SocketSite Gathering: February 7, 2007
Our thanks to all the “plugged in” readers who braved the weather to join us last night for an evening of candid real estate talk, insight, and networking. And a special thanks to Redfin for doing a fantastic job of coordinating and sponsoring the event (and all the kind words).
If you missed the gathering, not to worry – we’ll update this post with a full recap later this afternoon soon (apologies for the delay, but we’ve been hindered by a server meltdown). And better yet, the next gathering is already in the works…
Another Gathering Of “Plugged In” People (February 7, 2007) [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Melanie

    Thanks for a great gathering Adam! Looking forward to the next one — I’m up to be a co-host. Cheers!

  2. Posted by Jordan

    Best quote from last night: “Anyone who says they know where the market is going doesn’t know what they are talking about”
    Of course, I paraphrase loosely, as the open bar was too tempting to turn down…

  3. Posted by dang

    Thanks SocketSite, Redfin, and all the “plugged in” readers who attended.
    Outstanding event!
    Not that we’re at all tired of Adam talking, but what about having a guest speaker or brief Q&A session at these (limited to 10-15 min so as not to interfere with mingling, networking, and, ok, eating).
    Or better yet – referencing Jordan’s best quote post – how about a debate between two people who sincerely think they *know* where the market is going?

  4. Posted by Melanie

    I agree with Jordan, but it’s fun to pundit a bit, especially with an open bar. How about Altos Research and then an economist … we’ve got some good locals. Just a thot.

  5. Posted by Paul Hwang

    “Bartender I said Four Saphire Tonics, not pour Saphire Tonic!”
    Thanks for the drinks Adam & Redfin!

  6. Posted by rut

    I did not attend but would you consider having a similar event which excludes real estate agents?
    [Editor’s Note: Yes.]

  7. Posted by Anonymous

    “I did not attend but would you consider having a similar event which excludes real estate agents?”
    [Removed by Editor]
    Seriously, though, that wouldn’t be a bad idea in theory, but how do you police that?

  8. Posted by Anonymous

    There were a lot of non-agents there, rut.

  9. Posted by Lori K

    Thanks so much for the great event! I am just starting to look to buy and met a lot of people that gave me advice/suggestions on neighborhoods and developments in my price point. Although 2 of them were agents, the others were people that have been “on the circuit.” Thx again.

  10. Posted by Paul Hwang

    Hey Rut,
    The guy who was paying for the drinks was a Real Estate Agent (Redfin)!
    (Mandatory Disclosure: Yeah, I’m a real estate broker too, although I tried not to pass out my cards though.)

  11. Posted by Henr

    I was there as and a non-agent, though I felt like my wife and I were the only ones not in the biz. Oh and thanks for taking a picture of the back of my head. 🙂
    [Editor’s Note: In all honesty, we take it as a compliment that so many industry folks attended the gathering (although it wasn’t actually the majority). We pride ourselves on being brutally honest about the state of the market (the good, bad, and ugly), and it’s refreshing to meet agents/brokers who are not only willing to publicly admit “plugging in” to SocketSite, but are also willing to acknowledge (or at least rationally discuss) what we’ve identified as troublesome trends or weaknesses. Oh, and if industry folks are turning to SocketSite for the local scoop and market insight, perhaps we’re actually on to something…]

  12. Posted by Todd

    Thanks for a fun and educational night. I’m not an agent – just a renter looking to learn more about the local market. It was a great opportunity to talk to a variety of folks with an even wider variety of opinions. I think I met far more people like me than agents…and can’t wait for the next event.
    Love the site, by the way.

  13. Posted by Tom Geller

    I deeply regret that something came up suddenly, making me bag out. D’oh! Sorry about that. Next one, definitely!

  14. Posted by Andrew Maury

    Just wanted to say thanks for the party. It was a great chance to get to meet some new people.

  15. Posted by Anon

    Thanks for the shindig – look forward to the next. I’m in the real estate business, but am not an agent. Socketsite serves as a great informational tool, another data point if you will, where you can get opinions from buyers, sellers, agents, real estate pros, and novices all in one spot. The info here is definitely caveat emptor, but the items and discussions usually hit on the valid points of an issue and often bring up ones that you may not have been aware of otherwise. Bravo!

  16. Posted by mike simonsen

    Thanks Adam & Redfin for the cocktails! Great time had by all.

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