A mkLotus House Rises Across From San Francisco's City Hall (www.SocketSite.com)
One plugged-in tipster directs our attention to the fabulous mkLotus modular home (i.e., prefab) that’s sprouted up in the plaza across from San Francisco’s City Hall (and marks the near-arrival of this weekend’s West Coast Green conference and expo). While another seeks a plug for this Sunday’s (9/23) Build It Green Home Tour (co-sponsored by SF Environment) and teases us with the possibility that the Idea House might participate.
Build It Green: San Francisco Home Tour (9/23/07) [builditgreen.org]
West Coast Green Conference + Expo [westcoastgreen.com]
Sunset’s 2007 San Francisco Idea House: 3027 25th Street [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by ex SF-er

    I’m not usually a modern style guy, but I love the exterior of this home. modern but has some warmth (the wood does a lot to soften the angles)
    let’s hope that the forward design trends can go along these lines, towards WARM modern design (instead of the sterile designs you often see)

  2. Posted by Michael L.

    Pre fab ! Those are the best looking modular / mobile homes I’ve ever seen. This is a homerun for the builder – I can see it now; “The Modern Era Trailer Park.” Sure beats those pre fab modulars selling for over a cool million in Malibu a year or so ago + the 1800 space fee.

  3. Posted by VultureBoy

    At $200+/square foot (according to the architect’s web site), not much savings over traditional construction though…

  4. Posted by Szooszoo

    Is the Lotus house going to remain open or at least in the same spot at the civic center for a while, or did/does it’s longevity only coincide with the Green Builder show? Does anyone know?

  5. Posted by bbb

    Green??? Dwell magazine aggressively markets ‘green’ pre-fab and suddenly the concept of living out in the country on your very own 1 acre plot in a ‘plop’ structure is going in the right direction towards resource conservation? Please.
    The population of SF is approximately 750,000- and, sadly, dropping. Dropping only because working people can’t afford to live here. I suppose we should all buy into pre-fab, and commute from our country ‘home’. Where do I get my acre? This rings of postwar suburban Levittown idealism.
    It is sad that the concept of ‘green’ so often neglects to include humans as one of the species floating around in the ‘needs’ pool. Perhaps it’s time we re-evaluate the concept of ‘green’ to include affordable shelters for humans.
    mkLotus??? Does the Lotus refer to the automobile, or a cheap grab from Buddhism text? If so, what does enlightenment and mental purity have to do with pre-fab? Everything needs a name. Maybe idealist rhetoric will do?
    And that ‘soft, warm wood’? I love wood, and yes it can be soft and warm. In this case, it more than likely came from a rainforest some where in South America. Proponents like to tout it as sustainably harvested. What’s the mileage on that material? And from the rainforest? How many mkLotus homes does it take to deplete our planets rainforests for the sake of a green label, exclusionary design concepts, and sprawl.
    Sorry, I had to get it out.

  6. Posted by Stephen Bryant Shelley

    spot on !
    You caught every nuance of this “green building” subterfuge,
    and rendered it,
    with rigorous articulation.
    the sheep are forever blinded by their innocent naivete.

  7. Posted by B

    Stephen are you against green building it seems like you are always complaining about different buildings

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