303 Montcalm: Kitchen
We haven’t been inside (and ceiling height might be an issue on the upper floor), but we do like what we see (especially the built-ins, skylights, and kitchen). It reads like a comprehensive renovation, and seriously, we can’t resist “heated European towels racks.”
∙ Listing: 303 Montcalm (3/2.5) – $1,079,000 [Barbagelata]

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  1. Posted by zzzzzzz

    No photos showing up on the link, just red “x”–is it just my browser?
    One way or another–million dollar Victorians in Bernal Heights is a true sign of the times.

  2. Posted by redseca2

    As an Architect, I am often amazed at how our market results in remodels with very high quality finishes that are inserted into buildings with sub-standard issues left un-resolved. As you point out, this house has an attic upper floor with steep sloped ceilings down to almost knee height. The low clearances and sauna heat up there on a hot day are a problem. But I was even more amazed by that kitchen photo. This beautiful kitchen must have been inserted into a old lean-to addition with a very low roof. If you track the ceiling height above the patio door around the photo, it seems barely higher than the top of the refrigerator. I must admit, as an Architect, I would have succumbed to spending a fortune gaining ceiling height and then be forced to look at the bare sheet rock for the next 10 years because I was out of money.

  3. Posted by eddy

    I love those close up shots of the bathrooms so as not to highlight low ceilings.
    Still; looks like nice craftmanship; bad decisions on architecture. I’m in agreement with redseca2.

  4. Posted by un-ratified offerer

    Paul Barbagela intentionally underpriced this house to start a bidding frenzy. He’s a greedy bastard, driving up prices to insane levels in Bernal Heights!

  5. Posted by barbco

    I am the listing agent and projected the value to be 1.1-1.2k in Feb this year, it was a difficult comp based on it being a techinical 2 bedroom home with a potential 3rd. Bernal and the whole City has taken off like crazy in the last 30 days. A home at 9th and Mendosa was asking 1.295 and had 17 offers selling for $1,940k all cash “as-is”.
    Most homes are going 100-200k over all over the prime cut hoods of the City. My last Bernal listing took 4 months to sell after 2 price adjustments (Prospect) that was last year, so I hope upset “un-ratified offer” above goes a little easy on me. I’ve done this for 17 years and some seasons just take off like Spring 2007.

  6. Posted by Dan

    Wow– this house sold for $1,310,000– $231,000 over asking price.

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