is.

  13. Posted by mvmodern

    Hmmm… That’s wierd. I can get the listing through the public BAREIS MLS site. Link is here.
    Where did you not find it?

  14. Posted by Victor

    I take back the MLS part, but stick to the photos and the flyer you receive when you visit the property.

  15. Posted by ok

    As I said, it’s not the “best” family house…it does work and has some great features, but some notable missing features in my mind…yard area off family room/kitchen, flat block, two car garage with direct interior access to house…but what do you want for $2.5 million in Mill Valley. At $1.9 Million it suddenly becomes a better family house…

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