The Palmtag Muzzio Bowen Mansion: Overview
The Palmtag Muzzio Bowen Mansion
The Palmtag Muzzio Bowen Mansion: Stove/Dining
Once again, this one’s not in San Francisco. But it is just fifteen minutes south of Santa Cruz. And as you’re probably aware, we have a serious soft spot for stunning renovations. The Palmtag Muzzio Bowen Mansion is a beautifully restored Victorian that manages to maintain its period feel (including a mint 1915 Glenwood stove) while adding modern amenities and features (Fisher & Paykel dishwashers, Sub-Zero refrigerator, and radiant heat throughout).
If you buy it, forget about the housewarming. How about a weekend in the carriage house instead?
∙ Listing: Palmtag Muzzio Bowen Mansion FOR SALE: $3,850,000 []

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Michael

    Drop dead gorgeous. Love the fact that they kept the period stove and radiant heat in an old Victorian is a great idea. Now if only I were in the market for a second/third home…

  2. Posted by Towse

    Love this. Beautiful. Four acres. Carriage house. If only I’d won the Super Lotto last week. …

  3. Posted by zzzzzzzzz

    I remember driving by this when it was sitting forlorn, abandoned and dilapidated. What a pleasure to see it so beautifully restored!

  4. Posted by sean

    This house is awesome but it is still kind of spooky. Would not want to be there by myself!

  5. Posted by bdb

    Agree with Sean, going from living in a built up city to the middle of nowhere would be odd, and I’d be afraid of someone attacking in the night!

  6. Posted by Gina

    Lived in the Bay Area 15 years and just discovered house in person. I am interested in the history of family. Would be a great place to open to the public as some sort of restaurant or museum, because it doesn’t seem like it could be a home anymore. It has absolutely fascinating architecture!

  7. Posted by kirk muzzio

    who is the muzzio that used to own this house

  8. Posted by Glenn

    Check out [this URL] for history of house

  9. Posted by Nancy Ward

    My daughter recently discovered this amazing house on line. For 10 years we lived next door to this house in a rented house belonging to the owners who at that time were the Muzzios. I was able to obtain a copy of the restoration project that ran in This Old House magazine. In it I saw the disrepair that this lovely old home had fallen into and I brought tears to my eyes. I called the former owner and found out she still misses living there. I would love to contact Julie or Dayle Bowen who had the house restored and hope to find a mailing address. This beautiful old girl shines brightly in her new clothing and I’m sure she smiles now that new life and a new family reside within her walls. Prior comments have been made a few years ago so perhaps a lot has changed since then but be assured that the Muzzio family were happy within her walls for many years. The earthquake in 1989 sealed her fate but she looks proud to be in her new location.Bless these owners who lovingly restored this fabulous old girl!

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